Zoho Creator Product Catalog

Zoho Creator Product Catalog


Zoho Creator is a powerful low-code platform that enables anyone to build resourceful enterprise-grade applications quickly with minimal programming knowledge. With Zoho Creator you can build, deploy, and manage workplace tools for your business across web and mobile, all from a single platform. It's as easy as it gets.
We are 17 years young, but we've never lost our appetite to innovate and this has won us the unwavering loyalty of customers. Attesting to this is the fact that we've been recognized as 'Visionary' by the Gartner Magic Quadrant and 'Leader' by ISG Lens Provider.
Here's what sets us apart:

Application development & deployment  

Jump into the world of low-code by creating a new Zoho Creator account.Getting started is a breeze and once done, you can start planning your application's design.  Zoho Creator provides you with an enormous number of pre-built applications tailor-made to suit the needs of various industries. Creator's intuitive drag-and-drop builder along with attractive visual interfaces and easy to use tools results in rapid application development.
Things you need to know before trying your hand at application development:
  1. and their building blocks
    1. Forms
    2. Reports
    3. Pages
    4. Workflows
  2. Users  
  3. Mobile
  4. Portal
  5. Environments
  6. Connections
  7. AI Models
The availability of features may depend on the specific pricing plan you have subscribed to. Visit our Pricing comparison page to learn more about our attractive and affordable plans along with their applicable features and limits.

Application Hosting

Being a low-code platform provides a relaxing experience for you. All you'll need is to focus on the application logic. Leave the rest (underlying infrastructure, security, scalability, and more) to us!
  1. Zoho Creator has numerous data centers spread across different continents. Be assured that your data will be hosted in some of the world's best and safest data centers. Based on the country you select while signing up, the appropriate data center will be chosen for storing your data. Know your Data Center

  2. Proactively prepare for growth with our auto-scaling capabilities by building serverless applications without having to manually configure servers. This ensures that you can handle increased demand and accommodate future expansion. Use Zoho Creator to experience unprecedented flexibility, cost optimization, and responsiveness, and unleash your business's full potential.

  3. Zoho Creator's robust architecture ensures high availability and lets you experience the peace of mind that comes with uninterrupted access and exceptional reliability.

  4. Our 99.9% monthly uptime guarantee reflects both the commitment to customer satisfaction and trust on our infrastruture's resilience. The other 0.1% deals with the rarest of rare cases of the unlikely event of any service disruptions or planned maintenance. In such events, we believe in transparent communication and will keep you informed about any scheduled downtime.

  5. You can visit https://status.zoho.com/ anytime and check out the current operational status of Zoho Creator.

Application Integration

In addition to seamless integration with Zoho's own suite of products, Zoho Creator also has the ability to integrate with a variety (600+ and counting) of third-party services. These connections can be configured effortlessly and allow you to leverage data and functionalities from multiple sources. Learn more
Our robust and intuitive API is designed to supercharge your development capabilities and unleash infinite possibilities. Leverage the expansive capabilities of our API to integrate our powerful features into your applications and elevate your product's functionality. Learn more

Privacy, Security and Compliance

Zoho Creator takes privacy and security seriously (take a look at our Security Whitepaper). It's no surprise that large corporations, governments, universities, and nonprofits trust us with their most sensitive data. Here's why you should too.
We offer:
  1. Built-in security features and compliance measures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of applications and data.
  2. A highly secure Identity Access Management (IAM) system to manage and control user access to various resources within your Zoho Creator.
    1. User management controls enable organizations to track, monitor, approve and easily restrict user access throughout the application lifecycle. This ensures the safety of your application and its data, gives you full visibility into app changes, and ensures a seamless user experience. Learn more
    2. The Role-based access control allows you to determine what users can access based on their role within the organizational hierarchy. Create different roles and define permissions. Learn more
    3. Create a new Security policy for your organization by defining rules such as setting the strength of passwords, IP address restrictions, multi-factor authentication, session timeout, and more. Learn more
  3. An Audit trail that provides logs and reports to keep track of the sequence of activities performed on your application's data.
  4. Data encryption for protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access or exposure. We use AES-256 algorithm for data encryption at rest and TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocols for data encryption in transit. Learn more
  5. OWASP-based security framework ensuring end-to-end protocols for your application security. Learn more

We are compliant with
  1. GDPR
  2. SOC 2 + HIPAA
  3. ISO 27001
  4. ISO 27017
  5. ISO 27018
  6. ISO 9001
  7. SOC 2 Type II
  8. SOC 1 Type II

    and many more of the strictest laws & regulatory standards from around the world. For detailed information, visit our Compliance page.


Deluge, Zoho's own programming language, is intended to be as user-friendly as possible and is compatible across all the Zoho products. In Zoho Creator, Deluge scripts can be used in Workflows built to automate applications. From simple mathematical equations to mind-numbingly complex operations, Deluge can handle anything thrown at it without breaking a sweat. A jack of all trades indeed! Learn more about Deluge.

Technical Support

Support - We're committed to your success! Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist you. Whether you have questions, need guidance, or require troubleshooting, we're here to ensure you have a smooth and delightful experience.  Get tailor-mode support and enhanced guidance, with our paid Support plans. Learn more

We've also launched a new intuitive Help Widget, which consolidates all the available help options. Learn more about the Help Widget
Training - Our training and certification programs are curated to help you achieve mastery over Zoho Creator. From foundational concepts to advanced techniques, you'll dive deep into various concepts and gain practical, hands-on experience. Learn more about Training and Certification.

Documentation - Our help documentation is thorough, clear, and user-friendly. From step-by-step guides to comprehensive explanations, we've got you covered at every stage of your journey. Dive in to our Knowledge Base!
Jumpstart - Zoho Creator Jumpstart is a paid program where you'll have a dedicated team of our experts build customized applications based on your requirements. Learn about the program.

Product Updates

We at Zoho Creator are passionate about two things: anything low code and delighting customers with innovative features. When passion meets purpose, it gives birth to vision. And our vision for Zoho Creator is documented in our Product Roadmap. In this page, updated biannually, we give out a glimpse into the exciting future we have planned for our product.  You can track the progress we're making towards this vision by visiting our Release Notes page that contains updates about new features, enhancements, improvements, bug fixes, and more.
We post monthly updates on our Community forum, giving you a peek into the set of features that can be expected for that particular month. Visit our Community.
We also have a Videos page which has extensive collection of interactive, immersive, and enjoyable video tutorials, designed to help you maximize your skills and master Zoho Creator.
Lastly, we have a Decode blog that aims to simplify complex concepts around application development for real-world problem solving.

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