What is Zoho Show for Confluence and its benefits?

Introduction: Zoho Show for Confluence

What is Zoho Show for Confluence? 
Zoho Show is an online presentation software that lets users create, edit, share, collaborate, and deliver presentations from anywhere. 
Confluence is a powerful collaboration tool that gives teams the power to create, organize, and publish meeting notes, project plans, or other product requirements within its spaces and pages. Your ‌team members can also comment on and edit page content.  
Using Zoho Show and Confluence together enables you to create, edit, and work on presentations with your team simultaneously, right from within Confluence's ecosystem. The Show add-on is tightly integrated with Confluence to design and publish your visually attractive statistical graphs, status reports, and infographics quickly and seamlessly.

Key features and benefits of using the Zoho Show add-on within Confluence:
  1. A single & complete presentation authoring tool for all your needs
    From pitching business ideas and giving product demos, to analysing sales performances, the Zoho Show add-on enables you to plan, create, design, and organize every chunk of information with clutter-free presentations, right within the Confluence ecosystem. With Show's contextual UI, you can design and format every individual slide elements to create the best-looking slide decks within your wiki pages or blog posts.

  2. ‌A centralized space for teams to work and collaborate in realtime 
    Whether it's a weekly sales report to share with your boss, or a product schema requested by clients, the Zoho Show add-on gives you a central platform to work simultaneously on slide decks with your team. With real time collaboration, teammates can quickly create, edit, and exchange feedback on slides, with your content always in sync with the product. 

  1. More advanced tools to visualize any type of data.
    From drawing custom shapes and adding image filters, to customizing individual elements of a chart, the Zoho Show add-on for Confluence lets your team to break up lengthy contents into visually engaging presentations in minutes. The online presentation software also offers an intuitive user interface, with an extensive set of formatting options for every slide object to help capture and collaborate on ideas effectively. 

  2. Robust commenting system to brainstorm and discuss new ideas/updates.
    Use inline comments to instantly inform either your team members or clients about all new issues, solutions and any major or minor workflow updates. The Show add-on for Confluence lets you add, edit, and reply to comments on any slide element to quickly share opinions and facilitate discussions around them. It also allows users to attach images to better convey suggestions.

  3. Publish and deliver ideas to a worldwide audience.
    You don't have to transfer or send out bulk documentations through emails. Simply click Publish within the Confluence page to showcase your well-crafted slide decks either to internal peers or external stakeholders on the web. Before publishing, you can choose from various templates, organize page content, and format style in Confluence to get that final polished look. All your published Zoho Show slides can be edited at  any time. 

  4. No need to install or sign up for multiple accounts
    The Show add-on for Confluence works hand-in-hand with your Confluence’s authentication and authorization protocols, enabling users to manage all their content or data using a single Atlassian account. Just log in to Confluence to install the Show add-on and start creating compelling presentations right away. This further negates the need to toggle between multiple applications or upload files from any external ecosystem.

  5. Save your team's storage space
    Your teams don't need to worry about the size of files anymore. Transform your long form contents into well-structure slides using charts, tables, pictures, animations, and more. Later embed them inside wiki, blog, or knowledge base pages in Confluence. All edits made on slide decks will be saved as new revisions, and can be viewed without the need to download your files every time. 

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