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          • [Upcoming Webinar] 7 BI trends to watch in 2023

            Hi there! In today's digital age, data is everywhere—and more and more businesses are looking for ways to leverage it. BI and data analytics have emerged as essential components for businesses to analyze this data and up their game in today's market conditions.
          • 📢 : Rewind with us – Zoho Analytics in 2022🗓️

            As we wrap up 2022 and step into 2023, we at Zoho Analytics are grateful for all the customers who journeyed with us this year. While we look forward to continuously evolving and enriching your analytics experience, here's a glimpse back at some of our
          • New Features rolled out on Dec 23, 2022

            Advanced Analytics for Freshdesk We're happy to release the Advanced Analytics connector for Freshdesk. This helps you monitor and improve your help desk productivity. It enables you to gain a complete view about the ticket trends and keep track of key
          • Zoho Analytics | Quarterly Newsletter | Q4 2022

            Hello Everyone! Check out the Zoho Analytics - Q4 Quarterly Newsletter! Do let us know your thoughts and feedback.  Best, Team Zoho Analytics November 2022 Zoho Analytics Newsletter Our top stories Zoho Analytics rated an overall leader for BI by Dresner
          • Customer Spotlight💡: Zoho Analytics saves 60% labor hours for Wingman Media

            Wingman Media chooses Zoho Analytics for their Unified Business Analysis! "Zoho Analytics created a tremendous amount of value for the agency and takes our relationship with clients to the next level. The preparedness to integrate the data, build alluring

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                                                                                              • Tip of the Week - Dynamic URLs for Business Applications

                                                                                                Interactive data visualizations and dashboards help uncover and understand insights instantly. The dashboards created will be viewed and accessed by other organization members, so it's imperative for the dashboards and reports to be interactive. This
                                                                                              • Sharing dashboard permissions filter criteria

                                                                                                Hi, I have a question on how to apply filter criteria while sharing dashboard with multiple pages and filters on those pages should be based on different tables and columns? For example, on the first page, the viewer should see and be able to select from
                                                                                              • Add a column with current date in each scheduled import

                                                                                                Hi Team, We have an excel file in a FTP that is updated every hour (overwritten) from another source. We would like to import this file into a table of our Zoho Analytics account once a month, and keep the historic data of each month (without overwritting
                                                                                              • Modules Missing

                                                                                                I am not sure if I maybe deleted the "starter" modules when I first activated ZOHO CRM thinking I would not need them, or if they are hidden, or what. But the Sales Order Module, and the Products Module seem to be missing from my Account. Is there a way
                                                                                              • Purchase Order Items - Zoho Analytics Report

                                                                                                Hi, I am building a query table in Zoho nalytics to show my Purchase Order Items, I am trying to get some information from the Items (Zoho Finance) table by joining Purchase Order Items (Zoho Finance) and Items (Zoho Finance) on Item ID. But my fields
                                                                                              • Sticky Posts

                                                                                              • Zoho Analytics | Quarterly Newsletter | Q3 2022

                                                                                                Hello Everyone! We hope all of you are safe and well! Zoho Analytics - Q3 Quarterly Newsletter is out! Check out the newsletter (attachment) to know all about our new features, recognitions, webinars, blogs, and many more exciting things.  Do let us know
                                                                                              • [Customer Talk] PREMO Group's Analyst Interview at Zoho Day 2022

                                                                                                Premo Group, a 50 year old Spanish Manufacturing Company, has been our long-standing customer with #ZohoAnalytics. They've been using our platform for their end-to-end, unified business analytics solution.  Hear more from Claudio Cabeza, Director at PREMO
                                                                                              • Announcing Zoho Analytics 5.0 -- A Modern Self-service BI & Analytics Platform

                                                                                                We are extremely delighted to unveil Zoho Analytics 5.0 - A Modern Self-service BI and Analytics platform to the public. Experience analytics like never before with the following new capabilities and enhancements: Comprehensive AI-Powered Data Preparation
                                                                                              • Zoho Analytics | Quarterly Newsletter | Q2 2022

                                                                                                Hello Everyone! I hope all of you are safe and well! Zoho Analytics - Q2 Quarterly Newsletter is out now! Check out the newsletter (attachment) to know all about our new features, recognitions, webinars, blogs, and many more exciting things.  Do let us
                                                                                              • Zoho Analytics: 2021 Look Back

                                                                                                As we start a new year in 2022, here's some of our top moments from 2021. Zoho Analytics in 2021