Zoho Recruit | Integration with Zoho Campaigns

Integration with Zoho Campaigns

The Zoho Campaigns integration with Zoho Recruit meets the email marketing needs during your recruitment process. With this integration, you can sync your Recruit contacts with Zoho Campaign's mailing lists, send them mass emails, and track their responses.

The synchronization with Zoho Campaigns helps you export candidates and contacts from Recruit to Campaigns and easily plan and execute newsletters, welcome emails, and other email correspondence. 

This integration is not to be confused with Recruit's native Campaigns module:

  • While Zoho Campaigns is an email marketing application from Zoho, there is a module called Campaigns in Zoho Recruit, which can help you track all marketing campaigns in your business, not just those related to emails.
  • You can also track the responses to emails sent via Zoho Campaigns in Recruit's in-built Campaigns module.  
Permission Required: Administrators in Zoho Recruit and users with an active license in Zoho Campaigns can configure the integration. 

Configure Zoho Campaigns Integration

You must have an active user license in Zoho Campaigns and an active ZSC key in Zoho Recruit to configure the recruit sync settings. If you do not have access to Zoho Recruit, please contact your recruit administrator. Complete the following steps to successfully import data from recruit to Campaigns: 

  • Step 1: Generate a ZSC Key in Zoho Recruit 
  • Step 2:- Set up the connection between Zoho Recruit and Zoho Campaigns 
  • Step 3: Configure sync processes in Zoho Campaigns   

Step 1: Generate ZSC Key in Zoho Recruit  

You need to generate the ZSC key in Zoho Recruit first. Only users with the Administrator profile can generate the ZSC key.

To generate the ZSC key:

  • Log in to Zoho Recruit with an Administrator profile.
  • Go to Setup > Developer Space > Zoho Service Communication (ZSC) Key.
  • Click Generate Now.
    The ZSC Key will be generated. If you do not have access to Zoho Campaigns, share this key with a Zoho Campaigns user to set up the integration.

Step 2: Activate and Set up Configuration Settings  

To activate Zoho Campaigns:

  • Log in to Zoho Campaigns.
  • Go to Settings in the left panel and click Integrations.
  • In the Integrations page, select Zoho Recruit and click Connect.
  • Choose My Account from the list displayed and click Continue.

Step 3: Configure Sync Processes  

Activate the integration by providing the ZSC key and email address from your Zoho Recruit account, then specify the settings for syncing between Zoho Recruit and Zoho Campaigns.

To configure settings for syncing from Recruit to Campaigns:

  1. From the left panel, click Subscribers > Sync Services > Zoho Recruit > Add New Sync.
  2. Select the Recruit module (Candidates, Contacts, or Custom). Records from the selected module will be synchronized. Click Create Sync.
  3. Select from the following options:
    • All [Records]: All records will be synchronized with Zoho Campaigns.
    • Custom View [Records]: All the records from the selected list view will be synchronized with Zoho Campaigns.
    • Criteria [Records]: All the records that meet the specified criteria will be synchronized with Zoho Campaigns.

Set up sync: 

  1. Specify a Sync Name.
  2. In the Sync To field, select a mailing list from the dropdown, or select Create a Mailing List.
  3. Click Save and you will be taken back to the Setup page:
    • Retrieve Data: Click Once if you want the data in the record to be synchronized only once.
    • Sync Frequency [Specific Time]: Specify whether you want the data to be synchronized daily, weekly, or monthly. Then specify the time to sync the data at.
  4. Under Data to be Retrieved:
    • Select All Data: if you want all the data to be retrieved.
    • Specify the date and time after which to retrieve the data.
  5. Click Map more fields to see a list of fields you can map to Campaigns.
  6. Click Initiate to start the sync.
  7. In the Advanced Sync Settings section, select whether the following options apply:
    • Update Deleted Contacts: Contacts that are deleted from Zoho Recruit after the sync has taken place can be deleted either from the mailing list or from Zoho Campaigns.
    • Exclude Email Opt-Out Contacts: All the contacts who have unsubscribed from the mailing list after sync will not be updated in future synchronizations. You can remove them from either the mailing list or from Zoho Campaigns.

To configure settings for syncing from Campaigns to Recruit

  1. Click Subscribers > Sync Services > Active Syncs.
  2. In the Campaigns to Recruit Settings section, select which of the following options to enable:
    • Create Campaign in Zoho recruit: Enable this option to push campaigns created in Zoho Campaigns to Zoho Recruit
    • Update Campaign Member Status in Zoho Recruit: Enable this option to update the status of campaign members in Zoho Recruit
    • Push Member Status as Fields in Zoho Recruit (Email Campaigns): Enable this option to push the status of contact in a campaign as a field value in the Contact details page.
      Select the field to transfer the details to in Zoho Recruit. This can also be pushed to a custom module.
    • Push Member Status as Fields in Zoho Recruit (Autoresponders): Enable this option to push the status of contact as a field value in the Contact details page while sending automatic replies or follow-ups.
      Select the field to transfer the details to in Zoho Recruit. This can also be pushed to a custom module.
  3. In the Push Data to Zoho Recruit section, select whether to push the recipients' data to Zoho Recruit as Candidates or Contacts.


  • Zoho Recruit users cannot access email campaigns in Zoho Campaigns without an active Campaigns user license.
  • You can have up to 10 active syncs per day and 50 active syncs per month in the organization's account. If you want to create another sync after reaching this limit, please delete or disable an existing sync.
  • Up to 15 active syncs are allowed per organization. This includes all syncs created by all users in an organization's Zoho Campaigns account.
  • Regenerating the ZSC key will stop existing syncs from running. If you regenerate your ZSC key, you will have to update the sync settings with the newly generated key.
  • If you change your Recruit account information, we recommend that you manually enable any syncs associated with the account.
  • The number of contacts you can sync from Zoho Recruit depends on your plan limit in Zoho Campaigns. If sync tries to import more than the allowed limit, the system will only download up to your plan limit.
  • The Update Campaign Member Status option only applies to contacts that were synced from Zoho Recruit to Zoho Campaigns.
  • You must have permission to view the Campaigns module in Zoho Recruit to track the email responses from campaign members.

Track Campaign Responses 

You can send email campaigns and autoresponders (Drip Marketing) to contacts and candidates from Zoho Campaigns. After sending an email campaign from Zoho Campaigns, you can track different responses win Zoho Recruit's Campaigns module. You can look at the campaign members to view the statuses of all previous email campaigns. You can also view detailed stats of email campaigns without logging into Zoho Campaigns.

Campaign Response Description
Delivered The email has been successfully sent to the campaign member
Opened The campaign member has opened the email
Unopened The campaign member has not opened the email
Clicked The campaign member has clicked one of the links in the email message
Bounced The email bounced because the email address for the campaign member was incorrect
Unsubscribed The campaign member has unsubscribed from your mailing list. Zoho Campaigns will not send them any more mass emails
Complaints The campaign member has marked the email as spam. Zoho Campaigns will not send them any more mass emails

To view campaigns and autoresponders imported from Zoho Campaigns

  1. In Zoho Recruit, click the Campaigns tab.
    In the Campaigns Home page, you see a list of all the campaigns.
    The Campaign Type column indicates whether the campaign was created in Zoho Recruit or Zoho Campaigns.
  2. Click to open a recently completed campaign with the Zoho Campaigns type.
    You can also click the icon next to Zoho Campaigns to quickly see some important details of the campaign.
  3. In the Campaign details page, you will see the summary of the campaign and the recipient activity.
    • The Summary section includes the important campaign details including the Subject, and the sender details, along with the campaign response stats.
    • Click Recipient Activity to view the recipient list based on how they responded to your campaign. You can click a member status to filter the list of recipients based on their response to this campaign. You can also filter to view just the candidates or contacts for each response type from the dropdown on the right side.


  • An Autoresponder campaign will have a summary of all the individual campaign messages together.
  • Click the individual campaign messages under the Auto-Response Campaigns related list to view their Summary and Recipient Activity details.

Track Campaign Responses

To view a list of email campaigns under Candidates or Contacts:  

  1. In Zoho Recruit, open a Candidate or Contact.
  2. In the Candidate Details page, the list of email campaigns will be under Campaigns.

Delete the Zoho Campaigns Synchronization 

As a Zoho Campaigns administrator, you can delete the Zoho Recruit synchronization. When you delete the sync: 

  • You cannot add new data from Recruit to Campaigns but you will still be able to use the existing candidates or contacts in Zoho Campaigns for future campaigns.
  • Responses collected for the past email campaigns will not be deleted from Zoho Recruit.

To delete the Zoho Recruit Sync from Zoho Campaigns:

  1. Log in to Zoho Campaigns with an Administrator profile.
  2. Go to Subscribers > Sync Services > Active Sync.
  3. Click Delete
  4. In the pop-up, click Go Ahead.

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