Zoho Voice vs Zoho Telephony

Zoho Voice vs Zoho Telephony

Zoho Voice vs Zoho Telephony: Demystified

In Zoho One or apps such as  Zoho CRM, Desk, Recruit, and Bigin, there are two ways to configure the calling functionality (click-to-call and call pop-up features) using Zoho Telephony. One is using an integration with any cloud PBX provider listed in the marketplace, and the second is using the built-in Telephony module.

What is Zoho Telephony?

Zoho introduced Zoho Telephony a few years back. Zoho Telephony(or PhoneBridge) is not a separate app, but an integration platform to integrate cloud PBX services with  Zoho apps. You can find Telephony under Marketplace in Zoho One admin panel, or under Channels in CRM Setup.

When you access Telephony, you have two options.
1. Choose a cloud PBX provider from a list of providers in the Telephony Marketplace.
2. Use the built-in Telephony service.

What is a marketplace-based provider?

If you have already subscribed to Zoho Voice or any other third party cloud PBX service like RingCentral, Amazon Connect, or AirCall, then you can choose it from the marketplace and use it as you telephony provider. Once integrated with Zoho Telephony, all calls made in CRM, Desk, or Recruit will be handled by the selected provider in the backend.

All the call configurations, number purchase and payment for the license and calls need to be done from your cloud PBX app. In Zoho One, you will have click-to-call button for outbound calls, call pop-ups for incoming calls, call logs for each contact, and call notes feature to add any comments regarding the call.

To enable this integration, select the cloud PBX service you use in the page above and click the Enable button. Follow the necessary steps in the cloud PBX app by importing the Zoho agents and configuring calls for them. Once this is done, you can start making calls in CRM, Desk, Recruit, or Bigin. 

Zoho Telephony's built-in telephony service.

Users who don't have an account in any third party cloud PBX service can use the built-in telephony service. Right now, this is available only in CRM and Bigin apps within Zoho One, and in the standalone Bigin app.

Inbuilt telephony is built over Twilio and it is focused on providing the basic calling features such as click-to-call, call pop-ups, call notes, and call logs. You won't have a separate admin account where you'll perform all call-related configurations like number purchase, credit purchase, IVR settings, etc. Everything is embedded inside Zoho CRM and Bigin. There is no license cost for inbuilt telephony. Just the number rental and call charges.

Calls are supported only in the Web apps and not in mobile apps of CRM and Bigin. This is useful for users who make few calls and do not want a separate cloud PBX app with advanced call routing options and admin features like live call monitoring, call reports, etc. 

What is Zoho Voice? Where does it fit in?

Zoho Voice is a new cloud telephony app built on Zoho's own cloud PBX infrastructure. It is listed inside the Marketplace as a cloud PBX service alongside other third-party services. Using Zoho Voice, you can configure all the call settings, and also make calls using the dial pad, if necessary.
To choose Zoho Voice as your telephony provider, go to the Marketplace and click Zoho Voice listed at the top. Click the Enable button. Now import your Zoho agents into Zoho Voice and configure calls for them.

Advantages of having a separate cloud PBX service like Zoho Voice.

Choosing Zoho Voice as your cloud PBX provider instead of inbuilt telephony gives you access to our web and mobile apps, and many additional call center-specific features.
  • Keep track of the status of all live calls in the Live Calls tab, and check on who handled particular calls, as well their duration.
  • Dive in to call-related performance metrics and access the performance of your agents.
  • Get deeper insights into your call history from the Logs tab, and generate reports based on your needs.
  • Handle calls using your Zoho Voice mobile app when you are away from your desk.
  • Configure business hours and holidays and ask callers to leave a voicemail during off-duty hours.
  • Make calls to unsaved numbers from Zoho Voice dial pad.
  • Block spam numbers to avoid unwanted calls. Keep your phone system ready for calls that really matter.
  • Stay connected with remote teams using free agent-to-agent calling.
  • Make calls at very low call rates to multiple locations. This is feasible because Zoho Voice directly engages with world-class PSTN providers.

Availability of Zoho Voice and inbuilt telephony service based on Zoho apps.


Inbuilt Telephony

Zoho Voice

Zoho One - CRM & Bigin



Zoho One - other apps



Standalone Bigin



Standalone CRM



Standalone Desk



Standalone Recruit



Availability of Zoho Voice and inbuilt telephony service based on data center.

Zoho Data Center

Inbuilt Telephony

Zoho Voice









No (ETA Sep 2024)





If you're registered to Zoho services in the EU, AU or IN data centers, you can start with the inbuilt telephony for now. And, when Zoho Voice is available in the respective data center, you can port your numbers to Zoho Voice and start using it without any service disruption.


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