Deprecation of older versions of Mobilisten (SalesIQ Mobile SDK)

Deprecation of older versions of Mobilisten (SalesIQ Mobile SDK)

Greetings from Zoho SalesIQ! 

On account of the recent enhancements and updates to the Mobilisten SDK, we have planned to mark older versions of the Mobilisten for future deprecation to ensure stable and smooth operations.

Which versions does this affect?

A planned deprecation is to take place for the versions mentioned below corresponding to each platform. 

Version 4.2.0 and older
Version 4.2.0 and older
Version 4.2.1 and older
Version 3.1.1 and older

What do I need to do?

If your application uses a version of Mobilisten that does not fall under the deprecation list mentioned, all is good, and no changes are required on your behalf.

If your project uses a version that has been marked for deprecation, we recommend you update your projects to use the latest version of Mobilisten available for the platform within the deprecation timeline. You can find the latest releases for the corresponding platforms below:

Latest Releases:
Android: View Releases
React Native: View Releases. View on npm
Cordova: View Releases. View on npm.

When will the deprecation take place?

The deprecation will happen in 3 months on 31st Jan 2022.

Please note that versions of Mobilisten that have been marked for deprecation will stop working if not updated within the deprecation timeline. 

For further questions, please write to us at support[at]zohosalesiq[dot]com. 


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