All my Zoho Mail Accounts deactivated since 1 1/2 Months

All my Zoho Mail Accounts deactivated since 1 1/2 Months

Hello Community, 

i have a big problem with Zoho and there Support. 

My Zoho Accounts are still deactivated since 28.01.2022. All Accounts from my Customers and my personal. 

The Problem is, i dont became any answer from the Zoho Support since 1 Month. I use the,, and over the contact form on the website. 

My last answer from Zoho was on 07.02.2022 with the reason why ALL Accounts deacticated. It was an Spam E-Mail that was send over IMAP. Zoho need clarification why i send this Mail.

So i send a Mail with the reason why the Mail is going out. Here's why so you can understand.

I was hacked by russian hackers, my Amazon, Ebay, my Bank Account all was hacked and also my Zoho Account. 
But I noticed very quickly that such mails are sent via my account from the hackers and I immediately changed the password.
Of course I reported it all to the police. I also sent the police document to zoho.

Since this Mail, nothing come back from Zoho, now its 1 Month later after my Answer. I send a couple of Mails that is very important for me and my company and my customers to became all the Mail Accounts back and the Mails. I havent a Backup of the Mails from me and my Customers. 

The problem is, many Customers are canceled the subscription by me, because the Accounts are still so long deactivated. And i cant do nothing. 

Have anyone an idea an contact by Zoho, that i become help. I dont no what i can do. 

Im payed customer and i have so many problems because i was hacked. Not only because this problem, because that are 3000€ away from my bank account and the hacker buys coupons over amazon and so on. 

And now my customers unsatisfied and i lose them. that is not easy. 

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