Account Blocked due to Suspicious Activity.

Account Blocked due to Suspicious Activity.


Trying to get access to my account, I have found this message above in
the subject of this message. I am unable to log back to my account (see err. mess. below.) and thus cannot get rif of this following the Zoho procedure :

I followed the step by step procedure regarding the message "Account
Blocked due to Suspicious Activity" and going to the URL for changing my password as told,

PS : For your information
As report by  other user 1 or 2 days ago, the issue may be due  to the fact that I am   logging on over VPN (Tails OS), change of country in short time).

Can someone help me to resolve this?

Thanks for your help.

Bellow the message (in french)

Informations de blocage de compte
Votre compte a été bloqué pour des raisons de sécurité.

Type de bloc: Messages sortants bloqués. Suspicious login activity.
Type de bloc: POP bloqué. Suspicious login activity.
Type de bloc: IMAP bloqué. Suspicious login activity.

Veuillez contacter votre administrateur pour débloquer votre compte.

Cliquez ici pour lire notre politique d’utilisation.
Pour obtenir de l’assistance ou poser des questions, veuillez contacter

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