Joining an organization in a different data center & Secondary account creation

Joining an organization in a different data center & Secondary account creation

Joining an organization or a service that is in a different data center

You can now invite users from different data centers to join your organization, and users can now access services from different data centers.

The administrator can now invite users from different organizations who are in different data centers to be part of their organization simultaneously. The user no longer needs to leave the old organization or migrate the account to the same data center as the invited organization in order to join it as long as the current organization's administrator allows it.

If you receive an invitation to join an organization or app that is present in another data center than that of your account, and you accept it, you'll be taken to a page (refer to the below image) where your consent will be required in order to proceed with the process.

Upon accepting the invite, a copy of your Zoho account (only your user profile data) will be created in the data center of the organization you're trying to join and that account will be mapped to your original account.

The data center where you actually signed up is referred to as a Primary Account, and the copied clone of your account in the other data center is referred to as a Secondary Account. Only your personal details will be in sync between your primary account and secondary account. The app specific data will belong to the respective data center.

For example, consider your account is in the United States (US) data center (primary account), and you get an invite from an organization in the Europe (EU) data center. If you accept to join the organization, a copy of your account will be created in the Europe data center, which is the same data center as the organization.

The created copy of your account (secondary account) will be linked to the primary account, which is in the United States data center in this case, so any changes you make to your primary account (US) will be updated in the secondary account (EU) and you can only make changes to your user profile data (like email address and mobile number) on the primary account. The app specific user data like your cliq will remain only in the data center you're using it and will not be synced between both accounts or data centers. This allows users to be part of different organizations using their same email ID. Data center specific privacy and legal compliance will apply to respective data centers based on their region. In this case, The secondary account is created in the EU data center, so the data that resides in the EU data center is compliant with EU privacy laws.

Do note that the data center of your primary account is and will always be the one where you created your account first, which in this case is the United States data center. The data center of the secondary account is where the copy of your account resides. All your secondary accounts will be mapped to your primary account; this way, you will have only one Zoho account and use your default username and password to sign in to all your accounts despite being in different data centers.

To learn about how we have handled joining an organization that is in a different data center so far, and about the new improvements we're bringing to sign-in of different data centers, refer to our community post.
The administrator of the primary account needs to allow its users to join other organizations; only then will the users be able to join different organizations.


  1. Will there be any changes or problems if I allow other DC users to be part of my organization?
    No, there will not be any problems, but there will be a limitation when it comes to authentication. Since authentication is carried out in the primary account that is in the primary data center, MFA enforcement is possible only in the primary account (by administrator, if it is an organization account). So, you cannot enforce your users from other Data centers in MFA or Authentication modes in general.

  2. How can I invite other Data center users to my organizations or allow my users to join other organizations?
    As of now, you can only enable this through Zoho support. Contact to enable this feature. In future, we'll provide this option in Zoho One/Zoho Directory, allowing organizational users in other Datacenters to become members of your organization as well as allow your members to be part of others.

  3. Can I open or sign up for another app/service on a different data center on my own?
    No, As of now, you can access the app/service on a different data center through invite only. Your organization admin needs to provide access; only then can you accept an invite from another organization. If you're an administrator, you can invite users from other data centers to join your organization, and they can join your organization without migrating to your current data center.

  4. What does Primary account mean? Can I change my primary account's data center?
    The data center in which you have created your Zoho account at first will be treated as your primary data center and so your primary account. If you migrate your account (either a personal account or an organization) to a different data center, the data center you migrated to will be your primary data center, and that will be treated as a primary account. If you wish to migrate your account, feel free to contact

  5. What does Secondary account mean? Do I have two zoho accounts now?
    Yes, technically, you will have two Zoho accounts, as each account in a different data center is in compliance with the respective region and each account is part of different organization with different app data, but the secondary account will be linked to your primary account and share the primary account's user profile data alone. This allows you to be part of two organizations at the same time using your same username (primary account's credentials).

  6. Which data will be synced between two accounts?
    Only the user profile data will be kept in sync, like the user's email address, mobile number, and other personal data. Any changes you make to these details in your primary account will be kept in sync between the data centers (between primary and secondary accounts). However, the app data or the organization data will be kept only in the respective data center and will not be synced. Do note you can only edit your user profile data in your primary account, and it will be synced with secondary accounts. You cannot update your details in your secondary accounts.

  7. How can I deactivate my secondary account? I no longer use my secondary account.
    You can close or deactivate your secondary account if you want. If it is an organization account, only the organization's administrator can close that account. You need to contact your administrator in that case. Please note, only after closing your secondary accounts will you be able to close your primary accounts.

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