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The Milestones view provides a consolidated list of all your milestones in various statuses and allows you to access the associated task lists, tasks, and issues. Milestones view can be accessed from the Work Overview section in the left navigation panel. This view shows milestones that are assigned to you by default. However, the filter can be used to view milestones matching any criteria selected by you.


  1. Set major goals using milestones
  2. Set hierarchy of work items in a project
  3. Track progress of milestones
  4. Move milestones from one project to another
There are two views under Milestones.
  1. Group by Project: Milestones are shown by project

  2. Group by Status: Milestones are grouped by their status (Active, Archived, and Completed)

Add Milestone

  1. Click on Milestones under the Work Overview section in the left navigation panel.
  2. Click Add Milestone.
  3. Select a Project.
  4. Give a name for your Milestone.
  5. Set the Start Date and End Date.
  6. Select Milestone Owner.
  7. Set the milestone Flag. If the flag is Internal, the milestone will not be accessible to the client users. If it is External, it can be accessed by the client users.
  8. Click Add.

Other Actions 

  1. Hover over a milestone.
  2. Click to view more options.

  3. The following actions can be performed.
    1. Edit: Modify the milestone
    2. Delete: Delete the milestone
    3. Move: Move milestone to another project
    4. Complete: Mark the milestone as complete
    5. Release Notes: View release notes of closed tasks and issues
    6. Associate Blueprint: Associate a blueprint to this milestone
    7. Dissociate Blueprint: Remove blueprint for this milestone
To sort the results based on Milestone, Owner, Start Date, Due Date, and % Completion, click   against the project name in Group by Project view.
To sort in Group by Status view, hover over the column header and click .

Move Milestone Across Projects

  1. Click on Milestones under the Work Overview section in the left navigation panel.  
  2. Hover over a milestone.
  3. Click to view more options.
  4. Click Move.
  5. Select a different project to move the milestone.
  6. Click Move.
When you move a milestone, all its task list dependencies will be lost.

Milestone Details

Clicking on a milestone will open the details. Users can view the following information:
  1. Task lists
  2. Budget component of this milestone (sum of task list budget)
  3. Issues
  4. Release Notes

Add Task List

  1. Click a milestone to view its details.
  2. Click Add Task List under the Task Lists tab.
  3. Give a Task List Name. Here, you can create a new task list or associate an existing task list or choose from the list of templates.
  4. Click Add.

Move Task List

  1. Click a milestone to view its details. Click on the Task Lists tab.
  2. Select a task list to enable the Delete and Move options. You can move or delete a single task list or multiple task lists.
  3. Select a Project and Choose a Milestone to move into.
  4. Click Move.

Submit Issue

  1. Click a milestone to view its details. Click on the Issues tab. 
  2. Click Submit Issue.
  3. Enter the details and click Add.


  1. Click on Milestones under the Work Overview section in the left navigation panel. 
  2. Click a milestone to view its task lists.
  3. Click the task list to view its tasks respectively.
  4. Click Add Task.
  5. Enter the details and then click Add.

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                                                      • Is it possible to set dependency between milestones, across projects?

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