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          • [Early Access] Rebrand your CRM with the all-new custom domain mapping setup

            Hello everyone! We are elated to announce that Zoho CRM now supports custom domain mapping. This is a game changer as this potentially allows every organization to rebrand their CRM system and align it with the domain name of their business. Note: This
          • Introducing Rollup summary in Zoho CRM

            ------------------------------------------Moderated on 24th April'23---------------------------------------------- Rollup summary is now available for all organizations in EU, IN, CN, JP, and AU DC. For organizations in the US DC, we will open in a couple
          • Smarter data gathering with Query component in Wizards

            Dear All, Introducing the Query Component in Wizards for CRM! A smart search field that saves you time and effort, and helps you manage and gather data more efficiently than ever before. Long and complex record entries can be overwhelming and prone to
          • New Customization options in the module builder: Quick Create and Detail view

            Hello everyone, We have introduced two new components to the module builder: Quick create and Detail view. The Quick Create Component It is a mini form used to create a record and associate it to the parent record from a lookup field. For example, if you have a Deals lookup in the Contacts module, then you can associate existing deals or create a deal and associate it with the contact. You can customize this Quick Create form by adding standard as well as custom fields. There is no limit to the number
          • Introducing Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) in Zoho CRM | Public early access 2023

            Greetings Customers! We're excited to announce that the CPQ feature will soon be available in Zoho CRM and accessible to all accounts using the Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions. We've opened this feature to select customers, and it'll be

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                                                                                          • Most Discussed Topics

                                                                                          • Function to search for a record made between today and 4 weeks ago

                                                                                            Hi, I have a module called 'Illnessregistrations' which contains illnessregistrations of employees. When a new record (so new illnessregistration from an employee) is made in this module, I want a function to search if that employee has already another
                                                                                          • Problem with Zoho CRM and Zapier: Unable to create entry in module: Invoices. Required field not found / in_request_body false

                                                                                            Hello, I have created a Zap in Zapier that creates a new entry in the regular Invoices module. Today (and for some reasons…I do not why) I get an error message in Zapier: Hello, Unable to create entry in module: Invoices. Error : required field not found.
                                                                                          • Auto increment number when a task is cloned

                                                                                            Hello, I have the following question: is there any posibility to autoincrement a number on a field when a task is cloned, but when a task is created the same number to be 0? For exemple, let's say I have Task#1 with the field No = 0. When I create a clone
                                                                                          • Zoho Sheet not showing fields from list view

                                                                                            Hello, I have a list view I made, It's a very simple one showing specific data about the contact and his all companys some what of a quick view. The problem is Zoho Sheet it doesn't show all the fileds from the list view, Can I some how fix this? Attched
                                                                                          • CRM - Quote Module, List Price

                                                                                            Is there a way to make the List Price Locked, and not editable in the quote module? Example image below. The List Price is not a greyed out field and therefore can be edited by an estimator. I would prefer that this not be editable, since it is a standard