Integrating SalesIQ + WeChat: Converse with WeChat users directly from SalesIQ!

Integrating SalesIQ + WeChat: Converse with WeChat users directly from SalesIQ!

Hello everyone. We're back with another exciting update!

The much-awaited integration of SalesIQ with China's most-used instant messaging application, WeChat is here. With this integration, you can now connect your business' WeChat account with SalesIQ. When a user messages your business on WeChat, you will receive that message right within your SalesIQ dashboard, allowing your operators to assist WeChat users, without moving anywhere.

How can this help your business?

With this channel, connecting and engaging with your WeChat users has become easier and more seamless than ever before.
  • Streamline customer support by bringing in WeChat conversations into SalesIQ, thereby eliminating the need to switch between platforms.
  • Equip operators with SalesIQ's support tools like canned replies, articles, FAQs, tags, widgets etc., enhancing their ability to provide contextual assistance.
  • You can easily nurture the leads from WeChat by adding their basic details to SalesIQ and pushing them to CRM for further conversions and follow-ups.
  • You can also convert the chats from WeChat to helpdesk tickets and push them to Desk with a single click.
  • Gather valuable insights about your support activities by analysing customer satisfaction levels and feedback from WeChat user chats on SalesIQ to make informed decisions.

And best of all?

All your business communications can be unified under one roof. Along with your chats from WeChat, you can also bring in chats from the other SalesIQ channels like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Telegram, and LINE and manage all your business interactions from all these platforms on SalesIQ, making it an all-powerful communication hub for engagement and assistance.

Isn't this Omni-channel support? Yes, it is.

A Business Example:

Meet Sarah, the owner of a thriving e-commerce business specializing in fashion accessories. With a significant portion of her customer base located in China, Sarah gets a lot of incoming messages to her business' WeChat account.

Her problems on WeChat?

  • Her team could not keep track of all the lead enquiries and customers.
  • No support and assistance features on WeChat to handle the volume of chats.
  • Juggling between WeChat and her CRM system to handle leads/customer details.
  • Could not keep a check on the complaints and grievances received.

What change did the SalesIQ + WeChat integration bring in Sarah's business?

With the SalesIQ + WeChat integration, Sarah was able to streamline her workflow effectively.
  • Now, all WeChat messages and inquiries are seamlessly integrated into SalesIQ, allowing her support team to manage them alongside other customer interactions.
  • No more juggling between WeChat and her CRM system, Sarah was able to push the lead details to her CRM easily with SalesIQ's CRM integration.
  • Not just that, she was also able to keep track of issues and grievances with the Desk integration.  
  • And Sarah's support team can now provide timely assistance to WeChat users directly from SalesIQ, utilizing all the support features like canned replies, articles, FAQs, Smart suggestions, Tags, widgets, Open AI integration etc.

Thanks to the SalesIQ + WeChat integration, Sarah's business has seen a significant improvement in customer support efficiency, resulting in happier customers and increased sales.

WeChat Channel Set-up

The set-up process for the WeChat channel involves getting key attributes from your WeChat and SalesIQ accounts and linking them as per the steps. Check out the below video to get a clear idea of the integration procedure.

For the complete process, check out our help guide here.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this release. Do leave us your comments and we'll see you soon with another update.

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