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Employee Performance

The performance management feature in Zoho People lets employees add goals and tag skill sets and KRAs to track their progress. An employee can receive feedback regularly from their manager and other peers and also give feedback to them. 

Employee goals

Goals are measured ideals for achieving desired results. They serve as targets for performance and are essential for determining employee efforts. An ideal goal should be SMART - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-based. These goals can also be linked to the jobs that you create in Timesheet.

Adding Goals

If the permission is enabled by the admin, an employee will be able to add their own goals.

      1. Enter a name for the goal.
      2. Enter a due date for the completion of the goal.
      3. Select priority.
      4. Provide a description, if needed.
      5. You can enter the progress of the job in percentage under Progress.

      6. Click Submit.

Associating a job to a goal

A goal can often be accomplished through the jobs that an employee is working on. A goal can easily be linked to a job in the following way:

      1. Go to Performance > My Review > Goals.
      2. Click  Add Job.
      3. From here, you can either:
  1. Add details of a new job 

  1. Associate an existing job

Archiving goals 

If an employee wants to make a goal inactive temporarily, they can use the Archive option to do this. 

To archive a goal,

      1.  Go to Performance > My Review > Goals
      2.    Click the ellipsis icon beside the goal you want to archive

      3. Click Archive

To unarchive goals or to view list of archived goals, click Archived List under the ellipsis icon.

Employee Skill Sets

Skillsets are particular abilities that help to perform the job. Examples of specific skill sets include accounting and computer languages. Skillsets can be mapped to various domains

Tagging Skill Sets

If Skill Sets are enabled as a measure of performance in the organization, an employee can tag relevant skill sets according to the domain they belong to. 

To tag a Skill Set, 

      1.  Go to  Performance  > My Review  > Skill Set .  
      2.  Click  Tag Skill Set .

      3. Select the domain. 
      4. Select the relevant skill sets and provide a weightage for each.
      5. Click  Submit.

If an employee is part of the HR domain, then they will be able to pick and tag the most relevant skill sets that will be reflected in their overall potential score. 

Over time, if the employee feels that they have significantly improved in a particular skill set, they can upgrade the score. 

To upgrade the skill set,

      1. From your home page, go to  Performance > My Review > Skill Set.
      2. Click on the skill set which you want to upgrade.
      3. You will see a pop-up asking you to confirm the upgrade.
      4. Click  Upgrade.

Skill Set Matrix

An employee can view a comprehensive matrix of all employees' skill sets in the organization, if the admin has given the required permissions. 

To view the skill sets of specific employees:

      1. Go to Performance > Teammates > Skill Set Matrix.
      2. Go to the  Organization tab. 

      3. Search for the manager whose reportees you want to view. 
      4. Refine your search by skill, experience, and levels as required.

Employee KRAs

Your Key Result Areas (KRA) are the activities that you must do to fulfill your responsibilities and achieve your business goals. Make sure your KRAs are clear, specific, and measurable. 

Tagging your KRAs

If KRAs are enabled as a measure of performance in the organization, an employee can tag relevant KRAs  for themselves. 

To tag a KRA,

      1. Go to Performance > My Review > KRA.
      2. Click  Tag KRA.

      3. Select the relevant KRA.
      4. Give a weightage. 
      5. Click  Submit.

Adding Self Appraisal 

In some organizations, self appraisal is one of the key aspects of the overall appraisal cycle. Inputs from the employees on how they gauge their own performance are recorded and considered while evaluating the employee and giving an overall performance rating. 

To add a Self-Appraisal,

      1. Go to  Performance and then My Review.
      2. Click the  Self Appraisal tab.
      3. Click  Add Self Appraisal.

      4. Fill in the details.
      5. Click  Submit .

An overall self appraisal score will be derived and will be included as part of the final performance rating calculation. 

Employee Feedback 

Giving and receiving feedback is essential for the growth of an employee in the organization. 

Peer-to-peer feedback 

When an organization has peer-to-peer feedback enabled, an employee can give feedback to any member of the same department, apart from the reporting manager. This type of open feedback and communication helps an organization grow. 

To give feedback to a colleague in the same department:

      1. Go to  Performance and then My Review. 
      2. Go to the  Feedback tab.
      3. Select the icon that reflects your feedback.
      4. Enter your feedback.

      5. Select the employee this feedback is intended for.
      6. Check Anonymous if you do not want to reveal your identity to the person you are giving feedback to.
      7.  Click  Submit .

360-degree feedback 

When 360-degree feedback is enabled in an organization, any employee can give feedback to any other employee in the organization. This type of feedback empowers employees to give feedback even to their reporting managers, which creates a healthy atmosphere in the organization. 

To give a 360-degree feedback,

      1. Go to  Performance and then My Review.
      2. Go to the  Feedback tab.
      3. Select the icon that reflects your feedback.
      4. Enter your feedback.
      5. Select the employee this feedback is intended for.

      6. Check  Anonymous if you do not want to reveal your identity to the person you are giving feedback to.
      7. Click  Submit.

Alternatively, an employee can give feedback to their peers by going to  Performance Teammates Peers View and then clicking on the employee the feedback is for and entering their feedback. 

Multi-rater feedback

M ulti-rater feedback enables taking employees outside a team to give feedback. Typically, when an employee works closely with other teams in the organization, their feedback becomes important to assess their overall performance. 

Employees can select the multi-raters to gather feedback about their performance from. 

To select multi-raters:

      1. Go to Performance and then My Review.
      2. Go to the  Multi-Rater Selection tab.

      3. Select the employee and the employee type. 
      4. Enter comments to explain why you have selected this employee as a multi-rater.
      5. Submit your selection for approval.

Once the employee's reporting manager or the admin approves the selected multi-rater, they will be able to give feedback on the employee. 

Access to multi-rater feedback is based on permissions enabled by the admin. 

Employee review feedback  

Once an appraisal has been completed and the manager has given their rating to the employee, the employee can use the Share Feedback option to give feedback on their ratings. 

To use Share Feedback:

      1. Navigate to  Performance and then My Review.
      2. Select the appraisal cycle that you want to give feedback for.
      3. Click  Share Feedback.

      4.  The employees can select their feedback from the options given and  provide comments.

Performance Reports


This report displays the goals of an employee and their completion states. It is available in a list view as well.

Skill Set

This report gives the details of the skill sets of an employee.

Feedback received

This report is a two-fold one. This report displays both, the details of feedback that an employee has received, and the overall count of feedback based on the category it falls under.

The drop-down can be used to switch between the two sub-reports.

Appraisal ratings

This reports shows the published ratings that an employee has received across appraisals.

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