Field Types | Advanced Fields - Zoho Forms

Advanced Fields

In your form builder, Advanced fields list certain complex fields that help you perform calculations, collect Payments, capture digital signatures, and more.
The fields listed in the table below are available under Advanced Fields .

The table column headers denote the following:
FIELD NAME: Specifies the name of the fields in Zoho Forms.
EXAMPLE: Gives an illustration of a real-time form.
DESCRIPTION: Defines each field and its properties.
VALIDATION: Conditions such as Mandatory, No Duplicates, Allow Negative Value, etc. can be applied to validate fields.

Payment field example
Accept online payments using our payment options. Enter the field label and choose the payment type.

Zoho CRM field
Zoho CRM field
Use this field to add new records, update existing records, or add records to related lists in Zoho CRM. Learn more


Formula field example
Perform calculations in your forms automatically using this field.
Subform field example

A Subform is a secondary form inside the main form. You can set limits to the number of entries here. Learn more

Matrix Choice
Matrix Choice field example

Get answers from multiple choices. Customize the rows and columns and choose Choice Type.
Supported Layout s: Radio, Checkbox, Dropdown, and Textbox

(You can mark specific questions and answers to be mandatory. Learn more
Image Choices

Image Choices field example
Introduce images as choices for your questions. Upload the images and specify the image label and value.
You can change the size of an image.

Image Choice example

Signature field example
Accept signature from users in digital form.

Terms and Conditions field example

Terms and Conditions field allows responders to abide by terms and conditions set by you.
Enter the terms and conditions under the  Terms  tab.
Frame the declaration statement under the  Declaration  tab.
The  Status of Consent  symbolizes the user's agreement or disagreement to the stated terms. Learn more


Matrix Choice

Matrix choice field can come in handy when you want to ask a series of questions with the same possible answers, such as in a Feedback Form.

Matrix Choice Use-case

To add a Matrix Choice field to your form,
  1. Drag and drop Matrix Choice field and you will see a pop-up where you can choose the choice type for the field. 
    1. If you choose Radio or Checkbox, you can later switch between these 2 types later on in the Properties of the Matrix Choice field under Choice Type.
    2. If you choose Textbox, the respondent can only enter text values as input.
    3. If you choose Number or Currency, the respondent can only enter numeric or decimal values as input.

      Choice type

  2. Click Done to add the field to your form.
  3. In the Properties of the field, you can mark specific questions and answers to be mandatory.
    By ticking the Mark All as Mandatory checkbox under Questions and Answers, you can make all questions and answers mandatory.
    Note :
    1. You can choose the  Answers to be mandatory only when you choose at least one Question to be mandatory.
    2. In the  Radio type Matrix Choice field, you can select only the Questions to be mandatory.
  4. If you have a long list of questions and answers, you can view the list using the links Show Questions and Show Answers respectively.

  5. You can import certain predefined answers or add your answers in bulk in separate lines or as comma separated values using the Import Predefined Answers link. This is useful when you have a long list of answers to type in. 
    You can replace the existing choices while importing the values using the Replace Answer Choices option.
  6. You can customize the width of the Questions column and each answer column by clicking Modify Column Width.
  7. If you have chosen the Choice Type of the Matrix Choice field to be Dropdown, you can preselect the initial values  to be displayed when the form loads for each answer in all the columns using the Set Initial Values option.

    Set Initial Values

    By setting the initial values, you can save users time and ensure that the most common choices or default options are already selected when they interact with the form.
  8. If you have chosen Number or Currency type, you can set the input properties specific to each column of the answers by clicking the settings icon next to each answer.

    Input Properties
For the Number type,

Number type input properties
  1. You can choose if you want the input to be in Numeric or Decimal values under Input Type.
  2. You can set the minimum and maximum values of input that the respondent can enter under Input Range.
  3. You can also provide a Unit  for all the answers of a column.
  4. You can select the Thousand Separator format from the dropdown.
  5. If you wish to apply these column properties to all answer columns in the field, select the Apply the above properties to all answers  checkbox.

    Matrix Choice - Number type in live form Matrix Choice - Number type in live form

For the Currency type,

Currency type input properties
  1. You can set the minimum and maximum values of currency that the respondent can enter under Input Range.
  2. You can select the unit of Currency for all the answers of a column. You can also choose if you want the unit to be displayed as a code or a symbol of currency.
  3. You can select the Thousand Separator format from the dropdown.
  4. You can choose how many decimals to round the currency values to under Rounded to.
  5. If you wish to apply these column properties to all answer columns in the field, select the Apply the above properties to all answers checkbox.

    Matrix Choice field - Currency type in live form Matrix Choice field - Currency type in live form

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