Configure SalesInbox for Zoho CRM | SalesInbox configuration

Configure SalesInbox for Zoho CRM

In order to set up SalesInbox for Zoho CRM, you must configure your email account via IMAP. Configuring your email account in Zoho CRM via IMAP will result in the following:
  1. SalesInbox tab : You will see a tab called SalesInbox in your CRM account in which you will begin receiving your your emails.
  2. Contextual email integration: You will be able to view emails in the Emails Related list of leads and contacts.
Permission required
SalesInbox is available for users with Enterprise edition. Any user with Administrator profile can configure SalesInbox with Zoho CRM. 
Set up IMAP Account
IMAP is an email protocol via which your email account is configured in Zoho CRM. It provides various benefits, the best of which is that it enables multiple device sync. That is, your email activity syncs across your PC, laptop, mobile phone, tablet etc. Zoho CRM lets you choose among popular IMAP integrations or configure custom email integration.

To add an IMAP account
  1. In Zoho CRM, go to Setup > Channels > Email.
  2. In the Email page, choose an Email Client from the Popular Email Services.
  3. In the Email Client's pop-up, enter the Email Address and Password > click Next.
  4. Click Allow, to allow Zoho Corp to access your account. 
You will be redirected to the IMAP Integration Page in Zoho CRM, that will display the email account details.

  1. In case you have enabled Two-Factor Authentication for your email account, you must enter the App-specific password for IMAP configuration and NOT your regular email password.
1. Click Continue.
2. Add more From Addresses if required.

3. Click Server Details to view the incoming and outgoing server settings.
    The Server Details are automatically populated on selecting one of these: Zoho Mail, GMail, Outlook, Office 365 or Yahoo.
4. If you wish to configure a custom IMAP integration, select the IMAP option under Custom Email Integrations.

    In the IMAP Integration page, provide the required details.    

  • Enter the Incoming Server Name, Port, Email address and Password.
  • Enter the Outgoing Server Name, Port, Email address and Password.
    If both are the same, select the Use the same credentials for outgoing server checkbox.
5. Select one of the Email Sharing Permissions.(Refer to this link for details)


Based on the option selected, email corresponding to the contacts in your CRM account, will be accessible to other users.
6. Click Save.
  1. After configuring the IMAP account, you will get a confirmation email when the existing emails are synchronized.
Generate an App-Specific Password
Two-factor authentication (TFA), a service provided by all major email clients, offers an additional layer of security to one's mailbox. When TFA is enabled for an email account, gaining access to the account requires more than just the username and password - a unique passcode that is sent to the registered mobile number of the email account holder. This makes it harder for someone to gain unauthorized access to an email account.
If the email account you wish to configure in Zoho CRM has the two-factor authentication service enabled for it, then you must enter the email account's app specific password for IMAP configuraion and NOT your regular email account password. Following are the instructions to generate the app-specific password for various popular email clients. Click on each email client to see the instructions.
a. For a Zoho Mail Account
b. For a Gmail Account
c. For an Outlook Account
d. For an Office 365 account
View Emails
When the IMAP account is set up, your sent and received emails will be associated to the leads/contacts in Zoho CRM, under the Emails related list. These include emails sent to the Primary as well as Secondary Email addresses of leads/contacts. Emails in this related list can be sorted based on users who have shared their email account while setting up their IMAP account. You can either select All from the drop-down list or the specific user to view the email. Note that the option to view All emails is supported only in IMAP configuration.

To view emails of leads/contacts
  1. Go to the Leads/Contacts module.
  2. Click on a record in the module.
  3. In the Emails related list, select the desired IMAP shared user from the picklist field.
  4. The emails sent via IMAP are displayed.

Email Sharing Permissions
Private - Do not share Emails with colleagues

In this option, your Email account configured inside Zoho CRM is private. Other users cannot view Emails received from your leads and contacts.

Who can use this option?

CEOs and other Top Management team can use this option to keep their communication with customers confidential

What can you do?

  • You can view others Emails that are public
  • You can reply to others Email
  • Other users cannot view your sent Emails from Zoho Mail
  • Others cannot view your received Emails
Custom - Share Emails from the selected leads and contacts

In this option, users can share the Emails received from the selected leads and contacts. So other users can view your Emails from the selected customer records.

Who can use this option?

Sales Reps and Managers directly responsible for day-to-day customer interaction can use this option.

What can you do?

  • You can view others Emails that are public
  • You can reply to others Emails
  • Other users can view your sent Emails from Zoho Mail
  • Other users can view your received Emails
Public - Share Emails from all leads and contacts

In this option, users can share the Emails received from all leads and contacts. Other users can view your received Emails from the all customer records. Since Emails from all the records are shared globally, you cannot view the Share Email check box in Lead or Contact page.

Who can use this option?

Sales Reps and Managers directly responsible for day-to-day customer interaction can use this option.

What can you do?

  • You can view others Emails that are public
  • You can reply to others Email
  • Other users can view your sent Emails from Zoho Mail
  • Other users can view your received Emails

How can I restrict sharing of Emails from colleagues and specific customer domains?

You can restrict viewing of Emails from your company Email domains and specific customer domains by excluding the required Email domains. With this option, you can only view the Emails received from these excluded domains like personal account. Please note, in this option emails received from other Email domains are globally shared with all users in your Zoho CRM account.

Why there is no default for a "Complete Sharing" option?

To protect the privacy of Email conversation with customer.

For example, John, newly joined sales manager in your organization adds CEO’s Email ID as a contact in CRM. Now Adam, another Sales manager can view the conversation between John and CEO, which is not allowed in a real-time scenario.

Converting email recipients into Lead/Contacts automatically

In Zoho SalesInbox, You can automate adding senders of emails as leads and contacts in CRM. All you need to do is create a workflow rule in order to achieve this.

To add an email recipient as a lead/contact automatically

  1. In your Zoho CRM account, go to Setup > Automation > WorkflowAutomation.
  2. In the Workflow Rules section, click Create Rule.
  3. In the Create New Rule popup, select the Module as Emails, enter a Rule Name and Description.
  4. Click Next.
  5. The When component is pre-populated by default as When an email is received from an email address that is not in your CRM...
    This is because that is the only instance when the rule will be executed.
  6. For the Which Emails section, enter a criteria to define which emails should be filtered in order for the recipients to be added as leads/contacts.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Click Instant Actions and click Create Record. 
    The only instant action here is to create a record.
  9. In the Create Record popup, specify the Record Type as Lead or ContactThis way, whenever you receive emails that satisy the criteria specified in the Which Emails section, the recipients of those emails will be added as a lead or contact as specified here.
  10. Specify the Record Owner for leads/contacts thus created. You can select among User and Role.
    It is mandatory to select a user/s to whom these records will be assigned.
  11. You can also assign records based on the region/country. To do this, select the Assign based on country option from the dropdown list.
  12. In the Countries section, select the country and select the corresponding User/Role for that country.
  13. Click Associate.
  14. Once you have reviewed the rule and certain about the criteria and actions, click Save

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