Introducing Vonage, Lusha, Google Maps, and 10 more extensions for Zoho CRM

Introducing Vonage, Lusha, Google Maps, and 10 more extensions for Zoho CRM

In addition to 500+ Zoho CRM extensions, Zoho Marketplace released 14 more extensions for Zoho CRM in the month of May 2021. Get more from your Zoho CRM with extensions from Zoho Marketplace.

Telebroad for Zoho (for Zoho CRM, Zoho Recruit, Zoho Desk and Bigin)
Integrate Telebroad with you Zoho product and enable your customer service agents to receive a pop-up alert on incoming calls, schedule follow-up calls, add a brief description of the call, and more.

Connect Vonage SMS to Zoho CRM and send messages to all your leads, contacts, and accounts using your Vonage phone number. Record messages under Activities and get instant delivery reports.

Integrate Lusha with Zoho CRM to streamline and optimize your sales process. Automatically transfer and sync any lead’s contact data, like their email and phone number, in one click to manage your pipeline faster and more efficiently.

Connect with your customers around the world using Textlocal SMS for Zoho CRM. Instantly send SMS messages using predefined and customizable SMS templates. Create and manage SMS templates, schedule SMS messages to send at set times, and automate your SMS messaging using webhooks.

Directly send SMS messages to your contacts and leads from Zoho CRM with the sendSMS extension. Send personalized bulk messages or individual messages using predefined and customizable SMS templates. Maintain a detailed SMS history in Zoho CRM's leads and contacts modules. 

Integrate your WhatsApp business account with Zoho CRM in minutes and start supporting your customers with unlimited chats without leaving Zoho CRM. Hide phone numbers while chatting, include a chat button on your website, and more.

Easily integrate your Zoho CRM account with Mailchimp to create a complete view of your sales pipeline. Help your marketing team support your sales team by nurturing leads. Learn what works and sell more.

Empower your sales team with organized and insightful data about their target accounts directly from Zoho CRM. Integrate organization charts for your target profiles into Zoho CRM, and keep everything you need to make better decisions in one place to close more deals. 

Manage all your website visits in one place. Access all the data collected by the analytics tool directly from the Leads module in Zoho CRM. Apply your business processes to the collected leads directly in Zoho CRM, and more.

Search your nearest leads, accounts, contacts, and vendors based on your location. View the search results in Google Maps and in a grid view with the distance details between the source record and search results.

Navigate to Google Maps and find your lead's and account's location from the Leads and Accounts modules in Zoho CRM. The extension adds a field named Google Maps URL in the Leads and Contacts modules, which is autofilled with the address selected on Google Maps.

Easily convert any monetary amount from your home currency to foreign currencies and vice versa.
The Currency Exchange Rate Updater will regularly update to the mid-market rate and you can change the update frequency according to your needs.

Seamlessly sync data between the Outreach sales engagement platform and Zoho CRM. Sync multiple modules from Zoho CRM into Outreach and vice versa. While the integration auto-syncs the data every 60 minutes, it also supports user-forced manual sync.

Integrate the mobile office software Feishu with Zoho CRM to view Zoho CRM meetings and events in your Feishu schedule. Handle new business opportunities from Zoho CRM directly in Feishu.

Explore Zoho Marketplace for all Zoho CRM extensions here.

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