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              • Introducing Image Upload Field

                Hello everyone, In this post we will discuss about the benefits and usage of the Image upload field. The field is available for standard and custom modules.  Usage: This field can be used to upload a gallery of images to a record and share the record with peers or customers. The record can be made accessible to users outside of Zoho CRM via Portals, where they can upload the necessary images. Preview, editing, and deleting images: The uploaded images can be directly edited and saved from the record
              • Data migration extended to Services and Appointments modules

                Hello all, Data migration—particularly between two Zoho CRM accounts—is an essential process that ensures a seamless transition of business data, thereby preventing disruptions and providing continuity. In line with that, we're excited to bring you a
              • Introducing Lookup filter in Zoho CRM

                Dear All, We're thrilled to talk about our much awaited enhancement to lookup fields—Lookup filter. Let's get into the details! As you all know, lookup fields help you associate data from one module to another. You can lookup a record from module B and
              • Massive upgrade to module data exports in Zoho CRM

                Hello folks, You're going to like this one! Exporting a module's data in Zoho CRM can sometimes be a frustrating experience. For example, you can only export the oldest 3,000 records, so maybe you've had to resort to exporting reports or taking backups
              • Function #17: Automatically update customer owner from Zoho Books to Zoho CRM

                Today's function caters to those who use both Zoho Books and Zoho CRM. In Zoho CRM, you can pick a user to be the owner of an account or contact. Zoho Books has a similar functionality called "Customer owner" allowing you to assign a user as the owner
              • Most Discussed Topics

              • CRM is shut down

                Hi, Seems CRM is shut down Update: We have reverted the update and it should be working now. Locking this post as the issue is now fixed.
              • Show File Upload field in a Report

                I do have a subform in a module where we upload files. I would like to generate a report where we can see all uploaded files from the same page. I wonder if is possible to get the URL of the uploaded file somehow. Maybe via Zoho Flow? Get Fetch File Upload
              • Comparator module doesnt have Conversion option

                I want to compare my salespeople to show how many Leads they have converted. There is no option for Conversion, not date, Is Converted? etc. Does anyone know of a workaround for this, it's so annoying I have tried everything. It seems strange that you
              • Workflow sending quote to zoho signs

                Hello, Is it possible to have a workflow rule when after sending to zoho sign ? Thanks
              • Importing Scheduled Calls related to contacts

                Hi I am trying to import scheduled calls asscoiated to contacts, hoiwever it says that "call duration" cannot be blank, but since the call has not been made yet, there is no value to put in there? I keep getting the follwoing error ["Invalid Data - Call

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