Troubleshooting POP3 | Zoho CRM - Help

Troubleshooting POP3

1. Emails are not syncing with CRM records.
  1. The storage limit with POP is 5GB, if the mailbox contains more than 5GB of emails then new emails will not be synced unless additional storage is purchased with Zoho Mail or unwanted emails are deleted from the mailbox.
  2. To check the storage, open the Email tab in CRM and go to Settings and then Mail Accounts and look under the name and email address for the size of the mailbox.

  3. If storage is available, then the password by opening the Email tab in CRM and going to Settings and then Mail Accounts. Update the password under Incoming and save it.
  4. If TFA is enabled in webmail, generate an app-specific password from webmail and then use the app-specific password in Mail Accounts.
2. I am getting an "Authentication failure" message when I try to send emails.
  1. Update the password by opening up the Email tab and going to Settings and then Send mail as and clicking on the email address under External from addresses to update the password.
  1. If TFA is enabled in webmail, generate an app-specific password from webmail and then use the app-specific password in Mail accounts.

3. Why is email is being sent from the wrong "From" email address?
Ensure that the correct email address is selected under Send Email as and click Save button at the bottom-right corner.

4. Why am I unable to back up my email data?
As an administrator, ensure that POP is configured in the user's account with the sharing type set to "Public" and that all the emails are showing up in the Email module. Then deactivate the user and go to Setup and select Security Control and then Zoho Mail add-on Users. In the Zoho Mail Add-on Users page, select the checkbox for the deactivated user and select Backup.
Notes: For POP, the accepted port numbers for incoming ports are 995 and 143. For outgoing ports are 465, 587, and 25.

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