Revamp your institution's admission model with the Edubot!

Revamp your institution's admission model with the Edubot!

Students always have numerous questions and they need immediate assistance with respect to that. Assigning a dedicated human staff to address this may not be as effective because human resources definitely have certain limitations and they can only meet with a handful of students every day. 

In this case, it becomes crucial for educational institutions to improve their student communication process, especially during the admission season. Zobots can remodel your current admission structure and enhance the overall admission experience for your students.These bots let you reach out to and counsel students with respect to courses and admissions, address student queries on-the-go and help them choose courses of their choice faster and more efficiently.

Zobot Capabilities:

It can collect details of the students on your website and connect them to the different departments available inside your organization based on the type of issue that they are facing.

  1. Anytime assistance:  Zobots can provide instant responses to students visiting school/college/university websites for more information about the admission process and related details. This converts the time-consuming task of replying to each query personally into an automatic one. This not only saves students’ time but also reduces the burden on institutions to answer questions manually.
  2. Live Chat Transfer: Students can ask the bot to transfer their chats to one of the admission representatives of your institution at any time. The Zobot provides an option to do so inside the chat window itself.
  3. Course counselling:  These Zobots allow students to get answers about their specific situation, the courses they have registered for and should register, and many of the other services that academic counsellors can offer. When a question is complicated to address, the student is directed to a scheduling feature, where they can choose a date and time to meet with a counsellor in person. This type of chatbot dramatically reduces the time academic counsellors spend on answering basic questions. It also helps students to get the solutions they are looking for in real-time instead of having to wait several weeks for an appointment to become available.
  4. Sends update emails: If a student is new to the website and is eager to know more about the different universities and their respective admission processes, it gets the his/her email, adds them to the mailing list and sends the emails when there are updates. 
  5. Student feedback: Chatbots are an amazing way of gathering a 360-degree feedback about the admission process, the institution, etc.

How does this Zobot work?

  • When a visitor lands on the website and matches the trigger criteria, the bot will trigger a welcome message along with the main menu.
  • Once the bot receives a message from the website visitor, the message handler starts executing where visitors are reactively engaged. All questions from the visitor are handled in the Message Handler.  
  • The combination of messages received from the website visitor will be analysed and stored in the code in the context handler, and the bot will respond to the visitors based on the question they receive from the available answers. The Context handler is also where all the necessary connections are created and invoked. 

How to create this bot?

  • Navigate to Settings > Zobot > Create bot. Add a name, description, choose the website and preferred departments.
  • Set trigger criteria and enable business hours and operator handoff based on your requirements.
  • Now, copy the code and paste it inside each handler- Trigger, Message, and Context.
  • Save the script in all the handlers and then publish the bot and it will be ready to assist visitors on your website.

You can download the sample scripts here.  

Jump right into our Resources Section and learn more about the Zobot.

Happy Zoboting!


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