Dynamic Text - Zoho SalesIQ

Adding Dynamic Text Input

Dynamic text input in messages

Text that can be added to sentence to change the content dynamically from one person to another is referred to as Dynamic Text. This message will be conveyed flexibly, varying as per the specified rule. The dynamic text will automatically list down in the triggers, chat window, or automated responses when you type the "%" symbol in the chat.
Dynamic text helps you deliver a personalized experience to visitors on your website. When you greet visitors by their name or based on the time zone they are contacting you from, it will add a personalized feeling and they likely interact more.
We can use dynamic text in:
  1. Canned replies
  2. Response messages
  3. Automated chat invites (Triggers)

List of Dynamic Text Available in Zoho SalesIQ

Dynamic Text Variable


Name of the visitor on the website.


The conversation ID of the active visitor.


The customised info from the custom widget.


Name of the operator attending the chat.


Time-period in the sequence of the day (Eg. Morning, Evening).


Name of the department to which the visitor has initiated the chat.


Email Address of the visitor on the website.


Email address of the attender who attends the chat.


Question raised by the visitor while initiating the chat.


Reference ID for the visitor on the website.


Contact number of the visitor.


Country of the visitor accessing the website


City of the visitor located in.


The channel via the visitor connected with the operator


The name of the web embed (brand) where the visitor has initiated the chat.


Title of the page, from where the visitor has initiated the chat.


IP address of the visitor visiting the website.


URL of the page, from where the visitor has initiated the chat.


Source from where the visitor is referred from.


State/Province of the visitor located in.


 Time zone of the visitor accessing the website.


Latitude of the visitor.


Longitude of the visitor.


The operating system used by the visitor.


The browser used by the visitor.


The browser version used by the visitor.


The platform used by the visitor's in their system.

screen resolution

Screen resolution of the visitor's system.


Search engine used by the visitor to reach the website.


Search Query (Keyword)used by the visitor to reach the website.


Company name mentioned in Clearbit.


Company location mentioned in Clearbit.


Company website mentioned in Clearbit.


Company's employee count mentioned in Clearbit.


Company's annual revenue mentioned in Clearbit.


Company's market capital mentioned in Clearbit.


Company fund details present in Clearbit.


Company type mentioned in Clearbit.


Your company's Twitter followers from Clearbit.


The likes you got on Facebook registered in Clearbit.


The industry type your company belongs to.


Company sector mentioned in Clearbit.


The job title of the visitor


The official name of the visitor.


The visitor's designation at office. 


The visitor's office location.


The visitor's office located city.


The visitor's office located country.


The visitor's office located state.


The visitor's official biography.

Using dynamic text in canned replies

Canned messages can be used to store frequently typed text to save the operator's time and improve the chat quality.
To add the dynamic text in the canned message, do the following:
  1. Navigate to Resources > Canned replies, click on Add.
  1. Then type the message you would like to store in the Compose message section.
  1. To include the dynamic text in between the message then type %, the auto complete option will list all the options that are available. Choose the appropriate option.
  1. Choose a department and hit Save

  1. You can use the dynamic text and get the customized messages in the canned replies hassle-free. 

Using dynamic text in automated chat invite

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Automate -> Triggers > Add.
  1. Choose a Brand.
  1. Then, set a rule with the criteria and conditions.
  1. Choose when you would like to trigger the rule.
  1. Now choose the Send chat invite option and enter the name or the company name from which you would like to send the chat invite.
  1. Then in the message section, enter the appropriate message you would like to send along with the invite. Here by typing the % will list the dynamic text options available, choose and option and complete the message.
  1. Click Save.

Note: The same can be used in embed configure messages and APIs.

Using dynamic text in response messages

To include the dynamic text in the response message:
  1. Navigate to Settings > Personalize > Brands > Brand Name > Flow.
  2. In the Response Message section, add the message along with the dynamic text. 
  3. Typing the % in the message will list all the available options in the dynamic text.
  4. You can add dynamic text in waiting messages, operator busy messages, thank you messages, greetings, etc.

  1. The configured message will be displayed with a customized content. 

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