New in Writer: Now customize your output options after form submission!

New in Writer: Now customize your output options after form submission!

Hi everyone! 
Today, we want to introduce a few enhancements to form submissions that many you have been asking for. 
Writer's integration with Zoho Forms allows respondents to get a PDF copy of documents they've requested for by just filling in a form. Along with eliminating the tedious process of waiting in line to get your documents, we also wanted to make the experience more personal.
Here's everything we did to make this whole process more interactive:

1. Redirect your respondents after form submission 

Whether you've just finished merging your document or you've already published it, you can now set a redirection URL to confirm with your respondents whether their data has been successfully captured or not. 
This way, after your respondents fill in a form and click the submit button, they won't need to wonder if their information has been successfully submitted or their screen has just frozen.

2. Tailor your success message 

You don't want to use a course completion message for a contract survey and vice versa. Every form and survey is different, so you need the option to customize a message accordingly.
With Writer, you can now customize your success message to fit the nature of your survey. 

3. Customize your download option 

As a form creator, you can now add further information and customize your download button to give your visitors a more personal experience.
This way, your respondents will always be completely aware of the documents they are about to download.

That's all for now. Let us know what you think of these updates in the comments below.

 Happy writing, and most importantly, stay home and stay safe!

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