Unify date formats

Unify date formats

DataPrep allows you to modify the format of the date values in a column to be in a uniform manner using the unify date format transform.

To change the format of date values

1. Right-click the column with date values and select the Unify date format option from the context menu.

2. The dates in the selected column will be visible under Dates in column and each format is mentioned under Identify date patterns.

4. You can select which patterns are to be modified by selecting the corresponding check boxes.

5. Click to select the different date components such as the date, month and year tiles to construct your output date format.

6. You can choose 24-Hour format by selecting the hour-format icon which would appear at the right end when you hover your mouse over the text box.

7. You can click on the grip portion of the tile (grip icon that appears on hovering your mouse over) and move around the tiles to rearrange them.

8. A live preview of your date column is shown as you build your output date format.

The output date format and the identified date formats are invalid, if one or more of the following conditions are not met:
  1. You have to choose at least one tile from the Day, Month, and Year tiles.
  2. You can use the characters, 'Z' and 'T' only once in a date-time format.
  3. The tiles that follow the character, 'T' must be related to time such as Hours, Mins, Sec.
  4. A date-time format must contain an Hours tile.
  5. In a date-time format, you can use either the character, 'Z ' or any one of the T.zone tiles.
  6. You can choose only one format from the Day, Month, Year, Hours, Mins, and Sec tiles.
9. Click Apply to apply the transform.

DataPrep allows only the following delimiters while constructing a date or a date-time format.

List of delimiters
/ : - , . \s T Z

Note: \s denotes a single whitespace. Please provide an actual space when you provide the input.

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