What's new on Zoho Marketplace for August 2021

What's new on Zoho Marketplace for August 2021

Zoho Marketplace offers 1000+ extensions to help connect and enhance your Zoho products. Here's a list of the extensions released in August 2021:

MicroHost Cloud Telephony for Zoho (For Zoho CRM, Desk, Recruit and Bigin) 
MicroHost Cloud Telephony for Zoho integrates a Cloud PBX into Zoho so you can monitor call recordings and see who is calling, as well as make calls from your Zoho account. Get pop-ups for inbound and outbound calls, access call recording within Zoho, and more.

Use the Twilio SMS extension to message your Zoho CRM leads, contacts, accounts, and deals. Automatically load contact data into Twilio's Send SMS form and enable Twilio SMS communication without leaving Zoho CRM.

Streamline your accounts and sync customer data between Zoho CRM and QuickBooks. Sync data to and from the CRM Customers and Inventory modules. Keep your CRM and accounting software updated with real-time information.

No more switching back and forth to view invoice details. The QuickBooks Online Extension for Zoho CRM allows sales agents to access customer invoice details from QuickBooks Online and view it for the corresponding contact inside the Zoho CRM Contacts module. 

Turn Excel spreadsheets with any calculations into web applications and integrate them into Zoho CRM with a click. Use data from Zoho CRM to trigger spreadsheet calculations, populate custom fields in Zoho with calculated results, and more. 

Send personalized and bulk SMS to your leads and contacts directly from Zoho CRM. Create SMS templates, add signatures, and track their approval status, all from Zoho CRM. View the history of all the SMS messages sent in a custom module and in the related list for each lead and contact record.

Reward employees instantly with Spin the Wheel for Zoho CRM. Boost employee morale by adding fun and excitement to your work environment. Increase compliance by rewarding employees for completing desired tasks and more.

Save time spent making calls and qualifying leads: SalesCoaching for Zoho CRM makes it easier to qualify better leads. Automate the process of calling using Twilio and automatically update the sentiment, lead score, and lead stage using machine learning and AI.

Work more efficiently with the Ezeetel telephony integration for Zoho CRM. Help teams streamline their work with intuitive tools such as screen pops for incoming and outgoing calls, click-to-dial feature, and call logging.

Save contact details for potential leads and customers using CF7 forms and send them over to Zoho CRM. Associate contact form submissions with an existing account or create a new account. Add notes and tags to CF7 entries from Zoho CRM and more.

Verify phone numbers within Zoho CRM. Define and set the country field automatically by the phone number. With Phone Verifier's intuitive UI representation, you can validate phone numbers in a single click.

Send bulk SMS messages to leads, contacts, accounts, and deals in Zoho CRM. Create SMS templates with available field tags from the Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and Deals modules in Zoho CRM and more. 

The CNPJ and CPF query application allows you to enrich your data in the Zoho CRM Leads and Accounts modules, with data obtained from the Department of Federal Revenue of Brazil. Pull all the information available at the Department of Federal Revenue of Brazil right into Zoho CRM.

Send LinkedIn contacts to Zoho CRM in real time and supercharge your LinkedIn prospecting. Map fields like name, email address, phone number, and organization to automatically create new leads in Zoho CRM. Convert the leads into Zoho CRM contacts or use them in Zoho Campaigns.

Synchronize files and folders between your Zoho CRM and Google Drive accounts. Browse, add, delete, and modify files and folders in Zoho CRM records, choose the desired location for the Leads and Deals modules, and sync them to the integrated Google Drive account.

The Bpost addess lookup extension for Zoho CRM provides you with a pop-up window for immediate entry of a valid postal address in Belgium. It understands that addresses in Brussels can be in French and in Dutch and will make suggestions based on the language you're using while typing.

Connect Vonage SMS to Zoho CRM and send messages to all your leads, contacts, and accounts using your Vonage phone number. Texts are recorded under Activities for each record in Zoho CRM. Get instant delivery reports and more. 

Move your business contacts from Bisnode to Zoho CRM to manage your business more effectively. Bisnode syncs your information weekly so the data in Zoho CRM is always updated. Search for a contact by company name, worksite, or employment.

Easily find all the corporate info for your leads and accounts with a single click. Start typing the name of the organization in the Leads and Accounts modules in Zoho CRM to find the SIREN SIRET details of the organization.

Seamlessly send payroll data from BrightPay to Zoho Books. Save time and reduce the risk of manual data entry errors by eliminating the need to enter payroll journals manually. Include records for payslips across multiple pay frequencies and more. 

Generate tax invoices in Mexico from Zoho and automate your entire process. Stamp all legal documents, such as invoices, payment complements, and credit notes, from Zoho Books or Zoho Inventory without having to go to other portals.

Easily track SaaS expenses in your organization, including how much capital you are using on which service. Identify  recurring spend patterns and populate all SaaS renewals in a calendar view to never miss an upcoming renewal and more.

Track all your SaaS expenses at a single place as Zluri fetches them automatically from Zoho Expense and maps them to the apps you use. Track your organization's SaaS spending at the app, user, and department level and more.

Import your projects, tasks, and issues from Zoho Projects to directly create your time entries for them in timeBro. Automatically record the time you spend with emails, documents, or on websites, so you don't forget to invoice a minute of billable time. 

Seamlessly sync employee data between Zoho People and Vantage Circle. Show employees they're valued with personalized badges, awards, and real-time leader board tracking. With multilingual options and a centralized rewards and recognition model, it's perfect for global workforces.

DAASI (Digital Approach to Ayres Sensory Integration) is a useful tool for evaluation, documentation, clinical reasoning, and analysis of Ayres Sensory Integration Therapy. Organize data better and build reports for caregivers and school accommodations easily through the DAASI app.

Manage all day-to-day activities at farms and estates. This includes taking attendance, noting details of work activities and timing, noting contract details and payments, recording all other expenses and payments involved in the field, and even managing sales data.

Work smarter by adding new capabilities to your Zoho apps with business solutions from Zoho Marketplace.

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