Visitor Tracking - Zoho SalesIQ

Identifying and analyzing visitors on SalesIQ dashboard

Identifying visitors helps you to enable you to identify visitors, view and record the trail of every visitor visiting your website(s) and more importantly it allows you to view info like name, geolocation etc., of the visitors and lets you initiate a proactive chat at any point of time.   

Rings View 

Rings view is the face of SalesIQ, which is a dashboard that gives a visual overview of your visitors' info based on various customizable conditions . By default, the priority drops from inner through the outer ring .  
Details like, Name or a Random ID assigned to the visitor, time spent by the visitor on your website and Country from which the visitor is would be displayed over the rings in the form of small tiles for the visitors who are currently browsing through your website. More importantly, SalesIQ allows you to track a set of predefined actions performed by the visitors by just having a glance at your priority rings.

List View

The List view gives you a traditional overview of your customer information. In this view, the filtered and prioritized visitors would be categorized and organized into columnar data based on the criterions specified by you in the Customize option.

Predefined visitor actions 

SalesIQ comes with various predefined visitor actions which can be tracked in the Ring View/List view out of the box to ease and speed up your visitor tracking process. A set of actions that can be tracked right away are as follows :
  1. Repeated - Denotes a frequent visitor of your website.
  2. Contacted - Visitor contacted by the monitoring operator.
  3. Responded - Visitor has responded back to the operator's message.
  4. Potential - A potential visitor landed/browsing through your website.
  5. Triggered - The visitor has set off one or more triggers that were set by you.
  6. Clicked - The visitor has clicked the live chat widget on the website.
  7. Chat - The visitor had a chat session with the operators of your firm.
  8. New Visitor - A '*' symbol will appear when a new visitor lands on your website.
Other options:
  1. Cold visitors/stars - Visitors who do not match the priority criterions that were set by you. These visitors may or may not be pulled into the priority rings in the mere future.
  2. Name - Either the name of the visitor or a random ID generated for the visitor by SalesIQ.
  3. Time stamp- Time spent by the visitor on your website.
  4. Source - The source through which the visitor landed on your website.
  5. Page navigation - The visitor is navigating between the webpages of your website.

Note: You can further customize the conditions based on your needs and preferences, and create unique Presets that can suit your business purposes.

Who are Cold Visitors/stars?

The visitors who do not match the any prioritization criteria based on which the visitors are tracked are classified as Cold visitors. The cold visitors will be displayed as stars outside the rings in rings view, and under the Cold Visitors tab in List View. When you click on these stars, you will be redirected to the proactive chat window/visitor tile where the following details will be displayed :
  1. Either the name of the visitor or a random ID generated for the visitor by SalesIQ (The star above the Name/Random ID denotes that he/she is a frequent visitor).
  2. Availability of the visitor (Green-Available, Red-Busy and Orange-Idle).
  3. Visitor's landing page on your website.
  4. Time Spent by the visitor on your website
  5. Number of pages that the visitor had navigated through in that particular visit.
  6. Source of the current visit.
  7. Time frame between the Last and the Current visit of the visitor.
  8. Current webpage where the visitor is, in your website.
The rings view - Stars

The list view - Cold visitors

Customize Tracking Views

SalesIQ allows the operators to filter and prioritize the visitors routed to them. This can be done by specifying a set of criterions in the Customize tab in the top right corner of the Visitors online tab window. Based on the criterions set by you the visitors will be filtered and organized around the priority rings in the ring view or as columnar data in the list view. Doing so, will let you target prospective visitors rather than desiccating the  time and resource over visitors who may not be quite profitable. Priority drops from inner ring through the outer ring in the ring view and from left through right in the case of list view. More importantly the customization rules set by an operator is limited to their account only.


Zoho SalesIQ provides the operators with four predefined filters, which are as follows
  1. By Action – Actions performed by the visitor on your website (Eg., Accessed, Clicked, Contacted, etc.)
  2. By CRM Values – Prioritize based on the CRM Values of the Visitor (Applicable only for CRM operators)
  3. By Last Activity Time – Visitor's last activity time on your website.
  4. By Past Chats – Number of chats that the visitor has had before.
  5. By Time Spent – Time spent by the visitor on your website.
  6. By Visits – Number of visits that the visitor has paid to your website.
Heads up!! Do remember that you can't avail the filter " By CRM values" if you haven't integrated your SalesIQ account with a CRM product yet. 

How to "Prioritize the Visitor" with predefined presets?

  1. Click on the Customize tab. A window pops up.
  2. The window would show a set of conditions associated with the default filter By Time Spent initially.
  3. If any of the predefined conditions are quite apt considering your requirements, then proceed on click on the filter to apply.
  4. After which you can view the number of visitors who currently match the conditions that you had set for your rings, right above the condition box for each rings.
Heads up!! If you attempt to make changes to the default conditions associated with a particular filter that you chose, then SalesIQ would presume that you are trying to create your custom preset.

How to create a custom Preset?

  1. Click on the Customize icon.
  2. Then click Add near the custom section. 
  3. Now, give your filter a name. 
  4. Now choose a criteria from the drop-down to filter visitors and then click next to add filter for all four rings. You can also club more than one condition in each ring by using the binary operators AND and OR
  5. You can use Add note option to mark any important point for the filter.
  6. After you specify the name for your filter click on Save right beside the text box.

Note: Operators can craft only five custom presets.
The conditions and criteria available to filter the visitors: 
Browser used by the visitor in the website.
(Values : Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Unknown)
Country of the visitor accessing the website.
Current page
URL of the page where the visitor is accessing.
Current page title
Title of the page where the visitor is accessing.
Custom Action
The Custom actions that you have added on your website.
CRM Contact
Contact information of your website visitors in Zoho CRM, Click to know more.
CRM Lead
Lead information of your website visitors in Zoho CRM. Click to know more.
CRM Account
Account information of your website visitors in Zoho CRM.
CRM Potential
Potential value of your website visitors in Zoho CRM. Click to know more.
Campaign Source
UTM used to identify a search engine, newsletter name, or other source.
Campaign Medium
UTM used to identify a medium such as email or cost-per- click.
Campaign Term
UTM used for paid search eg: keywords for the ad.
Campaign Content
UTM used for testing and content-targeted ads.
Campaign Name
UTM used for keyword analysis to identify a specific product promotion or strategic campaign.
Department in the chat widget of the website.
IP address
IP address of the visitor visiting the website.
Landing page
URL of the page where the visitor have landed in the website.
Landing page title
Title of the page where the visitor landed in the website.
Number of past chats
Count on number of past chats with the visitor.
Number of URLs accessed
Count on number of URLs visited by the visitor.
Number of visits
Count on number of visit by the visitor in the website.
Operating System
Operating system used by the visitor.
(Values : Android, Apple iPhone, Apple iPod, Apple Macintosh, Blackberry, Kindle, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Motorola, Nintendo, Nokia, PlayStation, Sun Solaris, Symbian, Web OS)
Source from where the visitor is referred from.
Region of the visitor in the website.
(Values : Asia Pacific, Canada, Europe the Middle East and Africa, North America, South America, United Kingdom)
Search engine
Search engine used by the visitor.
(Values : Baidu, Bing, Google, Inktomi, Teoma, WebCrawler)
State of the visitor accessing the website.
System status
Status provided by the system for the visitor.
(Values : Accessed, Chat Completed, Clicked, Contacted, Custom, Missed, Responded, Triggered, Triggered Replied, Waiting)
Time since last action
Time since last action performed by the visitor in the website.
Time on site
Time spent by the visitor in the website.
Visitor availability
Visitors availability on the website.
Visitor Type
The type of visitor in your website.
(Values : All, New, Returning)
Visitor Info
Use our JavaScript APIs to set the values.
Web Embed
Embed in the website where he visitor is accessing.
To set two or more conditions.
City from where the visitor is accessing the website.
Visitor Type in CRM
Category of the visitor in CRM.
(Values: Contact, Customer, Lead, Not Available, Prospect)
Triggered Status
Set criteria based on the trigger status, whether the trigger is invoked or not.
(Values: Invoked, Not Invoked)
Previous Page
URL of an important page, where you like to be intimated if the visitor leaves that page and moves to another page.

There might be situations in which you will be displayed with " Plan downgrade" or " Integration disabled" messages.
  1. Plan downgrade message will be displayed when you attempt to utilize a predefined option associated with a product (either a CRM or a Campaign product) integrated with Zoho SalesIQ and the particular product's account plan has expired
  2. Integration disabled message will be displayed when you attempt to utilize a predefined option associated with a product (either a CRM or a Campaign product) integrated with Zoho SalesIQ and the particular product has been disabled in the integrations section.
  3. If you are in an associate or a supervisor role you will be asked to contact your admin. Else you will provided with a direct link to enable the particular integration or to upgrade it.

Choosing an apt association rule

Following are the set of association rules provided by SalesIQ which can be used to associate the predefined options specified above with appropriate values,
  1. is equal to
  2. not equal to
  3. between
  4. is greater than
  5. is lesser than
  6. begins with
  7. ends with
  8. contains

Do remember that not all the above specified rules will be available for every other predefined option that SalesIQ offers, the set of association rules would vary depending upon the predefined option chosen. 

Setting up values for the criteria chosen

Once you are done framing the conditions, choose or specify appropriate values for them. 

You can also to associate multiple values with a single condition. (Values should be separated by the character comma ",").

If you don't specify an appropriate value for the criteria that you framed, then it would revert back to the one that was specified earlier (That is, the condition that you tried to edit).

How to edit, delete and rename the filter?

  1. To edit the conditions associated with the filter created by you, just choose that particular filter from the filter drop down.
  2. Click on the Edit option to make any changes to the conditions or rename the filter.
  3. To delete a filter click on the trash icon near the rule. 
  4. To disable a filter, toggle the enable/disable button near the rule. 

Hide visitors connected to other operators

To avoid crowding of your priority rings or priority lists, you can hide the visitors contacted by other operators of your department. To do so, use the toggle button near the Hide visitors connected to other operators

Unchecking the checkbox doesn't mean that the visitors manually routed to other operators of your department by using Settings > Automation > Visitor routing will also be visible in your Visitors online module.

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