Language detection

Language detection

You can detect the language of the text in the selected text column using the Language detection operation powered DataPrep's own machine learning engine. As an example, if the text value in the selected column is, "Hello, World!", the Language detection operation will return: 'English'.


The transform supports over 70 languages in total. The list of languages supported are:

  • Afrikaans (af)

  • Aragonese (an)

  • Arabic (ar)

  • Asturian (ast)

  • Belarusian (be)

  • Breton (br)

  • Catalan (ca)

  • Bulgarian (bg)

  • Bengali (bn)

  • Czech (cs)

  • Welsh (cy)

  • Danish (da)

  • German (de)

  • Greek (el)

  • English (en)

  • Spanish (es)

  • Estonian (et)

  • Basque (eu)

  • Persian (fa)

  • Finnish (fi)

  • French (fr)

  • Irish (ga)

  • Galician (gl)

  • Gujarati (gu)

  • Hebrew (he)

  • Hindi (hi)

  • Croatian (hr)

  • Haitian (ht)

  • Hungarian (hu)

  • Indonesian (id)

  • Icelandic (is)

  • Italian (it)

  • Japanese (ja)

  • Khmer (km)

  • Kannada (kn)

  • Korean (ko)

  • Lithuanian (lt)

  • Latvian (lv)

  • Macedonian (mk)

  • Malayalam (ml)

  • Marathi (mr)

  • Malay (ms)

  • Maltese (mt)

  • Nepali (ne)

  • Dutch (nl)

  • Norwegian (no)

  • Occitan (oc)

  • Punjabi (pa)

  • Polish (pl)

  • Portuguese (pt)

  • Romanian (ro)

  • Russian (ru)

  • Slovak (sk)

  • Slovene (sl)

  • Somali (so)

  • Albanian (sq)

  • Serbian (sr)

  • Swedish (sv)

  • Swahili (sw)

  • Tamil (ta)

  • Telugu (te)

  • Thai (th)

  • Tagalog (tl)

  • Turkish (tr)

  • Ukrainian (uk)

  • Urdu (ur)

  • Vietnamese (vi)

  • Walloon (wa)

  • Yiddish (yi)

  • Simplified Chinese (zh-cn)

  • Traditional Chinese (zh-tw)

To detect the languages available in a column data:

1. Right-click the column and select Language detection transform from the context menu.


2. Provide a name to the resultant column in the New column name section. 

3. Select the type of output required. As the option name suggests, Language name will render the name of the language as the output, and Language code will render the code of the language.

4. For example, selecting the Language name will give 'English' as the output for an English text, and Language code for an English text will give 'en' as the output. 

5. DataPrep shows a live preview of the column during the transformation. You can click the Preview button at the bottom of the side panel to preview the output column.

6. You can apply this transformation to only one column. Click the Apply button to apply this transform.

Note: Language detection operation gives accurate results when the text length is 50 characters or more.


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