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Personal customer insights by VoC

Permission required:
View record level insights: Users with this permission can access and view insightful charts in eligible records from the modules for which VoC dashboards have been created. 

"The best vision is customer insight" - Malcolm Forbes


The game of business no longer relies on performance metrics alone to assess and restructure strategies. Instead, they are gravitating towards customers' perception.
See also: Three Ways To Use The Customer Perspective As A Measure Of Success.

When you imagine customer perception, if the immediate attribute that strikes your mind is customer experience, you are 100% right! Experience is a valuable measure that customers are evaluating your business with. Although, it could determine your reputation, CX goes beyond being a measure. It is also an indirect stimuli for all your game plan. Because of its big influence on your business, what your customer perceive of your business is a huge determinant to how you position and strategize your communication. Thus, in addition to relying on the traditional performance KPIs, it is about time businesses start gathering insights on a personalized level too.

What are personal insights and how can you start tracking?

Metrics are often collective in nature. Conversion rates, ROI calculation, Click-through-rates, hold good as examples for collective metrics.These collation definitely portrays the big picture of your business performance. Although, to win each customer, to make an imprint with every experience, you need personal insights about each of your customers. You need to know what a customer wants, what their emotions are when they converse with you, their opinions on your offerings, their pace of conversion, and so on, to provide a one-on-one attention. These are insights that vary from one customer to another and tapping on each one of them is a sure shot method to give exclusive focus.

Personal insights in Zoho CRM 

Voice of the Customer, with its ability to funnel in your customer opinions from across channels like emails, calls, customer tickets, and surveys, will associate the right metrics with the right customer record as related lists. 

With these insights, you can
  1. Get a closer look at your customer's perception and opinion.
  2. Prioritize their voice
  3. Tailor customized plans of action
  4. Bring exclusive customer experience onto the table.
Insights displayed within a record:
Eligible records from the modules for which VoC dashboards were created will bear a collection of charts as related lists. Following are the insights covered in a record's Voice of the Customer related list:
  1. Highlights
  2. Overall response by sentiments
  3. Recently mentioned keywords
  4. Competitor based analysis
  5. Overall response by intent
  6. Channel based sentiment analysis
  7. Channel based intent analysis
  8. Conversion based analysis
  9. Deal based analysis


Highlights are quick classification of sentiments expressed by your customer through various channels (Emails, calls, Zoho Survey, and Zoho Desk). Based on your customer's stance, their sentiments are analyzed and classified as positive, negative, and neutral. You can assess the number of times the customer expressed a particular sentiment over time and their percentage with respect to the overall correspondence conducted through various channels.

If the customer is not happy with your offerings or correspondence, based on its ability to analyze sentiment, Zia will display the following negative indicators as labels. 
  1. Negative customer
  2. Likely to switch to competitors
  3. Churned out customer
These labels act as alerts with which you can understand the intensity of your customer's dissatisfaction, in one

Overall response by sentiment

The overall response by sentiment displays the sentiment distribution as a donut chart. For a more detailed analysis, it will also show the time view of response count and the timeframe the responses were expressed during. With this chart, you can 
  1. Asses when your customer expressed their opinions
    If there was a negative response in the recent past, the agent can understand the recency and get a workaround devised quickly.
  2. Study the sentiments' fluctuations overtime
    If there was a happy sentiment expressed at the start of the month and the sentiment started to become neutral at the latter part of the month, you can study the pattern, compare the evolution of your customer's sentiments over a period of time, scrutinize the anomaly that caused it, and tailor strategies that would work for that customer.
  3. Compare sentiments with unique responses
    Sentiments observed till time can be compared with the response count to asses their intensity.

Recently mentioned keywords 

To understand the pulse of your customer, VoC will display a table with recently used keywords observed through those channels connected with your CRM. It is a tabulation of the following information:
  1. Keywords
  2. Recent mentioned date
  3. No. of mention(s)
  4. Sentiment
For more information, you can also learn through which channel these keywords were expressed.

Competitor based analysis 

Your customer mentioning your competitor is a caution raised to be vigilant. Zia captures any mention about your competitor and the keywords used in association to understand their probability to churn. This analysis will not only indicate your customer's inclination towards your competitor, it will also show their perception about your competitors.

How does Zia identify your competitors?
To identify your competitors, Zia relies on its competitor alert feature. 

It allows you to pre-configure your competitors and whenever Zia captures their names in any of the responses via the connected channels, it will analyze and tabulate the following attributes:
  1. Competitor
  2. Response count
  3. Keywords

From the above image, you can infer that the customer has uttered the keyword "connection quality" about five times with reference to the competitor Airo Networks.
Click here to learn more about competitor analysis in Voice of the Customer.

Overall response by Intent

Every customer response carries an intent—they make the agenda of the correspondence and help analyze what the popular purpose of discussions were. The intents are c aptured under the following categories: Complaint, Purchase, Request, and Others.
Using the donut representation, you can understand which intent contributed more in the correspondence. The chart displays both overview and time view of the same finding. From the below image, you can understand that there were more requests by this customer. From the time view you can learn when those requests were made, what those requests were, and scrutinize if they were resolved or not.

 Channel based sentiment analysis  

The channel based sentiment analysis classifies positive, negative, and neutral responses expressed via different channels connected with your CRM. It will help identify your customer's favorite mode of communication and based on which, you can devise a more contextual and relevant communication strategy.


Channel based intent analysis 

The channel based intent analysis classifies customer intents like complaint, requests, purchase, and others based on the source of response. This will help you understand which medium is preferred by your customers for what kind of intents. While you may have intended Survey to gather information, insights from this chart might show you otherwise-that your customer is frequently using Survey to submit requests. Thus, letting you know about a change in preference.  

Conversion based analysis 

Conversion of a customer indicates progress in their journey. This chart will help you assess keywords expressed by your customer before converting from being a lead to a contact. These keywords are like cues indicating positive progression of your customer. 

Deal based analysis 

The deal based analysis is a behavioral comparison of keywords used by your customer before and after the change of the deal stage: closed won and closed loss. It will help assess their state of mind before and after a transaction for different deals. If the keyword for a deal before closed won was positive and negative after the deal's stage was marked won, you can understand the customer is not satisfied in the post-transaction phase and that you might want to focus on the deliverables.You can also understand the reason why a deal won and why a deal lost based on the tabulation.

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