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Analytics help you understand how well things worked in your session by distilling critical information into pictorial representations. Information such as the duration of the session, attendees who participated, slide likes, number of slides presented, engagement analytics, number of polls conducted and session analytics will be displayed here.

Answered Tab
When your attendees pose questions during a session, you can choose to project these questions to your attendees. Once the question is projected, it moves from the Question tab to the Answered tab.

Archive a Question
With the iOS Presenter app, you can archive questions for later.

A person who sets up and owns an organization portal and has the highest privileges, to create, modify, and manage users and plans in the portal. This role is transferrable.

Admin console
Acts as the control center for the admin to manage the organization's subscription plan, manage the team, design the organization profile, and track its performance.


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Completed Session
A completed session list shows which sessions have already been delivered. Completed session includes details such as name of the session, total attendees present for the session, duration and type of the session, and the total number of slides in the session. 


Delivery Tools
ShowTime has built-in delivery tools such as highlighter, arrow, pointer, pen, ink mark-up and eraser. These tools are available only in the face-to-face session.

A panel with detailed information on all the sessions conducted by your organization, including the total number of registrants, attendees, and poll data for any specific session. You can also view your audience engagement and average rating for a selected date range from here.


Engagement Meter
View the engagement level of your attendees during your session by clicking on this meter. It will show you the current number of members present for your session. With the help of the engagement meter, you can make your session more interesting and engaging.


Face-to-Face Session
Face-to-Face sessions are where you and your trainees are in the same room.


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Instruction Slide
The instruction slide contains information on the ways an attendee can connect to a session. Display the instruction slide to your attendees to guide them in connecting to your session via the join key.

In addition to Web support, Zoho ShowTime is also integrated with the ShowTime Presenter app and the PowerPoint plug-in for ShowTime.


Join Key
Your attendees can use this key to join your session with their smartphones or laptops. Set a simple key and share it with your attendees through email or social media. They will be able to view your completed slides, pose questions, answer polls, and rate and provide feedback about your session. In the case of remote sessions they will be able to chat with, view, and hear you.


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The ShowTime Library is a collection of all the presentations and polls that you've created and delivered. From here, you can view and edit your existing presentations, upload presentations from your computer, or create new ones from scratch. You can also view, create, and edit the poll questions that you use to collect feedback on your presentations.

The leaderboard in the Members Overview section helps to identify the best performing trainers across parameters like sessions conducted, number of participants, audience engagement, and average rating received. 


The trainers within the organization who do not come under the trainer license. They can't access the admin console and recording feature, and can't have more than five attendees per session.


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Open mic
Open mic is only available in the remote session. This allows the attendees to voice their opinion during the session.

Organization portal
 A homepage for your portal, where you and your team can come together to discuss and perform work-related activities..


Presenter App
Exclusively designed for presenters to control and deliver a session from anywhere in the hall.

Project Questions
You can choose to project questions from your attendees by clicking on the Project icon near the particular question.

Project Poll Results
You can choose to display poll results to your attendees by clicking Project.

To keep a session more interactive and engaging, use ShowTime Polls. Create Polls and post them during your session to learn what your attendees are thinking.

Publishing makes your session available for other users to view or download, even if they didn't attend the original presentation. Your published sessions will also appear on your Presenter profile, and you can share them on your social media or embed them into your website or blog. However, for the remote sessions, publishing option is currently unavailable.


Whenever your attendee asks a question about a slide during a session, you will be notified.


Rating and Feedback
The rating and feedback window will appear on your attendee's device after you exit the session.

A record is a row of data submitted through a Form. Click here to learn more.

Recording feature lets the trainer record all the on-screen activities (including audio) and lets the trainer play the recordings at a later time.

Remote Session
Remote sessions are for reaching attendees who are in a different location.


A session is a specific instance of a presentation or screen share that includes information about the attendees and their participation, as well as the content that the trainer delivered.

Session Details
After you exit an ongoing session, a session summary will appear on the trainer's screen. Provide a session name to view information such as the number of attendees that participated in the session, time spent delivering the session, and the number of slides presented in the session.

Session Recording
Session recording feature lets the trainer record all the on-screen activities (including audio) and lets the trainer play the recordings at a later time.

Screen share
Share your whole screen, an application, or a browser to your remote attendees. This is available only for remote sessions.

Slide Likes
Your attendees can like slides to express their approval.

Slide Notes
Write down key points about each slide to help you improve your delivery.

Slide Questions
Your attendees can ask questions about a particular slide with their name or as a guest.

Zoho ShowTime is a web-conferencing and online training delivery tool that lets you interact with your attendee in real time. 

ShowTime plug-in
The ShowTime plug-in is an available add-on for Microsoft PowerPoint that lets you launch ShowTime within PowerPoint. This plug-in lets you deliver presentations online so you can connect with your attendee during the session.

Super Admin
The person who purchases the ShowTime subscription on behalf of the organization, and is the owner of the account. The Super Admin's role is permanent, non-transferrable, and they have full access to all the activities in the admin console..


A person who has access to the standard features of ShowTime (as per the subscription plan) under the license category and can deliver sessions and have their own personalized profile page.

Trainer License
The number of Trainer roles available to the admin. As an admin, you can assign Trainer roles to your team members based on the number of Trainer licenses available in your subscription plan.


Upcoming Session
This list shows sessions that are about to start or scheduled for the near future. From here, you can create more sessions, open an existing session to edit it, or delete a session that you no longer want to present.


Viewer App
Your attendees can join your session with this app and follow along while you present. They can also like your slides, pose questions, answer polls, rate your slides, and provide general feedback about your session.

ShowTime Voice lets you broadcast your voice to your remote attendees. Voice communication is currently only one-way. This is available only in the remote session.

ShowTime Video lets you broadcast yourself to your remote attendees. Video broadcast is currently only one-way. This is available only in the remote session.


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