WorkDrive TrueSync app - Release Notes

WorkDrive TrueSync - Release Notes

Supported OS versions:
For Windows: Windows 7 & above
For Mac: OS X 10.14 and above

Version 3.5.32 [May 2022]
  1. Optimization for faster file uploads
  2. Bug fixes and enhancements

Version 3.5.29 [April 2022]
  1. Bug fixes and enhancements

Version 3.5.28 [March 2022]
  1. Support for enabling or disabling confirmation messages for file or folder delete actions
  2. Bug fixes and enhancements

Version 3.5.26 [February 2022]
  1. Bug fixes and enhancements

Version 3.5.25 [February 2022]
  1. Bug fixes and enhancements

Version 3.5.24 [January 2022]
    1. Bug fixes and enhancements


    Version 3.5.22 [December 2021]
    1. Support for Search in TrueSync. You can search for files and folders from within the TrueSync tray icon menu. From the search results, you can double-click on a file or folder to open or go to the folder location in your system.

    Version 3.5.21 [December 2021]
    1. Bug fixes and enhancements

    Version 3.5.19 [October 2021]
    1. Support for macOS Monterey (version 12.0.1) in machines running Apple silicon or Intel processors
    2. Bug fixes and enhancements

    Version 3.5.16 [October 2021]
    1. Support for Japan datacenter. Japan users can now sign in with their (.jp) domain email address and use the TrueSync app.
    2. Bug fixes and enhancements

    Version 3.5.14 [September 2021]
    1. Support for syncing multiple WorkDrive accounts to a computer in Mac OS
    2. Bug fixes and enhancements

    Version 3.5.12 [September 2021]
    1. Bug fixes and enhancements

    Version 3.5.8 [September 2021]
    1. Support for changing cache location in Windows
    2. Support for migrating individual plan account users to Team

    Version 3.5.6 [August 2021] (for Windows only)
    1. Support for syncing multiple WorkDrive accounts to a computer

    Version 3.5.0 [July 2021] (for Mac only)
    1. Support for auto-upgrading the TrueSync app to the latest version

    Version 3.4.2 [July 2021]
    1. Users can now access the TrueSync virtual drive shared in the network. Any changes made by other users in the shared virtual drive will sync with the web app, and vice-versa.
    2. Bug fixes and enhancements

    Version 3.4.1 [July 2021] (for Windows only)
    1. Support for creating external share links from the context menu in File Explorer
    2. Users can now access the virtual drive even if the computer's internet connection is down, provided the virtual drive must have been mounted correctly and the file listing synced to your computer previously.
    3. Bug fixes and enhancements

    Version 3.4.0 [June 2021] (for Windows only)
    1. Support for auto-upgrading the TrueSync app to the latest version

    Version 3.3.33 [June 2021]
    1. Bug fixes and enhancements

    Version 3.3.31 [May 2021]
    1. Bug fixes and enhancements

    Version 3.3.29 [May 2021]
    1.      Improved usability for "File Preview" in Mac OS
    2.      Sync component updates in Mac OS

    Version 3.3.28 [April 2021]
    1. Resolved the edit and sync problem in specific editor tools in Windows OS

    Version 3.3.26  [April 2021]
    1. Enhanced speed in accessing the TrueSync folder in Mac OS
    2. Speed optimized for copying large files within the TrueSync application in Mac OS
    3. Fixed the issue in moving files to the Sync folder from your system via the contextual file menu "Move file to WorkDrive" in Windows OS

    Version 3.3.24 [April 2021]
    1. TrueSync mounted drive of one user will no longer be visible to other users of the same system for Windows OS.

    Version 3.3.17 [March 2021]
    1. When multiple folders have the same name due to the removal of periods (.), we will rename the folders as name_1, name_2, etc.
    2. Issue in upload progress fixed when more than 100 files fail to upload

    Version 3.3.15 [February 2021]
    1. Preference added to change the drive in Windows
    2. Zoho office suite files in the desktop can no longer be moved to the sync folder via contextual menu
    3. Installing an older app version over the latest version restricted
    4. Issue in deleting 0 KB files fixed

    Version 3.3.13 [January 2021]
    1. Remote wipe and disconnect supported
    2. Supported sync for files added in Projects via the Projects-WorkDrive integration
    3. Proper tray icon status messages added for background actions
    4. Added support for sharing the virtual drive in the network


    Version 3.3.9 [December 2020]
    1. Updated app's digital signature
    2. Bug fixes and enhancements

    Version 3.3.8 [December 2020]
    Fixed the issue in deleting native files after they have been moved to different locations in the web.

    Version 3.3.2 [November 2020]
    Fixed app crash in the Mac Big Sur beta OS

    Version 3.2.17 [September 2020]
    1. Added feedback page after uninstallation
    2. Issues in standard user accounts in Mac OS fixed
    3. Issues in displaying overlay icons fixed in Mac OS
    4. Native file (Writer, Sheet, and Show) opening issue fixed
    5. TrueSync will now work in beta Mac OS 11 (Big Sur)

    Version 3.2.9 [August 2020]
    1. Issue in handling temporary files in the system fixed
    2. Operations over Zoho native files (Writer, Sheet, and Show) restricted
    3. Notifications added for new folders in My Folders, Team Folders, and Share with Me
    4. Showing corrupt error message for PDF files fixed 
    5. Move Team Folder action restricted

    Version 3.2.6 [July 2020]
    1. Added file search in Mac OS
    2. Added TrueSync volume in Finder Sidebar (Mac OS)
    3. Folder icon fixed for Viewer and Shared with Me folder
    4. Fixed disk unmount message while un-linking the device

    Version 3.2.4 [July 2020]
    1. Fixed app from crashing when users drag and drop files
    2. Added disk unmount warning before users quit the app
    3. Issue in "Move to WorkDrive" from the context menu fixed

    Version 3.2.1 [June 2020]
    1. Prevented older version from installing in PKG installer
    2. Added soft-kill on PKG installer
    3. Installer will now check if the app is running before installation
    4. Added background image in installer
    5. Updated status icons in Mac OS 

    Version 3.2.0 [June 2020]
    TrueSync for Mac OS Release [Beta]

    Version 3.1.15 [May 2020]
    1. Conflict cases handled for native files (Writer, Sheet, and Show)
    2. Fix for move action failures when previous parent folder is deleted
    3. Added TrueSync MSI update installer texts

    Version 3.1.10 [April 2020]
    1. MS Office files getting renamed to Temp file after editing got fixed
    2. Support for Shared with Me syncing
    3. When the internet connection is down, upload will be paused, and once the internet connection is regained, upload retry will happen automatically

    Version 3.1.6 [March 2020]
    File Conflict has been handled when two files have the same name

    Version 3.1.4 [January 2020]
    1. Fixed upload issue when previous upload failed
    2. Handled a case to restrict files being added inside the root folder
    3. Added a Tool tip handler
    4. "Move to WorkDrive" context menu fixed


    Version 3.1.1 [December 2019]
    1. Fixed the delay in app initializing process
    2. MSI installer

    Version 3.0.9 [December 2019]
    1. Fixed the issue in showing the "Syncing" state during file modifications
    2. Warning message added when there is no space to make files offline
    3. Login for other datacenters in the new UI

    Version 3.0.7 [November 2019]
    1. System notification will be shown when free space is below 1 GB
    2. Virtual Drive "Z:" not loading on restart handled with automatic retry actions to fix mounting failures
    3. Fixed the issue in accessing docx files inside the virtual drive explorer
    4. Fixed status icons for offline Team Folders
    5. Fixed the issue in displaying the file modified date correctly in the recent files UI
    6. Optimized performance for multiple folder creation and other events in explorer
    7. Thumbnail handler for windows OS

    Version 3.0.6 [November 2019]
    1. Fixed issues in editing files with MS Office
    2. Fixed issues in agent polling to sync events immediately
    3. Fixed the issue of the "desktop ini" file not getting deleted when present in other directories

    Version 3.0.5 [October 2019]
    1. In the desktop, when there are un-synced files in a folder, and the folder is deleted from the web app, we will recreate the folder structure and upload the un-synced files to prevent data loss.
    2. In the desktop, when there are un-synced files in a team folder, and the team folder is deleted from the web app, we will upload the un-synced files to My Folders to prevent data loss.

    Please feel free to contact our support team at for any queries.
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