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Migrate your email marketing to Zoho Campaigns

If you've landed up on this document, you've either decided to switch to a new email service provider or contemplating the idea of switching. If you've shortlisted Zoho Campaigns, there is a good possibility that you've evaluated the features, easy-to-use interface, email deliverability rate, pricing, and support assistance.

In this document, we'll walk you through some of the essential factors that you need to look for before you start your migration journey from your current email service provider (ESP) to Zoho Campaigns. 

How it works 

Once you fill up the migration request form available on our website, our migration experts will reach out to you to understand your requirements and schedule meeting for the migration setup process.

While we recreate your entire existing setup in your Zoho Campaigns account, the time duration to complete the entire setup depends on the volume of data and the complexity and intricacies of your current setup.


Before you proceed with the migration process with your Zoho Campaigns account, we suggest you meet the following requirement.
  1. An active Zoho Campaigns account

  1. The entire migration is a manual process performed by our migration experts.
  2. We recommend that you reach out to our migration experts while you have an active account in your current email service provider.
  3. Have a meeting with our migration experts about your preferred account plan and the features that you're looking for.

What can you expect ?

Contact management

Any organization maintains their contacts in a hygienic way in mailing lists and segments. Before you import contacts, finalize how you can migrate the pre-existing data structure from your current ESP. As part of contact management, you can also bring your data, such as: 
Mailing lists - We'll help you with list creation and subsequently, associating them to relevant topics. Once the list is created, we can import contacts from saved files or CRM.

  1. You can create a backup for the existing data in your current ESP. It is important that you save the spam complaints, bounced and unsubscribed contacts as well. Once you create an account with Zoho Campaigns, we'll assist you with moving those contacts to unsubscribe contacts.
Segments - If you've segregated contacts in your current ESP, they can be replicated here based on criteria ranging from geography, demography, contact activities.

Contact scoring - While the contacts get imported, you can import the relevant scoring to a custom field in Zoho Campaigns. Later, you can segment the contacts based on their scores.

Tags - If you've labeled your contacts in your current ESP, then it can be categorized and organized using tags based on information about them.

Custom fields - If you're using custom fields to store extra data, then it can be replicated in Zoho Campaigns.

Create Web/sign-up forms -  If you have sign-up forms in your current ESP, our migration experts will assist you to create new sign-up forms from scratch, help you to associate the forms to mailing list where the new signups can be added, set workflows to perform different actions for contacts joining via the form, and push the required data to your CRM.

Integrate with Ecommerce apps

Here, we'll assist in integrating with your ecommerce store hosted in Shopify, WooCommerce, and Zoho Commerce, and successfully import data from your store to Zoho Campaigns account. Once the data gets imported, we'll guide you through creating campaigns for abandoned cart and purchase follow-ups.

  1. You can try out our predesigned email templates for ecommerce campaigns.


Our migration team will assist you in importing images, saved templates, and attachments that can be hosted in the library of your Zoho Campaigns account. Learn more about library.  

Images - We'll help you with uploading images and GIFs from your computer or web URL. we do support importing images from various image hosting sites, such as Google Photos, Flickr, and Giphy.

Email templates - If you have email templates and designs in your current ESP and would like to carry forward to Zoho Campaigns, our migration experts will assist you to recreate them from scratch using our pre-designed email templates or HTML editor.

Email automation workflows - Automations are all about sending the right emails to the right contact at the right time. Thanks to email workflows, our migration experts will help you set up the entire automation process from scratch using various triggers, processes, and actions.

Attachments - We'll help you to save documents such as past campaigns, reports, presentations that can be useful for future reference. These documents can be added from the computer or cloud. We support the following formats: pdf, docx, txt, rtf, odt, xls(x), sxc, csv, tsv, ods, ppt(x), pps(x), odp, and sxi.

Manage Settings

After you sign up and create an account, we'll assist you with setting up your profile and company details, enabling GDPR settings and notification settings, and much more. Let's take a brief look at some of the key areas where we guide you through.
Roles and Privileges - Assists you in adding new users, assigning roles, adding custom roles, and defining privileges for each role.
Add sender address - Assists you in adding a sender address, which will serve as a From address to send email newsletters to your contacts. You need to provide verified email addresses that will help your contacts identify you as a legitimate email marketer.
Create custom merge tags - Assists you in creating customized merge tags based on predefined and user-defined fields. A custom tag gives you the liberty to use more custom fields to personalize data in your account.
Manage workspaces - Assists you on creating different workspaces for various verticals, teams and projects within your organization.
Domain authentication - Set up the authentication process to increase the likelihood of your emails getting delivered to the inbox.
Integrations - Before you start sending email campaigns, it is important that you integrate with third-party apps. If you can't find the apps listed for integration, you can try to integrate using Zapier and Zoho Flow.

What we don't support while migrating to Zoho Campaigns   

There are a few things that we can not import/recreate from your current ESP to new ESP. It is not possible to recreate your existing Dashboard, API, Webhooks, and Reports.

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