Abuse Requests Are Ignored

Abuse Requests Are Ignored

Day 1
We have repeatedly contacted Zoho about a entity using their services to send emails as our company. We filled out the webform and waited no response.

Day 2
We have sent emails to abuse@zoho.com -- no response
Called to ensure email arrived, it did they would get back shortly says the agent

Day 3
We sent an email to abuse@zoho.com and support@zoho.com
Called to be sure the email arrived, it did they would get back to use shortly .

Day 4
We sent an email to abuse@zoho.com and support@zoho.com
Called to be sure email arrived, it did was told it was in legal and that someone would contact us in 30min

Day 5
We sent an email to abuse@zoho.com and support@zoho.com
I wonder whats going to happen today

It took 1 email to Tucows Domain to get it suspended. We provided Zoho the same information in addition to the information provided by Tucows  to Zoho. Each day we have had incidents in which Zoho servers are being used to commit fraud. I'm sure they can see within their logs the extent of this fraud. We would much rather have Zoho shutdown the site than have to take legal recourse to do this. Support has been polite but it has been completely ineffectual with responding to emails and return calls back as they have said. I essentially get the same response each time.  

As a company we cannot allow someone to tarnish our brandname indefinitely, and attempt to commit fraud by sending out messages with our company logo/header/format. I hope by posting this we can get some kind of traction with this issue. This isnt a hard thing to do, you pull the plug. The evidence is ample that has been supplied, and a email back woudlnt hurt.

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