uSonar for Zoho CRM

uSonar for Zoho CRM


Synchronize and update company details for Zoho CRM Accounts module.
Install the uSonar extension: 

You can install the uSonar extension either from Zoho Marketplace or from within your Zoho CRM account as follows:

  1. Go to Setup > Marketplace > All. All the installed extensions will be listed.
    Click All Extensions and to view the extensions supported by your CRM edition.

  2. Under All Extensions, browse for and click uSonar.
    The details about the extension will be available.

  3. Click Install.

  4. Agree to the terms of service and click Install, as shown in the picture below.

  5. Choose one of the following options, then click Confirm:

      1. Install for admins only- The extension will only be installed in CRM for users with the administrator profile.

      2. Install for all users- The extension will be installed in CRM for all users.

      3. Choose profiles- The extension will be installed in CRM for manually chosen users. Choose this option, click Confirm, then select the desired profiles. The extension will be installed automatically for the specified users.


uSonar configuration: 

Once installed, uSonar extension has to be configured with three specific CID numbers. These are namely the Information linkage CID, Search API CID, and Update API CID, as shown below.


 Terms used: 

LBC ID: A unique ID used to automatically fetch customer data, directly from uSonar's records.


Company ID (CID): A unique ID used by uSonar, to recognize who is accessing their data.



The uSonar extension synchronizes customer data from various applications, and stores it within its database. This information can later be used by the uSonar extension to automatically update 80 different fields on customer information. This extension is particularly for the Accounts module on Zoho CRM. Through the integration of the uSonar extension, the need to manually update every field regarding customer data is eliminated. uSonar extension also uses the latest, most recently updated data available for a customer, thus ensuring high-accuracy on the automatically filled in fields.

 uSonar extension widget: 

The uSonar extension opens up as a widget under the Accounts module on Zoho CRM. This widget has a search bar, a dropdown menu, and three fields namely the LBC ID, Company Name, and Company Address. After the necessary fields are populated, click on the grey button to create a new record. Click on the blue button to update an existing record.

       Search bar:
      The search bar can be used to search for the customer's company name.
      Dropdown menu to select company information:
      The company name along with the address will be automatically displayed, based on the name of the account, and the billing city. In case the company name does not load, it can be obtained, using the search bar. This dropdown menu is split into two categories: One category contains the company name, and the other the company name along with its address, as shown in the picture below. If the customer's company has a single branch which is functioning as the head office, then the dropdown menu lists the single branch which is present.
      LBC ID:
      From various companies, to branches within the same company, every separate office has a unique LBC ID, used to obtain customer data from uSonar's database. The LBC ID tracks all updates in the customer's information, such as, office relocation, company name changes, and other data maintenance.

      Company name:

      This field contains the name of the company, along with the branch details, if any are present. This is automatically updated using the LBC ID.

      Company address:
This field contains the exact address of the customer's office. This is automatically updated using the LBC ID.

  • Once these details are automatically updated, click on sync/Create new record. The synchronization process may take a few seconds. On completion, 80 different fields of customer information are automatically updated. 
  • Once the user pressed the sync now button, full details about the company will be updated in the particular fields on the same record.
  • Once the user pressed the Create new record button, New record will be created.

  • Note: The company name with the company address categories will be displayed in the dropdown menu (必要な企業情報を選択してください), only when the billing city is updated in the accounts module.

     Remove Synchronization 

    After the synchronization is complete, a window pops up with the information that the data has been synced. To remove synchronization, click on the red button in this window, as shown in the picture below.

     uSonar settings page:  

     In cases where the automatically filled in data has to be edited or altered in anyway, the updated data has to be synced into Zoho CRM. This can be achieved from the settings page. Under the settings page, there is a category, called uSonar Configuration, where changes made in the records can be mapped to Zoho CRM, as depicted in the picture below.

           Under this category, there is an option to schedule synchronization. This can be enabled and scheduled to sync records on to Zoho CRM, once a day. The next field, Last scheduled date, denotes when the data was last backed up on Zoho CRM and Next scheduled date, denotes when will the next sync will happen to Zoho CRM. The blue hyperlink, highlighted in the picture below can be used to sync data immediately. For immediate synchronization, click on the hyperlink, and then save and exit.

     Uninstalling the extension
    To uninstall the extension: 

    1. Go to Setup > Marketplace > All. All the installed extensions will be listed.
      Under All Extensions, you can view all the extensions supported in your CRM.

    2. Browse for uSonar and click the corresponding Uninstall link.

    3. Click Ok to confirm and uninstall the extension.


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