Co-work in Notebook

Co-work in Notebook

You can safely and securely share your note cards with your friends and coworkers in Notebook. Start coworking using Notebook.


Please note that you can only share a note card with registered Notebook users.

Share note cards

To share your note cards with your friends, please follow these steps.
  1. Open a note.

  2. Select the Add User icon placed on the action toolbar.

  3. Select Add Members.

  4. Enter the email addresses of the users you want to share the note card with and press enter. You can also choose the user from the suggestion list from Zoho Contacts.

  5. Select Share.

  6. Choose the Edit access level to enable to editing for the shared user.

An email will be sent to the shared users with a link to open the note.

View shared note cards


To view all the notes shared with you:

  1. Open the Notebook app.

  2. Select Shared with me to view all notes shared with you.

  3. Open a note card and tap on the user icon to see who shared the note card with you.

When you search for a note, the search results in Notebook will also include notes shared with you.

Unshare a note card


You can unshare note cards that have been shared with you.


To unshare a note card:

  1. Open the Notebook app.

  2. Select Shared with me to view all notes shared with you.

  3. Open the note you'd like to unshare.

  4. Select Menu, then select Unshare. On the iOS and Android app, you can swipe the note card and tap Delete.

Remove users from a shared note card

To remove users from the note card you’ve shared with others:

  1. Open the note you'd like to remove users from.

  2. Select Add User.

  3. Select Delete from the user you would like to remove. 

Share notes with your Organization


If you are a part of an organization, you can now share your notes with all users in the organization at once. Simply select Share with Organization to share your note with everyone, rather than manually sharing with each individual. Users in your organization will be able to see the note using the note URL. If you open a note shared using the URL, it will appear under Shared with me.

Block users from sharing note cards.

You can block users in Notebook so they can’t share note cards with you.


To block a user from sharing note cards:

  1. Open the shared note from that user.

  2. Select the user icon, then select Block Contact


  • You can share a note with up to 50 users

  • You can share up to 50 notes with your organization

  • You can share up to 500 notes privately

  • You can receive a maximum of 250 notes

When you share a note card with edit access across multiple users, only one user can edit a note at a time. When the user who is editing the note at present is idle for 15 minutes, the edit lock will be removed automatically, and others will now be able to edit the note card.

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