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Appointments Management

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  1. Category - IT and Administration
    1. Vendor - Zoho Corporation
    2. Pricing - Free


    Schedule and streamline your service appointments with ease! This robust appointment planning and tracking software enables you to optimize time management via smart scheduling and automated booking, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction. Let your customers book appointments for themselves without much assistance by using this application, thus saving you repeated manual work. You can also keep your customers updated with booking confirmations, reminders, expected waiting times, or any changes, along with planned staff allocation to get a balanced and controlled waiting period.  This is a win-win situation for both your staff and customers!

    Who can use this application?

    If you deal with offering services such as healthcare, marketing, real estate, or grooming, then this app is an absolute must-have in your suite. Your staff can spend less time on manually managing appointments via phone booking, and can use their free time for more urgent and vital tasks. Your customers can also save time, as there is no need to call and book an appointment in the middle of their busy schedules.

    Key features

    1. Maintain a unified database of your branches, staff, customers, appointment schedules, and much more in one place.
    2. Access all upcoming appointments, grouped by day, week, month, and branches, from a single dashboard.
    3. Personalize customer interaction by enabling customers to book appointments well in advance, and cancel or reschedule at the click of a button. 
    4. Reduced prolonged waiting time and control customer footfall on busy workdays by effortlessly managing and scheduling appointment slots.
    In addition to the above, you can also:
    1. Customize your application according to your brand, using application themes and custom logos.
    2. Download this application on your mobile and tablet devices and start using them immediately.

    Application flow

    Modules in this application

    This application provides a user interface that allows you to add and manage staff and customer details, track appointment slots, match service requests to staff competency, send reminders for booked appointments, and much more. With digital appointment management, paperwork is a thing of the past. 


    This app's all-inclusive Dashboard features booking trends, outstanding appointments, staff details, and much more. You can always keep an eye on the availability of your staff across branches. You can also view the number of:
    1. Open appointments for the current work
    2. Branches you own
    3. Staff in your organization
    4. Services you offer
    The above numbers are displayed in page panels, which upon clicking takes you to the respective reports.

    Settings module

    This module can be accessed by only the app admin and super-admin.
    This module enables you to add your company details, all the branches where you operate from, and all the services that you offer. You can also view your service branches plotted on a map report. This serves as the ultimate checklist, enabling you to keep track of your company-level details.

    Staff module

    This module can be accessed only by the admin and super admin.
    This module acts as a central repository where you can add and update your staff details, including the branch of their work and services they specialize in. Additionally, you can specify the working hours for every staff you add, by selecting the working days in a week and available time slots. This allows for efficient retrieval of staff data in one place. After adding the staff details, this application will be shared with your staff, with restricted permissions as configured. Each staff member can view their details in the Staff Homepage

    Customer Details module

    This module can be accessed only by the admins and the super-admin.
    This module enables you to maintain a database of your customers. You can add new customers by entering their basic and contact information. You can also view and update the list of your customers as and when required. After adding the customer details, this application will be shared with them, with restricted permissions as configured. 

     Book Appointments module

    This module can be accessed by both staff and customers.
    This module enables staff and customers to book appointments at their convenience. They can access the form and choose the branch, service, and staff member. The chosen staff member's description and working hours will be displayed, based on which the person who books can make informed decisions before booking an appointment. This way you can ensure that service requests are matched to staff competency and availability. 

    Appointments module

    This module can be accessed by app admin, super admin, and branch admin.
    This module serves as the hub for appointment bookings logs. Using this module, branch admins can keep track of branch-wise bookings. They can also access the Appointment Bookings report to view the entire list of bookings. Apart from these, the following actions can be performed by the admin or branch admin. 
    1. The upcoming bookings can be rescheduled or cancelled
    2. Mark appointments as "Completed" by clicking on the Service Completed button

    Staff Homepage 

    This module can be accessed by your staff.
    Your staff members have the ability to access their dedicated portal, in which they can view their profile details, availability, as well as reports on ongoing and upcoming appointments. Staff can also access the Reviews report and have an overview of all the customer feedbacks, specific to their performance.

    Customers Homepage

    This module can be accessed only by customers.
    Customers can access their personalized home page and view their profile, use quick links to book appointments, and access reports on their upcoming and ongoing appointments. They can also view a list of all their appointments in the My Bookings report and choose to reschedule or cancel upcoming bookings if required. After completing an appointment, customers also have the option to submit feedback on the service they availed and the respective staff. 

    Reviews module

    This module can be accessed by app admin, super admin, and customers.
    This module enables you to gauge the popularity of your staff among customers, while also simultaneously analyzing your company's overall performance. You can focus on improvising your services and ultimately increase revenue.

    Install the application

    You can install the app from three locations:
    1. Zoho Creator App Deck
    2. Zoho Marketplace
    3. App Gallery
    Installing the application from Zoho Marketplace is easy! Once you install it, the app can be set up and ready to use. You can explore the modules in the app, tweak the app to accommodate use cases specific to your business, and add, modify, and view data.

    You can also add users and define roles and permissions, such as add, modify, delete, and view data, and map users to the permissions defined, thus allowing them limited or full access to your app.
    1. Go to Zoho Marketplace
    2. Scroll down to the Zoho Creator section and click View All.
    3. Select the Appointment Management card and click Install.
    The application will be installed on your device and you'll be ready to go!

    Application setup

    This application makes the entire process of scheduling, managing, and tracking your appointments bookings a seamless experience. Also, never miss an appointment and keep your customers coming in. After installing the application, the admin or super admin can setup the application by performing the following actions:

    Step 1: Navigate to the Settings section
    1. Access the Configurations form and add your company details, such as name, logo, branch, and services offered.
    2. Access the Add Branch form and enter the details of your service branches.
    3. Access the Add Services form and add the details of services you offer. You can also assign staff to these services.
    4. View and modify the details in the respective reports.
    Step 2: Navigate to the Staff section
    1. Access the Add Staff form and enter your staff details, such as their personal and contact information.
    2. View and modify their details in the Staff Details report.
    3. The application will be shared with your staff, with the respective permissions configured.
    Step 3: Navigate to the Customer Details section
    1. Access the Add Customer form and enter the personal and contact details of your customers.
    2. View and modify their details in the Customer Details report.
    The application will be shared with your customers, with the respective permissions configured.

    Your app is now all set for use! 

    To do more with this application:
    1.  Navigate to the Appointments section to monitor all bookings as well as branch-wise bookings.
    2. Navigate to the Reviews section to analyze the feedbacks for your services and staff.


    The app is fully equipped with automations to monitor and manage your assets efficiently and effortlessly. The workflows in the app are used to hide/show and enable/disable certain fields in the forms, auto-populate certain fields, trigger emails upon adding staff, redirect to another form upon a form's submission, share/un-share forms and reports, set reminders for appointments, and more. 

    Sharing your app

    You can share this app with users at your organization, defining roles and permissions so that users with specific roles have specific levels of access to the components of the app. Click here to learn how to share your app.

    This application is optimized to be downloaded as an application on your mobile or tablet device.

    If you wish to uninstall this application, you can do the following.
    1. Navigate to Solutions and click the Appointment Management application.
    2. Hover over the card and click the ellipsis icon (three dots).
    3. Click Delete
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