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Using Roster View for Temp Scheduling

You can now keep up with temp schedules using Zoho Workerly's Roster View. Overcome the difficult maze of complex temp staffing issues. 

Here are some benefits of using Roster View for temp scheduling:

  • Avoid overloading your temp staff

  • Manage empty shifts

  • Avoid shift clashes

  • Reduce labor cost

  • Schedule and reschedule shifts with ease

Roster View can be better described as a summary of temp schedule details and availability. We have developed Roster View for:

1. The Jobs module for temp scheduling
2. The Temps module for viewing temp and schedule details

Let's see how can you make better use of Roster View and simplify your temp scheduling.

Jobs Module 

Say you have created jobs and it is time to assign temps. Workerly's smart search algorithm helps you find matching temps, and the search criteria is customizable for better results. 


For scheduling temps with shifts from a particular job details page, follow the steps given below:
1. Navigate to Scheduled Temps in the left panel below the Info heading.

2. Matching temps will be displayed in Roster View. You can also customize criteria for finding temps. 


Advanced Search and Save Search Criteria

Our advanced search is criteria based. It allows you further filter temps using customizable criteriaWith this feature in mind, we are delighted to announce the Save Search Criteria feature in Zoho Workerly.  Clicking on Save as Default Criteria will allow you to use the same criteria by default when scheduling more temps to the job. You can change it any time and save any new criteria as the default. As job requirements are different for each client, we have enabled save search criteria at the job level. 
Dates with active job will be enabled for scheduling shifts, the rest will be in disabled. 

3. Click to create a shift for a single date or range of dates. Time, Job Name, and Client Name will be auto-filled in read-only format.

4. Click Publish & Notify. The shift is successfully created and the temp will be notified. 

Rescheduling or Editing Shifts

There are instances when you have to reschedule a temp's shift or need to edit shift details. With Roster View in the shift scheduling board, you can reschedule or edit in few clicks:

1. Navigate to the required job details page, and click Scheduled Temps listed on the left panel.

2. All scheduled temps will be displayed. Click any temp schedule to view details.

To Edit the shift:
1. Click Edit to edit details. 
2. When finished, click on 
Publish & Notify. The shift is now updated and the temp will be notified.

To Delete the shift:
1. Click Delete. You will be asked to confirm the deletion.
2. Confirm, and the shift will be deleted.

Shifts for a past date or dates cannot be edited or deleted.

Temps Module 

You can now view your temps in either List View or Roster View. By introducing Roster View in our Temps module, we have overcome some limitations of List View. It is a much more detailed view that includes:

  1. Temp schedules: Clicking on any shift tab will display the associated shift details, and using the Client and Job filter, you can schedule shifts for temps from the Temps module.
  2. Temp unavailability: Click on any unavailability tab to view when temps are available for shifts.
  3. Options to Send Emails and Mass Invite temps by selecting temp(s) and clicking the Actions button.
  4. Advanced filters to help you curate the list of temps you want to view.
  5. Binocular view: Click on any temp name to view temp details within the same interface.
  6. Option to view a temp's base pay per hour and total working hours for the week.
  7. View daily pay at the bottom of the temps list. Displays total working hours and total revenue generated by all temps each day. 

Shift  Scheduling from Temps Module 

To schedule temps for a job from the Temps module:
  1. Navigate to the Temps module, and choose Roster View for the temps.
  2. In the left top corner, use the Client and Job filter to view scheduled temps.

  3. Use the Temps filter to switch the view from Scheduled Temps to All Matching Temps.

  4. Click the + symbol next to the suitable temp and shift date to schedule the shift.

Video Walkthrough: 

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