A checklist to follow before you hit Pay Run

A checklist to follow before you hit Pay Run

Hello folks!

We're starting a Community Learning Series where we will highlight some of the best ways to use Zoho Payroll for your business.

For this week, we want to share with you: 

A checklist to follow before you hit the Pay Run button

If this is your first time processing payroll, it can be tricky. Even if you're a seasoned payroll user, some things can fall through the cracks. Especially when it’s the end of the pay cycle and there is too much to accomplish within a short time.

We have come up with a checklist to help you process your pay run correctly. 

  • Onboard new employees

If new employees have joined your organisation since your last pay run, make sure you onboard them into Zoho Payroll. We have covered the various ways to add new employees into your organisation in our help section

  • Complete the termination process

If employees have left your organisation, remember to process their exit formalities from Zoho Payroll as well.

  • Revise salaries

If it's time for your company's pay hike cycle or if individual employees have received pay hikes, then remember to make the salary revisions before you do the pay run.

  • Skip employees for a pay run

In case one of your employees is on furlough or extended vacation, you have the option to skip the employee for a specific pay run through the pay run module.

  • Approve reimbursement claims

Collect and approve proofs for reimbursable expenses that your employees incur, such as telephone, fuel or medical expenses. Employees can submit their proofs via the self-service portal.

  • Collect tax declarations

Your employees can make their tax declarations using the ESS portal within a specific time window that you set.

Note: By the end of the fiscal year, collect and approve the digital proof of investment from employees using the portal.

  • Add LOP data

Add the LOP data of your employees manually or if you're using Zoho People, this data will be synced directly for all employees during every pay cycle.

  • Add one-time earnings and deductions

If you're providing incentives, bonuses, or overtime pay, add those one-time earnings to your payroll. Similarly, check for one-time deductions such as charitable contributions and employee uniform expenses.

  • Update loan information

If you are providing loans to employees, remember to record the loans under the loans module. 

There it is. This checklist will help you stop worrying about missing out on steps before a pay run. Once your pay run is submitted and approved, you still have the option to make selective employee payments before the next pay run. 

Have you created a checklist for your company? Do you have any tricks for remembering things before you hit the Pay Run button? Share them with the community here. 

We'll be back soon with more helpful updates. Until then, stay safe, stay healthy.

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