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Task Gantt View

Gantt charts are visual representation of activities on a timeline. This allows project managers to have an overview of the tasks and help understand the sequence to be followed. It also helps users to understand the dependencies between various tasks.

In the Zoho Projects Task Gantt view, you can view task lists and tasks on the left and the corresponding bars on the right that show the actual schedule. Within the Gantt Chart, you get a visual representation of the task schedule, including details about task progress, task owner, task status, and other task-related data.

Feature Availability:
Gantt views within the project tabs are available in Premium and Enterprise editions.
Gantt view within the global tabs are available in Enterprise edition.

Use Case

For example, the client wants the project done two weeks earlier than originally scheduled. As a project manager, you would want to reschedule tasks quickly and adjust your team's workload. You can use the Project Task Gantt to avoid the hassle and errors of manually updating tasks and due dates.
You can open your project and view your tasks in Gantt view. Use Group By to group tasks by milestones and enable the Critical Path to identify tasks whose delay will affect the entire project timeline. Drag the task bars closer to realign them with the new timeline.
Replace Task Owner to reassign tasks to available team members in bulk. Finally, review the All Open and All Overdue tasks to ensure that no tasks are falling behind due to these changes. Export the updated Gantt Chart and share it with your team.

 Global Task Gantt  View

Access Task Gantt view

  1. Click Tasks from left navigation panel.
  2. Click the Group by drop-down and select whether to group tasks by Project, by Task List, or None (no grouping).
  3. Select Gantt from the view drop-down.

 Project Task  Gantt

Access Task Gantt View

  1. Navigate to a project from the Recent Projects section or the Projects tab and select a project.
  2. Click Tasks in the top navigation panel.
  3. Use the Group By dropdown located below the top band to group tasks by Milestone, Task Lists, or None.
  4. Select Gantt from the view drop-down.

Add Task Inline

  1. Click Add Task in the cell, enter the Task Title, and click Enter.
  2. Click on the task to add task details.

Edit Task Inline

Click on any field corresponding to the task to add or update the task information.

Add Task List

Add Task List to group the Tasks.  

Manage Task List

  1. Click  in the top-left corner to collapse the Task List and click  to expand the Task List.
  2. Click and select the desired criteria from the drop-down to sort tasks. Sort tasks in the plain view by Status, Start Date, Due Date, Priority, % Completed, and Completed On fields.

Customize Task Bar Color

  1. Right-click on the task bar in the chart and click the Color option.
  2. Select the color from preset colors, standard colors, or other used colors. The task bar will change to the new color automatically.
  3. Click More Colors option to customize colors. 

Move Task

  1. Check the box corresponding to the task to select the task, and click Move to move the task to a task list or to any project.
    1. To move the task to a task list, select the task list from the Select Task List drop-down and click Move.
    2. To move the task to a Project, click Move to Project right next to Move to Task List, select the project and task list, and click Move.
  2. Alternatively, right-click on the task bar in the chart and click Move.
  3. Alternatively, click  corresponding to the task and click Move (or) Click on a task to open the details page, hover over a task and click 
     and select Move.

Clone Task

  1. Hover over any task, click  and select Clone.
  2. Update the No of instances and then click Clone.
  3. Alternatively, right-click on the task bar in the chart and click Clone.

Reorder Task

You can drag and drop the tasks to change their order when Grouped by Milestones / Task List (Classic). The new order is saved automatically.
  1. Hover over a task to view the reorder icon ().
  2. Click and hold on the icon and drag and drop your task to reorder it.

Add Subtask

  1. Click  to the left of the task and click Add Subtask or right-click on the task bar in the chart and click Add Subtask.
  2. Click here for more information on adding subtasks.

Task Dependencies

  1. Add Dependency: Add dependencies to the task or subtask by drawing a connection between the ends of two task or subtask bars in the Chart.
  2. Manage Dependency: Click on Dependent Task in the chart to view dependency information. Select the desired Dependency Type from the drop-down. Add Lag for time gap between the predecessor and successor tasks.
  3. Remove Dependency: Hover over Predecessor / Successor, click  , click Unlink, then select Remove.

Bulk Update

  1. Check the box to the left of any tasks to select.
    1. Click Associate Issues to add issues to the task, enter the issue title in the Select Issues search box, and click on the specific issue you want to associate with the task. Click Associate Issues.
    2. Click Associate Team, select the Team from the drop-down and click Save to add Team to the task.
    3. Click Owner, then:
      1. Click Replace Task Owners, select a new owner from the search box, and click Submit to replace the existing Task owner.
      2. Click Add Owners, choose an owner from the Add Owners search box, and click Submit to add a new owner to the task.
      3. Click Switch Task Owner, select a user to replace the current owner, and click Submit for the change.
      4. Click Unassign Task, then click Submit to remove the current task owner.
      5. Click Unassign Selected Owners, choose users from the search box, and click Submit to un assign selected users from the tasks. 
  2. Click Status, Tags, Start Date, Due Date, Priority, and Billing Type to access or change respectively.
  3. Click Delete to delete the task.

 Manage  Tasks

  1. Edit Tasks to keep the task information up-to-date.
  2. Use predefined task views to see tasks based on categories, such as All Tasks, All Open, All Closed, All Overdue, Open, Unassigned, Unscheduled Tasks, and Closed Task Lists.
  3. Use My views to access tasks that are related to you, such as My Open, My Closed, My Overdue & Open, Today's Tasks, Tasks I Follow, Tasks Created By Me, and Task Associated to Team.
  4. Hover over the Task View drop-down and click to edit the task view Description. You can also Customize Columns to be Displayed.
  5. Click Create Custom View at the bottom of the task view dropdown.
  6. Set the Criteria, enter a Name and Description, and move columns from the Available section to the Selected section by clicking  . If you wish to share this custom view with other users, check the Share custom view box. Select the Custom View Accessibility, then click Save.
  7. Use to search for and view tasks filtered by specific task details.
  8. Click the vertical axis and drag it to the right to adjust the panel's width and view additional task details. Alternatively, hover over a task in the cell and scroll left to access more task details.
  9. Click   to add a new available column or to Create Custom Field and add it to the layout.
  10. Right-click on the field/column header to Apply Filter, Insert Column Before, Insert Column After, or to Hide Column.
  11. Reorder the column by hovering over the field column title and dragging it to the left or right.
  12. Click on the vertical axis to view the Gantt Chart in an expanded view or click to collapse the expanded view.
  13. Click  in the upper-right corner of the Task Gantt. then:
    1. Click Import Tasks, then select the File Format. You can either drop or upload the attachment, then click Import.
    2. Click Export Tasks, select the task view and format you want to download. If you wish to include specific fields in the file, drag and drop them from the Available fields to Selected fields. Click Export.
    3. Click Disassociate Blueprint > Disassociate to disassociate the Blueprint from all the tasks in the project.
  14. Hover over any task and click  located to the left of the task to Create Task Above and Create Task Below.  
  15. Click on the Task ID to copy it to the clipboard.

Manage Gantt View

  1.   Click  to collapse and expand the subtasks.
  2. Click   next to the task to open the task detail page.
  3. Click  next to the task to jump to the corresponding task bars on the right.
  4. Drag and drop the task bar to any date if you wish to change the task schedule.
  5. Click the Timeline view drop-down in the top-right corner to choose your desired view, such as Years, Quarters, Months, Weeks, or Days.
  6. Click + to zoom in and - to zoom out on the Gantt Chart.
  7. Hover over task end and drag the arrow on the task bar to extend the schedule.

Delete Task

  1. Hover over a task, click , click Delete or right-click on the task bar, and click Delete.
  2. Alternatively, click on a task to open the details page, click  in the top-right corner, then click Delete.

Smart Bar

  1. Click   in the smart bar on the right to view the Gantt Chart in full-screen mode.
  2. Click   to undo the Task Date, Duration, Start After, and Dependency actions. You can undo the last five actions performed on the Gantt Chart as long as your workspace has not refreshed and you haven't switched to a different screen in Zoho Projects. If the button is grey, it indicates that there are no actions available to undo.
  3. Click   in the smart bar to show options such as Dates, Assignee, Task Title, and Overdue tasks on the Gantt Chart.
  4. Click   in the smart bar to set and compare Baseline, edit, and delete Baseline, as well as to show Slippage.
  5. Click  to toggle on the display of the task's Critical Path.
  6. Click to scroll to Unscheduled Tasks.
  7. Click , then
  1. Click Task Dependency settings to enable or disable Move up Due Dates, Extend Due Dates, Completing / Reopening a Predecessor Task, and set the Default Dependency Type.
  2. Click Legends to view all the Legends and their bar colors. You can change the task and subtask color by clicking on the color ring next to the task and subtask, respectively.
  3. Click Export to PDF to export the Tasks and its details in PDF.

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