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Applications in Zoho Recruit

What are Applications in Zoho Recruit?

Every candidate in Zoho Recruit has an associated candidate application. This application is created as soon as they apply for your job opening, and it contains all their contact and background details along with their resume, CV, and any additional files they uploaded. By storing this application information in a centralized place, you can easily refer back to their skills, cover letters, work experience, and more, even when recruiting for another position.

An application gets created in Zoho Recruit: 
  1. When a candidate applies for a job from your Career Site
  2. If one of your employees refers a candidate for a job 
  3. When you or your team members associate a candidate to a job from a talent pool
With the Applications module, you can: 
  1. Reject candidates in bulk. 
  2. Add non-hired candidates to your talent pool so you can refer to them in the future.
  3. Look for candidates at any stage of the hiring process (new, in review, engaged, available, hired, or rejected).
  4. Notify candidates automatically when they move from one stage to another.
  5. Manage how candidates are associated with jobs—you can associate them with either one job or more than one job at a particular time.

Single and Multiple Applications

There may be cases when you want a candidate to be associated with only one job at a time; or sometimes, you may wish to associate the same candidate to multiple jobs simultaneously. With Zoho Recruit, you can choose from one of the following two options.

a) Single Application
b) Multiple Applications 

Single Application

If Single Application is enabled, a candidate can be associated to only one active job. To enable this option, go to  Setup > Hiring Pipeline > Applications .

Scenario:  Let's consider Sally, an applicant looking for a Marketing role. If  Single Application  is enabled, you can associate her with only one job.
Note:  Though Sally can apply for any number of job openings, she can only be associated with one in Zoho Recruit.  

Multiple Applications  

If Multiple Applications is enabled, a candidate can be associated with multiple job openings. To enable this, go to  Setup > Hiring Pipeline > Applications .

Scenario:  Let's consider John, an applicant who has skills that will suit both  iOS  and  macOS  developer roles. He applies for the iOS developer role through the company's career site and you manually associate with the macOS role as well inside Recruit.  If  Multiple Applications  is enabled, both of these job opening interviews will be available for John to attend. 
1) By default, 
Multiple Applications  will be enabled in your account.
2) If John is hired for the iOS developer role, his macOS developer application will move to "Archived".

Where can I find the Applications module?

  1. Go to the Candidates/Job Openings module. 
  2. Hover your mouse over the  Candidates dropdown icon, and click  Applications .  

    Here's how your Applications module will look: 

    These are the applications either submitted by candidates or added manually by you or your teammates in Zoho Recruit.

Icons in Applications module

  1. Archived ( Candidate hired for another job opening ) : Say a candidate applies for two jobs (iOS and macOS developer jobs) but gets hired only for the iOS developer role. In this case, the application for macOS developer role will move to Archived.
  2. Hired and locked : The candidate has been hired for a role, and no further edits or changes can be made to their application.
  3. Rejected and locked : The candidate's application has been completely rejected, and the candidate cannot be associated with any other job opening. 
  4. Job opening closed : The job associated with the application is closed.  

Application Details page

Change Application Status

Here are the places in the Applications module where you can change an application's status.

a) From the applications list page

b) From an application's details page

Filter and search for Applications 

Zoho Recruit provides a standard set of ways to filter Applications that are ready to be used by you or your team members. In addition, you can also create custom filters. 

Workflow Rules for Applications 

Automate actions, send email/SMS notifications, update record fields, and trigger web hooks using workflows. Follow the steps given below to create Application module specific workflow rules;
  1. Go to Setup > Automation > Workflow Rules .
  2. Select the Applications module and enter your workflow rule's name.
  3. Define trigger criteria for your workflow and click Next .
  4. Choose Create or Change Status and select from and to statuses. Click Save when you're done.
  5. Your workflow will then be saved and marked as active. Hover over it in the setup page to view additional details.

Where can I find the number of Applications? 

Zoho Recruit allows you to see the total number of applications for every candidate and every job. Go to the candidate/job opening module, and from the No. of Applications, you can get into the details of all applications across every candidate/job. 
In Candidates module:

In Job Openings module: 

View with Clients and Departments 

For Staffing Agencies 
If you’re a staffing company that hires candidates for clients, you can add Client Names in your Applications module view. This will quickly get you an insight to which stage an application is currently at for a client company.  

For Internal HRs 
If you’re hiring for your own firm, you can add Departments in your Applications module view. This will help you know how many applications have come in for each job in every department/team.  

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