What type of actions are captured in the audit log | CRM FAQs

What type of actions are captured in the audit log?

In your audit log, you can view creation, edit, update, delete, import and more. An action is displayed based on the module in which it is performed and the feature where the update is done.
  1. Based on module
    1. For the Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Deals, and Activities modules, you can view:
      1. Add, update, delete records
      2. Mass update and mass delete
      3. Import and export records
      4. Lead conversion
      5. Delete from Recycle Bin
      6. Rollback
      7. Restore deleted records
      8. Restore records in bulk
      9. Find and merge duplicates
      10. Remove duplicate records
      11. Map fields for lead conversion
    2. For Campaigns, Solutions, Vendors, Quotes, Orders, and Invoices, you can only view "delete records."
    3. For cases and price books. you can view "delete records" and "import or export records." 
  2. Based on feature
    1. You can view create, edit, and delete actions for:
      1. Email templates and folders
      2. Inventory templates and folders
      3. Mail Merge templates and folders
      4. Auto Response rules
      5. Rule entry for Auto Response rule
      6. Workflow rules
      7. Workflow alerts
      8. Workflow tasks
      9. Workflow field updates
      10. Workflow follow-ups
      11. Webhooks
      12. Case Escalation rules
      13. Rule entry for Case Escalation rules
      14. Web forms (Leads, Contacts, Cases)
      15. Business hours
      16. Roles, Profiles, Groups
      17. Reports and Report folders
      18. Assignment rules
      19. Rule entry for Assignment rules
      20. Web tabs
    2. If a new user is added to the account or if someone's details are edited, you can view the logged action in the audit log.
    3. You can view when and who activated or deactivated the Auto Response rule, Case Escalation rule, and Web forms.
    4. You can view create and edit actions for field-dependency mapping.
    5. You can see if the super admin edits a record. 

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