Zoho Recruit | Working with Candidates

Working with Candidates


Candidates play a very important role in an organization's Recruitment process. Sourcing candidates and managing them are the initial stages in the recruitment process. Candidates can be obtained through job boards, career website pages, source boosters, email campaigns etc. Once the candidates are sourced, it is essential to manage them and follow them up until the candidates qualify to prospective hires. The recruitment department's approach in managing candidates can significantly impact the success of an organization.
The terminology related to candidate management may differ across industries, but the basic process remains the same. The Candidate module in Zoho Recruit helps you manage your candidates. In Zoho Recruit, candidate details contain a combination of company (client), person (contact), and business opportunity (job opening), depending on your ATS requirement.


Profile Permission Required: Access to the Candidates Tab requires View, Create, Edit, Share and Delete permissions.

Manage Candidates in Zoho Recruit

  1. Customize Candidate Details according to your organization's Recruitment processes. Use the existing fields, disable some of the standard fields, change the order of the fields and sections or add new custom fields.
  2. Add candidates into your ATS account. Set up the candidate generation process by using web forms to capture candidates from your website, import candidates or directly add them by completing the candidate form.
  3. Assign candidates to the correct recruiter manually or using the Candidate Assignment rules.
  4. Follow-up with the candidate until it reaches a certain stage then convert the candidate to contact. While converting candidates to contacts, clients and contacts are created automatically.
  5. Follow up the candidates further in the Job Openings module.

Candidates Home Page

Click the Candidates tab to view the Candidates Home page and perform the following operations:
  1. The records are displayed in List Views. Define your own Custom Views as per your requirements. Some system defined list views are already available, such as Unread Candidates, Converted Candidates, Recently Created Candidates, etc.
  2. Mass delete the records by selecting the check boxes corresponding to the records and clicking on the Delete button.
  3. Mass email the candidate by selecting the check boxes corresponding to the records and clicking on the Send Mail button.
  4. Use the Candidate Tools option to perform some common operations such as mass transfer, mass delete, set up assignment rules, export candidates, etc.
  5. Search Candidates by alphabet, by information, or by criteria.
  6. Filter candidates based on priorities using the advanced filters.
  7. Print the candidates along with the necessary details

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