Cookies used on sites hosted by Zoho

Cookies used on sites hosted by Zoho

Hi there

I'm in the process of writing a cookie policy as required by EU/UK Law.

As far as I can tell, these are the cookies that appear on my Zoho hosted site:

JSESSIONID - which I understand to be a session tracking cookie.  Please can you advise what kind of information this cookie collects?  Is it persistent or does it expire/remove itself when the browser is closed?

csrfs - I know that this is used to prevent cross-site request forgery attacks, so this one should be OK.

zccpn - This one I can't find any information about, apart from the fact that it appears to be Zoho specific.  Please could you provide some information about this?  What is it, what info does it collect, is it persistent etc?

There are also a couple of other cookies which just have a random set of numbers/letters as their name - again, please could you provide some more detail on what these are?

I need to know as I would like to (actually, am required by law to) provide details to users about what cookies my site uses and what they are used for.

I appreciate any information you could give - thanks! 
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