Permission-based Email Marketing

Permission-based Email Marketing

fPermission-based email marketing is the process of ensuring that your leads actually wish to be on your mailing list and receive your emails. With permission-based email marketing, you can be sure that your mailing lists only contain leads who have chosen to receive your email newsletters.


  • Good open and click rates

    People who haven't consented to be on your mailing list may not be interested in your email campaigns. When you send them emails, they'll mark them as spam, which will damage your domain reputation. Open and click rates of emails depend entirely on how interested the email recipients are. For better lead engagement and response, send emails only to opt-in email addresses. 

  • Prevents deliverability issues

    When you have a hygienic list with leads who have opted in, it is less likely to contain non-existent email addresses. This prevents email deliverability issues such as bounces, spam complaints, unsubscribes, and spam traps.

  • Good domain reputation and email deliverability

    Spam filters observe your leads' responses to every campaign and maintain a reputation score for your domain. A hygienic list with proper consent options makes your emails less likely to be marked as spam. This results in a good domain reputation with spam filters and good email delivery performance.

    You can easily build your mailing list by using signup forms. You can choose a form from the sign-up form tools and place it on your website or share it on social media. 

    Leads who have not responded to your emails for the last 6 months should be segmented out and sent re-engagement emails. Retain only those who confirm that they are interested.

    Get consent of the leads you have not communicated with in the last 6 months using our Consent feature before sending them any emails.

People you shouldn't send emails to

The Zoho Marketing Automation's Terms of Use clearly states to whom you should not send emails. 

    Zoho Marketing Automation does not permit using purchased email addresses from any source. Purchased lists are not permission-based and can cause legal issues in many countries, and could result in serious legal penalties. If Zoho Marketing Automation learns that an account is using purchased email addresses, the account will be blocked.

    Using collected lists from internet and extracting email addresses from web scraping are illegal and against Zoho's anti-spam policy.  

If Zoho Marketing Automation team discovers the use of purchased, collected, or harvested email addresses, we will immediately block the account. Growing your list organically is the best way to keep it hygienic and to reap more business returns.

People you can send emails to

  • People who have subscribed to your email newsletter by filling out a form on your website.
  • People who submitted their email address when downloading files from your website or ordering a product or service from you.
  • People who gave their email addresses when they participated in a contest, event, or survey conducted by you, provided that you informed them you would be using the address to send marketing emails.
  • People who checked an opt-in checkbox indicating their willingness to be contacted by you through email, provided the checkbox is unchecked by default and you have informed them that the nature of the emails will be commercial.

The best time to send emails

The time your emails reach your leads' inboxes plays an important role in lead engagement. You can schedule your emails based on time zones and optimal open time for your leads. This helps maintain your leads' interest.

Bombarding your leads' inboxes with emails will irritate them. Setting your email frequency can help you avoid this.

Opting out 

Permission-based email marketing includes not only the part in which you get consent before adding ls to your list, but also in providing them the option to unsubscribe at any time. Keep the unsubscribe option clear and in an easily accessible position in all your emails.

A hygienic list is a strong foundation for your email marketing. The stronger your list is regarding consent, the better your email deliverability will be.

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