Announcement! Early 2023 Release | Zoho CRM & You–Go Further Together

Announcement! Early 2023 Release | Zoho CRM & You–Go Further Together

Greetings from the Zoho CRM team!
Zoho CRM is evolving at an unprecedented rate– new features and enhancements are constantly being added that elevate its capabilities and help businesses make the most of the tool as well as the information they have, to build meaningful customer relationships and drive revenue.
We realize that these are some unprecedented times, and that businesses need to be efficient with the resources they have and come up with strategies that help them stay resilient in the long run. As such, many of the features we've added are designed to expand on the capabilities of various existing features, improve upon their current functionality and even add new layers of capabilities to Zoho CRM that lets customers make their sales processes more connected, get better insights that impact their decisions and build strategies that drive sustained growth.
You can read more about these features in the following two places:

The features are classified broadly into a few categories:
  1. Sales Enablement
  2. Analytics and Performance Management
  3. Predictive Intelligence
  4. Sales Operations

1. Sales Enablement 

These features are designed to fit seamlessly into the daily processes of the end-user and improve their overall experience by bringing in a high level of effectiveness, better quality of life and personalization in their day-to-day activities. Some key updates are:
  • Threaded views in Emails - Gone are the days when you viewed your email communications in an individual and disjointed manner. Threaded views connect the entire email conversation in a single window, giving you the complete picture of your exchange with the customer.
  • New fields in Zoho CRM - Custom fields can help businesses accomplish a lot, but nothing beats a natively supported field. We've now added deal lookup fields for Invoices, user lookup fields in subforms and rollup summary fields for CRM records.
  • Native SMS functionality - Zoho CRM now supports sending transactional SMS from right inside the product. From managing templates, getting them approved and automating the sending of messages, everything can be managed right inside the product.
Note - The SMS functionality is currently supported in India only and will be opened in phases. We're working hard to ensure support for other countries and updates will be shared in the future.

2. Analytics and Performance management 

To help businesses understand the state of the sales operations and pull meaningful insights from the data generated by their business, we have a few exciting additions.
  • Forecast Archiving - Access to historical performance data can give you insights into the good and bad side of your sales process. You can now archive up to 5 years of forecasting data, readily accessible for whenever you need to analyze them.
  • URL bases analytics for Webforms - How do you analyze the performance of  a CRM webform hosted across different pages of your site? With the new URL based analytics, of course, which segregates all the performance data of your webforms across the different URLs they are hosted on.

3. Predictive Intelligence 

The great thing about technology is that it can be used to make sense and even pull actionable insights out of the immense amounts of data that businesses generate on a day-to-day basis. Let's see how all the new tools that Zia has at hand to make magic with your data.
  • Zia Presentation - Get consolidated reports on your business' most relevant metrics every month. Once configured, Zia will analyze and compose key metrics in a ready to digest presentation.
  • Analytics for Zia - Understand how certain Zia functionalities are being used across your organization and their impact on your sales process. You can now get detailed analytics for Recommendations, Data Enrichment and Best time to contact.
  • Call Transcription and Intelligence - For every call you make, Zia will now automatically transcribe the call if a recording is available. You get additional information like the intent, sentiment, emotion, and summary of the call as well.

4. Sales operations 

We wanted to make the lives of CRM administrators a little easy when it comes to customizing and maintaining an organization's Zoho CRM account. We've introduced a massive quality of life feature and expanded on the capabilities of our existing Sandbox feature.
  • An expanding Sandbox - The Zoho CRM sandbox is growing at a rapid pace with the introduction of the multiple sandbox functionality from last year. Now we're expanding what you can test in the sandbox environment by supporting Client Scripts, Static Resources, Trusted Domains and Map dependency.
  • Admin Tools - CRM administrators now have a central location to manage and delete templates, workflows, views, and reports in bulk, that are no longer used or bloating up the system.
  • Record Locking - If you wish to preserve the state of a record once it reaches a specific point in your sales process, you can now automatically or manually lock the record, preventing any changes from being made by any user in your org barring a few exceptions.
We hope you find these features useful and are excited to implement them into your daily processes. We have a lot more amazing updates coming this year–stay tuned!

For any queries, please write to and we'll be happy to help you out.

But for now, happy selling from the entire Zoho CRM team.

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