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                • [Webinar] Accelerate Multichannel Online Retail With Advanced Analytics

                  Hi there, Hope you are safe and well. We have made a practical webinar to help online retailers centralize their inventory, supercharge multichannel sales, and apply the insights derived from advanced analytics to scale up faster. We believe that this
                • New Features rolled out on April 26, 2016

                  Enhancements in Conditional Formatting  Conditional Formatting in Pivots and Summary Views offers enhanced features like adding/formatting text and icons to highlight your condition in addition to the earlier formatting capabilities. Click to know more. Wrapping Column Headers in Pivots and Summary Views Zoho Reports now allows you wrap lengthy column headers in Pivots and Summary Views. You can use this feature by clicking the Settings button in the toolbar and selecting Wrap Text in Column Headers.
                • New in Zoho Reports: Criteria based sharing

                   Criteria based sharing Zoho Reports now offers a powerful feature that allows you to define a criteria when sharing a view/report/dashboard. The defined criteria will determine the data that will be displayed in the view to the shared user. When a report is shared to a user(s) with an associated filter criteria, the specified criteria will be applied on the report shared, there by filtering the data viewed when user accesses the report. For example, if you want to share a Sales report to a Manager
                • [Webinar] 5 ways to supercharge your IT Help Desk with Advanced Analytics

                  Hi, The rapid adoption of remote and hybrid work models across the globe is disproportionately building pressure on IT help desks—adding more tickets to handle, assets to manage, projects to execute, and a lot more. Agility is one of the key factors that
                • New Features rolled out on Mar 04, 2021

                  Share Slideshow UI Revamped with More Interactive Options! The Create Slideshow and Manage Slideshows pages have been revamped with more interactive options. The new UI captures: Slideshow Preview: You can now preview a created slideshow in the Copy URL

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                                                                      • Most Discussed Topics

                                                                      • Automatically changing the Y-axis range

                                                                        Hi guys!  In this chart, I'm analyzing the data input average per customer profile. In the image below you can see that there's two profile and the Y-axis range is set according to the data related to both profiles: When I deselect one of the profiles
                                                                      • Display an Image of an Employee in a Report

                                                                        I'd like to display an image of an employee in a report or dynamically on a dashboard with relevant data in reports below.  Can I do this? Diane McConnell
                                                                      • Waterfall Chart

                                                                        Hello, I would like to create a waterfall chart on Zoho analytics which shows the movement in changes of budget throughout a few months, on a weekly basis. Should look something like the picture below. Does anyone know how to? 
                                                                      • Query table, select where with bool column

                                                                        I am creating a Query table, when I use select with a where with a bool column, it doesn't compare well SELECT   "PVC ASSEMBLY OUT" FROM  "Item_Subform_SubItem"  WHERE  "Item_Subform_SubItem"."PVC ASSEMBLY OUT"  = 0
                                                                      • Looking for someone who has experience setting-up Zoho Data Bridge

                                                                        We are looking for someone who has experience in setting-up Zoho Data Bridge. We need help in installing this. 
                                                                          • Sticky Posts

                                                                          • Ask the Experts #18: Five hours live Q&A session with Zoho Analytics product experts

                                                                            Hello all,  We are excited to host the next online community event - Ask the Experts #18 on 24 March 2021 between 05:30 AM - 10:30 AM PDT. If you've had any questions about the Zoho Analytics features or prefer to learn more, join the discussion with
                                                                          • Free Webinar: 5 Must have inventory reports for online sellers | Zoho Analytics & Zoho Inventory

                                                                            Hello All, Selling goods online? These 5 inventory reports will help you make better informed decisions. Join us on this free webinar hosted by Zoho Analytics and Inventory domain experts to learn more. Register now! Friday, December 13th: 9am PST
                                                                          • Zoho Reports to be renamed and launched as Zoho Analytics 4.0

                                                                            We made the Zoho Reports 4.0 Beta announcement a few months back. As we worked on new features in 4.0, we realized we are moving away from just Reporting, and getting more and more into the Analytics realm. And that's the reason why we have decided to rename Zoho Reports as Zoho Analytics. This post is just to give you a heads up on the Zoho Analytics 4.0 launch in mid November 2018. As present users of Zoho Reports, be assured that the new product will continue to work the same as the current one.
                                                                          • Zoho Reports Release 4.0 Beta

                                                                            We are delighted to announce the new Zoho Reports Release 4.0 Beta. Your favorite Zoho Reports now comes with a fresh new-look and exciting features. The new Zoho Reports 4.0 includes the following features: Dashboards in Single Click The UI has been completely revamped focusing on easy navigation. Now you can access any dashboard in a single click using the Preview Cards. Easy Navigation The main navigational elements are made bolder and bigger now. The analytics elements are organized into three
                                                                          • Transitioning to a new Zoho Community platform

                                                                            Dear Zoho Reports Users, Our users forum here is being transitioned to a new Zoho Community platform. More details are available in the below URL. https://help.zoho.com/portal/community/topic/zoho-community-is-transitioning-to-a-new-platform We are excited about this and we believe you will like it too, as the new Zoho Community platform will result in more user engagement. Happy participating in the new forum!