Global Settings for Zoho SalesIQ

How to manage SalesIQ global settings?

Global settings give you overall control over your SalesIQ portal. You can change various settings that determine the functionality of your SalesIQ portal. Changes made in the portal settings apply to all the operators irrespective of their departments. 

Operator Interface settings

In this, you can configure various elements of the operator chat window. 

  • Navigate to Settings > Global Settings > Operator Interface.
  • Click the toggle switch to enable a particular setting.
  1. Audio Call  - Turning this on will enable the audio call feature in your SalesIQ portal. Once enabled, Operators will be able to assist the visitors through audio calls. 
  2. Voice notes - Let operator send voice notes to the visitor.
  3. Share files - This option allows operators to share files with the visitors and assist them using various resources like images, pdf, documents, etc.
  4. SalesIQ screen sharing  - This feature enables the operators to share their screens with visitors to assist them. 
  5. Email visitor information - Enabling this would allow your operator to share visitor information like region, browser details, IP address, etc.
  6. Google Translation - Use real-time language detection and translation by enabling this feature. This feature provides you two options. 
    1. Automated - Automatically detect and translate a foreign language.
    2. Manual - This lets you translate any language on demand.
    3. Off - Turn off language detection and translation. If this feature is enabled, the operator will not be able to translate any language.
    4. Note: The languages will be translated to the operators' language by default.
  7. Choose the chat channel for internal communication:  The channel to communicate with your internal team. After choosing, please reload the page to reflect changes. 
    1. Zoho Cliq
    2. SalesIQ - Internal chat
  8. Remote Access : If you have integrated with Zoho Assist, you can enable the option here to allow your operators to share their screen to assist the visitors. 
  9. Profile Enrichment: Add more information about the visitor's company in the operator chat window, company and contacts modules. 

  10. Smart suggestions - Smart suggestions are reply recommendations that are auto-generated using the resource section. It helps the operators by suggesting suitable responses while conversing with the visitors. Learn More
  11. Preview visitor message - This feature enables you to preview the visitor's message as they are typing it. Enabling you to anticipate their questions and gives you more time to prepare your responses.

Operator chat window

Visitor Interface settings

In this, you can configure various elements of the visitor chat window. 
  • Operator typing status:  You can notify visitor that the operator is drafting a response by displaying a typing status in the visitor chat window by turning on this option. 
  • Share chat transcript with visitors :
    • None  - The chat transcript will not be shared with the operators once the conversation ends. 
    • Automated - The chat transcript will be automatically shared with the operators once the conversation ends. 
    • Manual - The chat transcript has to be shared manually by the operator. 
    • Both - The chat transcript can be shared both automatically and manually by operator on demand. 

On visitor chat window

 Global email configurations

Moderate the emails sent from the SalesIQ portal using the portal email configuration settings. 
  1. Control visibility of email templates  - You can choose who can access the templates stored in your portal.
    1. Organization : All the operators of the organization can access the email templates.
    2. Department : Only the specified departments can access the email templates 
    3. Operator : Only the operators who create the templates can access them.
  2. From email address - You can set default  from address  for all the emails sent from your SalesIQ portal. 
    1. Operator -  Use the Operators' email as the From email address.
    2. Company -  Use company mail address when sending emails from the portal.
    3. Both -  Let operators pick between operators or company email address.
Once configured, you will be prompted to enter the company email and name. You will be sent a confirmation message to the given email to validate the Mail ID. 
  1. E-mail Copier  - Add email addresses to send a copy of all the SalesIQ portal emails.
  2. Daily Statistics  – Opt-in to receive daily report statistics of visitors and operators' performance. Once enabled, enter the email addresses you want to share the stats.
  3. Weekly Report  - If enabled, the provided emails will receive the website visitors' stats report every week. 
  4. Send a notification email when operators block IP addresses  - Receive an e-mail alert when an operator blocks an IP address from initiating live chats.
  5. Visitor Feedback  – If enabled, the provided emails will receive the website visitors' feedbacks.
  6. Chat Transcript  - Distribute complete transcripts of your live chats to a specified e-mail address when each chat session is completed.
  7. Missed Visitor Notifications  – If enabled, the provided emails will receive an alert when a visitor's chat requested is unanswered.

Operator availability configurations

Configure the basic availability settings and chat activity settings of the operator.

  1. Set idle operator as offline  - By enabling this option, you can treat idle operators as offline to avoid missing chats.
  2. Set operator idle time  - When the previous ' Set idle operator as offline ' is enabled, the operator's status will become offline if an operator is inactive for more than the defined period in the slider.
  3. Operator concurrent chat limit  - You can set the number of chats the operator can have simultaneously. On reaching the limit, the status of the operator will be converted to Engaged. Note: This settings is applied to all the operators in the portal and can be overridden by the concurrent chat limit set to individual operators in the operator settings page .

Operator dashboard view

Click on the availability toggle button to change your status back to 'Available'

Privacy configurations

How to enable GDPR for the portal? 

  • Navigate to Settings > Global Settings > Privacy, scroll down to General Data Protection Regulation, and turn on the switch to enable the GDPR for your portal.
  • You can choose to keep the data privacy configurations as per your wish, and we have given the following options for you: 
    • General Data protection regulation
    • Protect sensitive data during exportation.
    • Mask visitor's IP addresses.


The settings here are for the entire portal. These configurations reflect in the Mobile SDK as well. For the GDPR to work on your website:

  • First, you should enable in the portal settings
  • Then, Navigate to  Settings > Brand > Choose a Brand > Configuration > Privacy,  and enable Display GDPR consent banner on your website
Without any configurations, we also protect the visitor data by:
  • Notifying the visitor when the operator uses the Google Translation to translate the chat.
  • Double opt-in option, to confirm that the visitor sends the chat transcript to the right email address.

Protect Sensitive data during exportation 

  • You can protect your valuable data in Zoho SalesIQ with a password while exporting the files. You can prompt the operator to set a password while exporting Zoho SalesIQ data via emails, chat history, visitor history, etc.,  
  • You can also opt-out of this option by choosing the  Do not protect Zoho SalesIQ data with a password
Here is the example of password protection while exporting the file. 

Notify the visitors that your site uses cookies

You can notify visitors when they visit your website that the site will use the cookies for future reference. This notification will be displayed on the website pages, and you can also link your privacy policy document to the message for a clear picture and make your customer aware of the cookie storage. 

  • Do not notify  - You can check this option if you do not wish to inform the visitor about the cookies.
  • Notify visitors  - Check this option if you want to notify the visitor on your website about the cookies.
  • Notify visitors and provide them with a chance to opt-out if required  - Check this option if you wish to notify the visitor and offer an opt-out option from storing the cookies on your website.


  • Remember to  enable the GDPR for the website  in the  Settings > Brand > Choose a Brand > Configuration > Privacy,  and enable Display GDPR consent banner on your website.

Notify the terms and conditions document to the visitors before they initiate a chat

  • You can also notify the visitor's consent before they initiate a chat. You should attach your privacy policy document and get the permission if you wish to use any of the visitor info that you get in the chat window, elsewhere. 
  • If you do not wish to get consent, you can opt-out of this option by checking  No, I don't wish to notify .
  • If you choose Yes, I wish to notify, then the consent appears on your website's chat window as follows.

Mask your visitor IP addresses

If you wish to protect the IP addresses of the website visitors, you can enable this option. This helps you to preserve the visitor IP addresses from abuse. We display Visitor IP in various parts of Zoho SalesIQ, so the last few digits of the IP will be masked while displayed in common places.

Visitor Tracking configurations

  1. Set the visitor inactive time limit -  Define the time limit after which the user will be considered as left, and will not be shown in the tracking screen. 
  2. Choose a maximum lifetime for the cookies -  Specify the time period to store SalesIQ cookies in the visitor's browser. Once the specified time is crossed the cookie will be deleted automatically. 

Note : Cookies help identify the visitors when they visitor your website again even if they haven't provided any contact information. Once the cookie is removed the visitor will be treated as new visitor and a new unique ID will be assigned to them. 

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