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What are Articles?

  1. Articles are a collection of self-service materials that you draft inside your SalesIQ dashboard and share with customers on the chat window during a conversation.
  2. These articles will also be available for access inside the live chat window in the 'Help' tab. You can categorize the articles and help visitors find answers to their questions. Customers can click on the category and choose a topic from the list, which further eases the difficulty of browsing through all the articles in search of one.
  3. The Articles module in SalesIQ is now integrated with Zoho Writer to enhance writing experience. This will allow you to use a wide range of rich formatting tools to write and edit your articles. 
Note: If you are using articles, you need to migrate them to avail this feature.


  1. Articles are the most expandable form of help that you can offer to visitors who visit your website. A perfectly drafted article can help a multitude of visitors at once - a herculean task for any operator in your organization.
  2. These articles also save visitors the trouble of navigating from one screen to another in search of help. 
  3. Your operators can share articles during customer conversations instead of typing out the same response every time, which can be monotonous and time consuming. This way, they can focus on more important and crucial queries. Thus, articles save a lot of time and effort.
  4. The more the number of articles, the more powerful your AI Bot will be. When you have a sturdy article collection, the functioning of your AI Bot becomes more effective and smooth - the bot gets trained to answer any question that comes from the visitor. 

How do I enable the articles tab in the chat window?

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Brands -> Your brand name -> Control Panel -> Channels and turn on the Articles option to allow visitors to access articles from their chat windows.

How to add a new article?

To add a new article,
  1. Inside the SalesIQ dashboard, navigate to Resources > Articles.
  2. Click on Add

  1. Give your article a title and click Save.

  1. The new editor powered by Zoho Writer will open and you can start drafting your article. 

Roles and Permissions:

Operator Type
Can create and edit articles associated to all departments
Can create and edit articles in the departments they are associated to
Can only view articles in the departments they are associated to

Article Settings:

  1. Once your article is drafted completely, you can configure the settings for each article by clicking on the settings icon on the top right corner of the editor.
  2. You can set the type of the article - Internal or External
    1. Internal - When the type of the articles is set to Internal, the articles will be available internally only to the operators. The bot shows articles suggestions to operators inside their console and operators can share these articles, if necessary.
    2. External - When the article type is set to External, articles can be directly shared by the bot during a conversation with the visitor.
  3. Then, you can choose the department you want to associate the article to. Operators can view and choose a department only from the list of departments they are associated to.

  1. Choose a category for the article. You can choose one from the existing list or create a new one by clicking on Manage.

  1. You can rearrange the order of the categories by clicking on Manage and then using drag and drop and the articles will be displayed in the same order that you define here. 
  2. You can also search for a category in the search bar.
  3. There are two ways of adding new categories:
    1. You can click on Manage and then on Add Category and add a new one.

    1. Or you if you don't find a category when you search, you can directly add it to the list by clicking on Add.

  1. Then you can choose the platforms on which you want to display the articles - Web, iOS and Android.

  1. Once all of the settings are configured, click Save.
  2. Finally, you can either choose to save the article as a draft or publish it directly on the website.
    1. If you are still in the process of updating your content and don’t want to display it to customers yet, then use Save option.
    2. If you want to make the article available to visitors on the chat window, then you can directly click on Publish.

How to edit/delete an article?

Editing an article:

To edit an article,
  1. Navigate to Resources -> Articles.
  2. In the Articles dashboard, click on the article that you want to edit and then click on Edit.
  3. You can make changes to the message, the departments associated, or the category of the article.

  1. You can also click on Preview to get an idea of what the article will look like.

  1. Click Save as Draft/Publish.
Note: When you edit and save an existing article as a draft, the original version of that article will be displayed in the article tab of the chat window until the new version of the article is published.

Deleting an article:

To delete an article,
  1. In the articles dashboard, hover over the article that you want to delete and then click on the delete icon on the far right.

  1. A confirmation pop-up appears. Click Delete and the article will be deleted.

How do I Enable/Disable an existing Article?

  1. Navigate to Resources -> Articles.
  2. To enable/disable the articles, click the toggle button that appears on the right end of each article.

Dashboard List View:

Article Performance:

You can view a report on how your articles have been performing inside the articles dashboard. The report displays the following details:
  1. Views - Number of times the article has been viewed in the chat window.
  2. Chats - Number of times the article has been shared by operators during conversations.
  3. Likes - Number of  likes for the article

Other Actions:

In the articles dashboard, you can select multiple articles at once and perform three different actions:
  1. Move - Move the articles to a different category
  2. Publish  - Publish the articles
  3. Delete - Delete the articles

Syncing articles from Zoho Desk:

How to publish articles imported from Zoho Desk Knowledgebase in Zoho SalesIQ?

If you have a group of articles published in your Zoho Desk knowledge base and you want to show/display them in your chat window, all you need to do is use real-time article sync from Desk to SalesIQ.

How to sync articles from the Zoho Desk Knowledge Base to Zoho SalesIQ?

To start syncing articles, inside your Zoho SalesIQ dashboard,
  1. Navigate to Settings > Developer Space > Integrations > Zoho Desk. Under Zoho Desk Configurations enable the Sync Zoho Desk Knowledgebase with Zoho SalesIQ Articles option.
  2. You can sync all the published articles available in Zoho Desk inside Zoho SalesIQ. When articles are synced from Zoho Desk, article categories can be mapped to the departments inside SalesIQ separately. 

  1. You can also configure the schedule for the sync - Daily, Weekly or Monthly, set the time zone and the time at which the sync must happen.

  1. All the synced articles can be viewed inside Resources > Articles.
  2. The articles will have a distinct tag which will reflect that they had been synced from Zoho Desk.

How to publish the articles that were synced as drafts?
  1. Inside your SalesIQ dashboard, navigate to Resources > Articles.
  2. You can select the articles that you want to publish and click Publish to publish them together.
  1. The display permission for Desk articles must be set to "All users" for all visitors to be able to view the synced articles.
  2. You can preview the articles inside Zoho SalesIQ but editing cannot be done.
  3. These articles can be synced only by Administrators.
  4. If you are not able to view the articles inside the Articles module of SalesIQ, it might be because they might not have been properly synced, they've been saved as drafts or the integration was disabled.
  5. When sync is turned off, article syncing stops but the existing articles remain unchanged.
  6. The articles will be synced at early hours in the morning once the frequencies are set (Daily, Weekly or Monthly). In case you edit the articles inside Zoho Desk, you need to click Sync Now for the changes to immediately reflect inside SalesIQ. Otherwise the changes will be reflected only during the next sync cycle.
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