Move deals to a pipeline and assign stage during import | CRM FAQs

Can I move deals to a particular pipeline and assign a stage during data migration or import?

Migrating from another CRM:
When you migrate from another CRM, the Pipeline field will be available during field mapping. The deals will be assigned to the layout's pipeline based on this field.
If the deals that are to be migrated do not have a pipeline associated with them, they will be associated with the default pipeline in the selected layout.

Data Import:
When importing records, the pipeline must be mapped so that deals are automatically assigned to the correct pipelines.
  1. Importing deals for a different pipeline: If you want to import records to different pipelines, you need to add a column to the import file for details of the pipeline that the record belongs to. Map this field with CRM's Pipeline field when you import.
  2. Importing deals for the same pipeline: Pipeline is a mandatory field, so if the import file does not have the pipeline details then all the imported deals can be assigned to one selected pipeline. You can select a pipeline in Assign Default Value.

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