Agent Profile, Name Format and Signature

            Each agent in Zoho Desk will have a profile with some basic information about them. You can enter information like the name, contact email, picture, bio, and the like. The individual agents or the administrator can set these up in your helpdesk.

            Here is the profile information that can be set up by agents:
            1. Name: Enter your First Name and the Last Name. Your last name will be used in all of your communication with your customers and across the helpdesk.
            2. Photo: Upload your picture to be displayed on your tickets, chat interface, forums and other customer touch points.
            3. Email: This is the primary email address of your account. It is pre-filled with that of your Zoho account. Also, it is to this email address that you will receive all of your notifications from Zoho Desk.
            4. Roles & Permissions: This defines your function and the related permissions that are set by your administrator.
            5. Department: This is the unit to which you belong to in your organization. You will be associated with at least one department to answer support tickets.
            6. Channel Expert: If you have expertise in one or more of the channels, specify the same. You can choose from: Email, Facebook, Forums, Phone, Web, Chat, Feedback Widget and Twitter. Choosing your expertise will help your administrators to assign relevant tickets. Also, customers can approach you when they seek help.
            7. Bio: Enter a short biography of your experience, expertise, or anything that you think is worth sharing with your customers. Your bio will be visible in channels like Chat, Community Forums, etc.
            8. Phone & Mobile: Specify your contact number. You can add both your desk phone and cell phone. Also, leave your extension if you have one.
            9. Language: Select the language that your would like to view your help desk. The language you choose is specific to your account.
            10. Country: Specify the country you work in. Based on the country locale, you can mention the language for your account.
            11. Time Zone: Specify your local time zone. The specified time zone will be used to time stamp the tickets in Zoho Desk. This time zone is specific to your account.

            Updating Profile Information
            You can update your Profile Information under Setup, in Zoho Desk. 
            To set your profile:
            1. Click the Setup icon (  ) in the top pane.
            2. Click My Information under the Customize menu. 
            3. Update your Profile on the Agent Information page.
            4. Click Save

            Uploading Picture
            You can upload your picture on the profile information page. 
            To upload your picture: 
            1. Click the Upload icon (  ) on the profile page. 
            2. Select an image to be uploaded.
            Please keep in mind that your picture must not exceed 500 KB and should be in one of the following formats: JPG, PNG, GIF or JPEG

            You can click Delete if you would like to remove your profile picture. 

            Name Format
            You can change the name format as per naming conventions used in your country. For example, in the USA the name format is generally <First Name> <Last Name> whereas in Japan the format is <Last Name> <First Name>.
            To change name format:
            1. Click the Setup icon (  ) in the top pane.
            2. Click My Information under the Customize menu.
            3. Click Name Format under the My Information sub-menu.
            4. Drag and drop the First Name and Last Name to change the order.
            5. Click Save

            Using Signature
            You can embed a signature in the body of the message while sending emails to your customers. Signatures can be customized as per your requirements.
            To use the signature feature:
            1. Click the Setup icon (  ) in the top pane.
            2. Click My Information under the Customize menu.
            3. Click Signature under the My Information sub-menu.
            4. Specify the signature in the HTML editor.
              To use the signature in emails, you need to enable the Active check box at the bottom of the editor.
            5. Click Save.

            If you would like to add a logo in the signature, click  within the editor, to select an image and insert. 
            Updated: 14 Nov 2016 05:18 AM
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