Geolocation for Zoho Desk

Geolocation for Zoho Desk

Geolocation for Zoho Desk enables Admins to find the current location of Agents on Google Maps. It allows them to locate the agents and assign them tickets of those customers that are closest to them. Agents can minimize commute times by viewing the Route Map on their mobile to get directions to the customer's exact location.

For instance, in service and maintenance-related jobs, the geolocation extension can be used to track field agents or technicians. Using the navigation tool within the extension, the technicians can locate the customers and reach them in less time and provide optimal service to the customers. 

Perks of using Geolocation
  1. With tracking and sync over mobile and the web, you can be connected with your agents, regardless of location.
  2. The Route Map helps agents navigate to the customer's location, so they can provide faster and more efficient service.
  3. With Geolocation, you can enhance agent productivity, and provide a better customer service experience.

Installing Geolocation for Zoho Desk 

Users with an Administrative profile can install the extension from the Zoho Marketplace. During installation, you must set up the following details: 


General settings: You can select the departments for which the extension will be installed. This will allow only the concerned users from a particular department to use the extension. Also, you can provide access to the selected or all profiles. For example, you can provide Assistant Manager and Field Agents from the Services and Maintenance Department access to the extension so that they can manage ticket assignments quickly and effectively. Note, Admins can create new profiles anytime and provide access to those profiles when installing the Geolocation extension. See also, creating a profile in Desk.

Configuration: Once the extension is installed, the Configuration tab will be displayed. Here, you need to provide the API key generated from Google Maps. The Google Maps API is vital to enable the location-specific functionality that helps users visualize a geographic location. See also, API key generation for Google Maps

Preferences: Once configuration is complete, you need to enable the Auto-Refreshing option under Preferences to refresh the agent's geographical location automatically at specific time intervals on the web interface. You can set a time interval between 1-10 minutes. If the Auto-Refreshing option is not enabled, the admin has to manually refresh the web interface to see an agent's updated location.

Both in web and mobile interface you cannot track the real time location of an agent currently. The locations will be auto-refreshed only after a certain time interval. Currently you can auto-update the locations for every one minute at the least.

Points to Remember
  1. The Geolocation extension for Zoho Desk can only be installed by users with a Support Administrator profile in the Desk portal.
  2. Admins can decide to assign support tickets to the agents manually, even if an assignment or round-robin rule is defined. Enabling the Geolocation extension won't impact automation rules. For instance, if an agent has been assigned a ticket through automation, the admin can still assign another ticket to that agent manually. The admin can check the agent's available bandwidth in Topband before making the final decision.
  3. Admin's can only assign a support ticket to a single agent at a time with the Geolocation extension.
  4. Admin's can't assign a support ticket to a team when the Geolocation extension is enabled.

To install the Geolocation extension

  1. In the Zoho Desk portal, go to Setup.
  2. Select All under Marketplace.
  3. Search for and select the Geolocation for Zoho Desk extension.
  4. Click the General Settings tab, under Agent permissions.
  5. Choose the desired Departments and Profiles/Agents from the drop-down list. 

  6. Click Install.
    Once the extension gets installed, the Configuration tab will be displayed. In the next step, you will have to authorize your Desk account. 
  7. Click Authorize and accept the data access permission.

  8. Under the Configuration tab, enter your Google Maps API key.
    Note: If you don't have an existing Google Maps API key, you can generate a new key by referring to this API key generation for the Google Maps.

  9. Enable Auto Refreshing under the Preference tab, if required.
    Choose the desired time interval to refresh agents' location from the drop-down list, and click Save.

Tracking agents live location

Once the Geolocation extension is installed, you can track your agents' live location so they can be assigned support tickets from customers that are closest to their location. This can be done using the Radar app for the Zoho Desk mobile application. 


Agents must share their live location via the Radar app for you to be able to track their location within the Desk portal. Apart from location sharing, the Radar app provides agents with an overview of vital customer service stats, like Live Traffic, Channel Traffic, and Happiness Ratings. The app also helps agents to identify tickets that need urgent attention.


  1. iOS users can download the app using Radar for iOS.
  2. Android users can download the app using Radar for Android.


After installing the Radar application, your agents must sign in to the app using their Desk credentials. From there, they can activate Geolocation for the Zoho Desk extension in the Radar store to share their live location. Agents can choose to share their live location for 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 8 hours. They can also select the Until you turn this off option, if they don't want to set time limits for live location sharing.

To activate Geolocation for Zoho Desk in the Radar store

  1. In the Radar app, go to Setup.
  2. Under Configuration, click Radar Store.

  3. Toggle Geolocation for Zoho Desk under Extensions.

  4. Select Menu ( ) and click Geolocation for Zoho Desk.

  5. Click on the Share live location icon ( ) and toggle the Allow Live Tracking option.
    Note: You will be prompted to provide access to your live location at first instance. Click Allow to share your live location.

  6. Choose the Live location sharing time and click Share.

Navigating to the customer location

Once the agents' live location is detected, the admin can assign them support tickets of customers that are closest to their current location. The Radar app will display the customer's location and the route to the agents.

To navigate to the customer location

  1. In the Radar app, go to Menu ( ).
  2. Click Feeds and select an assigned support ticket.
  3. Navigate to the Geolocation for Zoho Desk tab.
    Agents can now reach the customer location by referring to the Route Map in the Radar app.

Tracking agents and assigning tickets

You can track agents and assign support tickets to the agents who are closest to the customer's location within the Desk portal itself. This can be done in the following ways,

  • Subtab
  • Topband
  • Radar app


You can quickly track and assign support tickets to agents within the ticket's detail view as a separate subtab on the web interface.

To track agents and assign tickets via subtab

  1. In the Zoho Desk portal, open the desired support ticket.
  2. On the Ticket Detail page, click the Geolocation for Zoho Desk subtab.

  3. Click Allow to provide access to your location.

  4. Click the Show Agent in this Radius field. 
    You can choose between 10-50 Km.
  5. Select the agent who is closest to the customer's location.

    You can see the Route Map between the ticket owner and the customer.

    You can see the agent's details, such as name, location, and distance from the customer on the agent's info card. Likewise, you can see the customer's name, location, ticket ID, and ticket subject on the customer's info card.


With the TopBand view on the web interface, you can apply filters for your agent's assigned and unassigned tickets and view the results on the map. This way, you can narrow down your support ticket search and view the plotted route on the map without navigating to the ticket's detail view every time.

To track agents and assign tickets via TopBand

  1. In your Zoho Desk account, click More () on the top module menu and select Geolocation for Zoho Desk.

  2. On the left menu, do the following:
    1. Agent Tickets: The Agent Tickets tab shows tickets that are assigned. It also shows the Route Map between the agent and the customer. You can filter the tickets using the agent name, ticket status, and the ticket received in period. You can view tickets that were assigned today, yesterday, or in the past 7 days.

    2. Agent Locations: The Agent Locations tab shows the agent's most recent location on a Google map based on the auto-refreshing time interval set during installation. For instance, if the auto-refreshing time interval is set to four minutes, then at every four-minute interval the agent's location will be updated on the map. You can select an agent's name from the Agent field and click Search Location from the left panel to view the agent's location on the map.
      Note: The agent must enable live tracking in their Radar app to display their current location. If this feature is not enabled, the last tracked location of the agent will be displayed on the map.

    3. Unassigned Tickets: The Unassigned Tickets tab can be used to view the tickets that are unassigned and located near a particular agent, within a selected radius. For example, in the image below, you can use the filter to find the unassigned tickets within a radius of 50 Km from John Smith. You can select the desired agent's name and the radius to view the unassigned tickets on a map.
      Note: You can set the agent's radius between 10-50 km. Once the filter is applied, you can view all unassigned tickets in the left panel and assign tickets to your selected agent.

Radar app

You can track, filter, and assign agents to support tickets via the Radar app. 

To track and assign agent using the Radar app

  1. In the Radar app, go to Menu ( ).
  2. Click Feeds and select the desired support ticket.
  3. Click the ticket assignment ( ) icon in the top-right corner to assign the ticket to the desired agent.
  4. Navigate to the Geolocation for Zoho Desk tab to track your agent's location.
    Note: Click the refresh icon ( ) to view your agent's most recent location on the map.

To filter agents in the Radar app

You can also track specific agents' locations with the Radar app by applying a filter.
  1. In the Radar app, go to Menu ( ).
  2. Select Geolocation for Zoho Desk.

  3. Click the filter ( ) icon to select the desired agents and click Done.
  4. Click Apply
    You can view the selected agents' locations on a map.

Disabling and uninstalling the extension

You can disable or uninstall the extension when needed. Please note, only Support Administrators can disable or uninstall the extension. Once the extension is uninstalled, all the stored data will be deleted permanently and can't be restored with re-installation.

To disable the Geolocation extension for Zoho Desk

  1. Go to Setup.
  2. Select All under Marketplace.
  3. Click Installed Extensions.
  4. Choose Geolocation for Zoho Desk from the list of extensions.
  5. Toggle the Disable option.
  6. Click Disable to confirm the selection.

To uninstall the Geolocation extension for Zoho Desk 

  1. Go to Setup.
  2. Select All under Marketplace.
  3. Click Installed Extensions.
  4. Choose Geolocation for Zoho Desk from the list of extensions.
  5. Click More ( ) in the top-right corner of the page and select Uninstall Extension.

  6. Click Confirm.

Privacy Note: 

  1. The Radar app uses the latitude and longitude tracked by the mobile devices to show the agents location. 
  2. The customer's current location is mapped based on the address details that are provided in their record in the Desk portal. The customer's location can also be identified via Zoho Desk's Contact Locator extension. Note, the customer's location cannot be tracked if you do not have a record of the customer's address. If this is the case, you can create a required custom field called, "Address" in the Contacts layout. See also, the Add custom fields help document.

Refer to this link to see the consolidated list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) for the Geolocation extension.

FAQs on Geolocation

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