Allow customers to choose meeting venue and meeting duration on booking page

Allow customers to choose meeting venue and meeting duration on booking page

My business primarily involves one-to-one meetings with my clients. Given the hybrid-work world we now find ourselves in, these meetings can take several forms (which I think of as the meeting "venue"):
  1. In-person
  2. Zoom
  3. Phone call
I currently handle these three options as separate "Services" in Zoho Bookings so that I can send custom notification emails based on the specific venue (i.e. Zoom requires a meeting link, in-person requires information about my business address and parking), but it would be much more efficient for me if Zoho Bookings allowed for a dropdown or radio button field in the booking form which allowed the customer to choose their desired venue and then allowed for different meeting settings/notifications based on the customer's selection.

Similar to my need for multiple venues, I offer clients different meeting lengths depending on the topic to be discussed. For example:
  1. 1-hour introductory appointments
  2. 2-hour client meetings
  3. 3-hour in-depth sessions
Again, I currently manage these options by creating separate Services in Zoho Bookings each with their own specific duration, but it would be much more efficient for me to manage everything if I could create a single service in Zoho Bookings that allowed the customer to specify the desired meeting duration from a set of options (e.g. 1, 2, or 3 hours).

As it stands now, with 3 meeting venues that can each have 3 possible meeting durations, Zoho Bookings requires me to create 9 separate Services. Booking software should be making the booking process more efficient for not just the customer but also the business owner/employees, but if I ever need to customize the notification emails for my business, I'm currently stuck updating the information for 9 different Services, and that seems like a step backwards from just booking an appointment with customers over the phone!

Let me know if you need any clarity on my needs around this feature.

Thank you,

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