Editor problem: Normal = p-tags, but default is no tags?

Editor problem: Normal = p-tags, but default is no tags?

Now that the editor Style combobox is working nicely, I've noticed that the "Normal" styling doesn't behave as expected. 

My expectation is that on starting a new page, or after hitting return after a heading, the editor should default to Normal style, and enter text within p paragraph tags.

However, it does not.  Instead, the editor seems to default to entering  text not wrapped in any tag, so just raw text inside the overall enclosing body#zwIframeBody (or span#contentArea in the normal page view).  

When you hit Return, the editor inserts a br tag, instead of closing and opening a paragraph tag.

You can select the sections of raw text and use the style combo box to apply Normal, and this does apply the p tags. 

I hope this is not the intended mode of operation, because it's very useful to have paragraphs of text enclosed in p tags.

I think this may be a new issue, as I looked on older pages, and they don't seem to have raw text in them, and do have p tags, and so far as I remember, I did not explicitly apply Normal style to them.

Paralleling these symptoms, when you place the cursor in a heading, the style combo box changes to reflect the style of the heading. When you then place the cursor in an area of body text, the style combo box doesn't change (still reads "Heading 2" or whatever), presumably because the body text has no style. (Unless you've explicitly styled it with Normal).

Firefox 41.0.1 and Chrome 45 on Windows 7-64.

[Later...] Isolating this a bit more, I see that if I start a new doc by typing something in, selecting all, and setting Normal, the the editor continues in proper Normal mode as I hit return for new paragraphs, or hit return after a heading.  So that suggests that editor startup for new pages is one culprit.

However, it also seems to get into "no style" mode again when, for example I insert a table, or various paste scenarios.

My issue tracking id: GWZ1020

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