Zoho Recruit | Configure POP Account

Configure POP Account

Set up email account via POP3

Zoho Recruit lets you configure a Zoho Mail account or a third-party email account via POP3. Zoho Recruit uses Zoho Mail to get emails and display them within Recruit. Whether you want to configure a Zoho Mail account or a third party email account via POP3, you will need a Zoho Mail account.

  • If you already have a Zoho Mail account, your existing mailbox will be displayed under the POP3 settings.
  • If you do not already have a Zoho Mail account, you will be prompted to configure an account from inside Zoho Recruit. Upon successful configuration, this new mailbox will be added under the POP3 settings.
  • Once you have a Zoho Mail account, you can add multiple mailboxes (whether Zoho Mail or other services) under POP3 accounts. Note that only one mailbox can be active at a given point of time.

To set up a custom email account via POP3

  1. Navigate to Setup > General > Email Settings.
  2. Click POP3 below the Custom Email Integration section. 
  3. Enter the following details:
    • Account Name: Enter a name for the mailbox.
    • Email address: Enter the email address you wish to configure.
    • Incoming server: Enter the incoming server of the email. For example, pop.gmail.com (for a Gmail account) or pop.zoho.com (for a Zoho Mail account).
    • If you're not sure about this detail, check with your system administrator.
    • Port: Enter the port number. For example, 995.
    • Select SSL, if required.
    • Username: Enter the username or email address of the desired account.
    • Password: Enter the password of the configured email address.
    • If you have enabled two-factor authentication for the account, you must enter the app-specific password and not the regular password.
    • If required, select the Use the same credentials for the outgoing mail server checkbox.
    • The outgoing server details will also be populated. If not, provide the outgoing server details.
    • Delete Message Setting: These settings determine when the email in the server should be deleted.

    • If you are not using any POP clients other than Zoho Mail, your Username can just be username@gmail.com.
    • If you are using multiple POP users, you need to tag the Username as 'recent:username@gmail.com'. Also, make sure that Leave messages in the server is selected for the Delete message settings option. Please note that this is applicable only to Gmail users.
  4. View the Email Sharing Permissions provided to you by the administrator and click Add Account.
    If the Administrator has given you the option to select your own email sharing permission, you can set it here. 

Change Password for POP3 Accounts

When you change the password of your POP account, you also need to update the password under Settings in Zoho Mail to continue retrieving emails without any problem. If you have enter the wrong password, the emails will not be retrieved in your Mail account.

To change an incoming password:

  1. Log in to Zoho Recruit and click the Email tab.
    Alternatively, log in to https://mail.zoho.com/
  2. Navigate to Settings > Mail > Mail Accounts.
  3. Click the Edit Icon for the corresponding email account to update the password.
  4. Specify the new password and click Save.

To change an outgoing password:

  1. Log in to Zoho Recruit and click the Email tab.
    Alternatively, log in to https://mail.zoho.com/
  2. Navigate to Settings > Mail > Send Mail as.
  3. Click the Edit Icon for the corresponding email account to update the password.
  4. Specify the new password and click Save.

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